Powerline: Controlling the President by Super-Genius Mind Energy

May 12, 2006
President Bush to address the nation on immigration
On Monday night. Here’s what he should say.
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Watch as the President does as they ask. How can such marvels be?

ditditdit…embargoed until Monday 8PM EST…abstract of Presidential speech…ditditdit

These guys are really lawyering the rules here. Has the Republican establishment not been making them feel special enough lately?


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Has anyone checked Rove’s expenditure on fax toner lately?

…Do fax machines still use toner? I haven’t used one in about 5 years.

committee to make song blogging a crime

“President Bush to address the nation on immigration”

Rumor has it, he will be calling upon all radio stations to cease and desist playing the Spanish version of the National Anthem, and this increasingly popular new pro-immigrant theme song:

The Immigrant
words and music by Dr. BLT and DJ EJ


Hey BLT, can we post a link to the file?


Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve visited this site, Gavin. I understand there’s been quite a ‘wich hunt going on, and everybody here is either claiming to be me, vehemently denying that they are me (some in the all-to-transparent thou-dost-protest-too-much manner)or accusing each other of being me (yeah, like that’s a bad thing).

Well, Gavin, I swear that this time, it is really me, Dr. BLT, and though I was initially reluctant because of my disdain for fame, my response to your question is an ambivalent but unequivocal “Yes!”

Dance clubs, are you ready for this? Let’s get this party started.


I hope everyone notice just when Dr. Thiessen pops up here to say “hey.”

Hey back at you, Dr. T.

Strange Forces

Finally the Sandwich…

HAS COME BACK to Sadly, No!


Somebody please take the guy’s GarageBand software away.



All I gotta say is..

It’s about time!

As long as he doesn’t propose amnesty too, this should be a magic bullet that will send his job approval up to 45% by June.


No Gary, by sending the troops to the border, Bush is effectively working against the minutemen who were going to build a fence to keep the mexislamists out. The fact is Bush is obviously trying to let more “guest-workers” come across the border.


What National Guard? They’re all in Iraq.


MCH – he means the Boy Scouts


Bush is going to propose that a huge moat be built along the border. It will keep the mexislamists out and replace the Panama Canal.


Ooh, maybe he can fill the moat with queso and we can have nachos!


I seem to remember an old Onion headline:

“Wall of meat to be erected along Mexican border”


Hi Doc, welcome back. Sorry I was so aggressive with you. But I’ve been in therapy and made many strides since then.

Or not.

Time will tell.

Dum dum dum.

the forgiving sandwich doc

Hi John. All is forgiven. I too have been in therapy and have taken one step forward, followed by two steps back. But it won’t effect you. I invariably take my anger out on myself, or, at the very worst, I passive-aggressive make the rest of you suffer with the seemingly endless barrage of GarageBand loops that I incorporate into my music.

“Somebody please take the guy’s GarageBand software away.”

Actually, I thank you for that JK47. On my way back to my day job from while on my lunch break, I reflected upon your comments, and picked up a brand new bass guitar so I could become increasingly less dependent on garage band bass loops. Now, let it never be said that the sandwich doc never took advice when offered in the form of constructive criticism. Eventually, your ears will thank me.


Sorry for all the typos and the prolix nature of my comments above. Do you see what you started, John? You’ve got me all teary eyed and remorseful. Now I can’t stop apologizing.


Oh, yeah. Everyone in Canada just loves John Gibson. The CBC and the commercial media reported his love letter to Canada on July 1st (two years ago?), the national holiday when Canadians indulge in niceness with primitive abandon, when he declared us all untermeschen

We all laughed until we coughed. I mean…Genocides…on national media! You can’t make that stuff up!


Ewps. Posted in wrong thread.


Teh Assmissle:

“If you really want to get the conservative base back in your corner, go and meet with the Minutemen–on camera–and tell them you appreciate what they’re doing.”

Yes, Dubya, PLEASE meet the minutemen on-camera. Pretty please with a paranoid atavistic racist on top?


Wow! What an odd-looking device that is in the pic. What is that?
Is that a powerline, direct to Turd Blossom’s office? Wow, that is so freaking keen!!1! Whillikers!


JK47, I’m now one step further removed from my GarageBand software. I have a real drummer that I’ve brought in from time to time, but I used GarageBand drums on this one. Sorry.

However, I used a real bass guitar, and a real bass player—me. I’ve never picked one of these up before, so excuse the beginner flavor. I feel more connected to the song now that I actually wrote and played the bass guitar on a real bass guitar. Thanks for your constructive criticism, and please offer more if you find more problems with this one.

words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006


Controlling the President by means of Nature’s Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube.


I hate to butt in, but it’s not one of your best, Bruce, although I must admit, you were rockin’ on that bass.

I actually like some your computer-generated music just as much as your acoustic stuff. I’m from the younger generation so that probably explains it. Not all of it is great, but some of your stuff clearly rocks.

Since you’ve already had a few hit songs Dr. BLT, and it doesn’t seem to have gone to your head, I know your ego can handle it if I tell you that you’ve got a lot more fans out here than you even realize.




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