Oh dear God:

The Left and Our Enemies (But I Repeat Myself)
The most striking thing about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s letter to President Bush – his “come to Mohammed� letter if you will – is how common the whole thing feels. In reading the Ahmadinejad letter – and I did take the time to read the whole thing – it quickly became apparent that there was very little to distinguish his words from those of any generic liberal activist. The letter – and the reaction to it by the American and global left – once again calls to mind a certain phrase that I have used in the past. There is only one war and there is only one enemy.

Before I take off my psychiatrist’s mask, maybe I could have some fun trying to diagnose one more wingnut of Canadian origin? How about it, Adam?

“Seig, heil! Er- I mean, sure, hoser!”

Bradrocket adds: That reminds me, I left my kaffiyeh at the dry cleaners’. Thanks, A-Yosh!

Above: What Brad turned into after reading Ahmadinejad’s letter.

Uh, ok. Let’s see.. there’s post traumatic stress disorder? No. Violent Penis-fixationist Goldsteinism? No, that seems to be confined to one soon-to-be-sold house in Colorado. Manic-depressive? Nah. Bi-polar? Doubt it. Bi-poleuphisAssperger’s Syndrome? Hmm, probably not. What I need is more information. Can you help me with that, Adam?

Bradrocket adds: I call it the nerd-fascist cognative dissonance complex. Because many nerds feel powerless sitting in their mother’s basements all day and masturbating to reruns of Xena they become drawn toward authoritarian political philosophies where the mindless masses are saved from their own weakness by a ruling elite of militaristic starfleet commanders philosopher kings. This form of psychosis is best illustrated by Robert Heinlein, the (literally) neo-fascist author of Starship Troopers. (This is not to put down all nerdiness or sci-fi writers, btw. Phillip K. Dick is my homey.)

“Ja! Er- I mean, Eh”:

We are not where we should be – we have been delayed – because we have let our concerns for the rights and thoughts of people who are basically traitors to prevent or postpone action time and time again.

The left is never going to agree with this war – and they’re never going to wage it once in power – because it conflicts with their idealized vision of the world. They might launch limited strikes if public opinion demands it. They might arrest a few people – but they will not fight this enemy because they are the enemy as well.

Why is John Walker Lindh still alive? Why aren’t Cindy Sheehan and traitors like her in jail (or better yet, on death row!)? Why haven’t reporters who reveal national security secrets been thrown in jail? Why wasn’t Seymour Hersh punished for doing more damage to the war effort than any other single individual by disclosing what happened at Abu Ghraib? Why aren’t al-Qaeda supporters summarily executed? Why haven’t al-Jazeera and other pro-terrorist media had their facilities bombed and their reporters targeted for assassination?
Don’t say, “the Constitution.� As we have been reminded in the past, the Constitution is not a suicide pact. This is war and it needs to be fought like a war on all fronts. When Abraham Lincoln was President this nation knew what was to be done with traitors. If this nation is to survive now we must do it once again.

Wow, that’s some crazy shit. But it’s helpful for the diagnosis. Let’s see… Ah, here it is: Cheetos-instigated Onanist Underdwelling Un-Sanity Disorder, or ChOUUD — which is not to be confused with C.H.U.D., but neither is it very dissimilar. Now as for a cure —

“I don’t need cured! You’re the crazy person!!”

Well that’s good, because not much can be done. I’d tell you to move out of your mom’s basement, get laid, get some sun on your skin, but I know it’s all beyond you. So, my professional opinion is for you to drink two shots of battery acid — or a sixer of Labatt’s Blue, which does the same trick — and go back to your plastic-covered recliner in your dank urine-soaked hellhole, play more 1st person shooter games imagining that your targets are liberals, post another insane, exterminationist entry to your blog, and dont call anyone in the morning.

“Hell, that’s what I’d planned on doing all along! Great advice, hosehead!”



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Charlotte Smith

Hey now… Americans don’t get to talk about beer. We call your ale “bottled water”.

It’s sad how Yoshida keeps forgetting he’s Canadian. I’ll have to send him some Timbits and Leonard Cohen CDs.

Oh yes, and before I forget, the standard apology for him and all the other whackjob Canuck pundits: sorry, eh?


On a totally OT note:

I don’t need cured!

What’s up with this construction which lacks “to be”? I never in my life came across this until I worked with someone from TN a few years ago.


What’s up with this construction which lacks “to be”?

Uhh, local color that somehow got transposed to the Canuckistani through the sloppiness of my blogging? Or something.


Cindy Sheehan should be in prison for treason.

The fact that the Democrat Party has embraced her shows their moral bankruptcy. Sheehan is a woman who is supporting the terrorists who killed her estranged son.

In a way, the White House has failed to keep the Iraq war popular. They have failed to discredit the lies pushed by the left. They have failed to discredit the Leftist media’s portrayal of Iraq.

More should be done to inform Americans about the real story in Iraq.

Instead, we have millions of Americans who think that Saddam wasn’t a threat and didn’t have WMDs. Which is just a crazy conclusion.

The terrorists will win the War on Terror if the left continues their aiding and comforting of terror without reprisal.


When Abraham Lincoln was President this nation knew what was to be done with traitors.
What did Canada do with traitors when Lincoln was president? And when was Lincoln President Of Canada? Maybe the Presidency Of Canada is really the Valhalla for deceased US Presidents.


What’s up with this construction which lacks “to be”? I never in my life came across this

It’s common enough in Northern Ireland. Given the Ulster-Scots connection, I suppose it might easily have been transplanted to Canada. Or Tennessee, for that matter.


The fact is, somewhere in a cold Canadian pharmacy, lies a bottle of Thorazine, filled in February, forlorn and forgotten in its stapled white bag. Under the dust lies a label inscribed “YOSHIDA A”.


Whoa! Comments held for approval? Is this about preventing assaults from the resident dominatrix at the Blog of Peace?


More should be done to inform Americans about the real story in Iraq.

Ruppert, why don’t you go over there so you can tell us?

ghosts of infamous Sadly No Trolls of yore

“Cindy Sheehan should be in prison for treason.”

You go boy! Gary, we admire your boldness so much, we’d like to offer you a two-song “soundtrack” to your my recent blog entry, compliments of a recent applicant to our secret society, Dr. BLT, who has given us exclusive access to his free mp3 jukebox:

The Cindy Sheehan Show
words and music by the one, the only, Dr. BLT (c)2006

And here’s proof that his engineering skills have improved, the song protesting Neil Young’s nascent protest songs–the one they’ve made a virtual top ten blog site hit over at Stereogum:

Neil Young (Have You Forgotten)
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006


Um, I’ve read the whole Ahmadinejad letter, for my sins. It’s nuts. A good two thirds of it is about how Iran and America should come together under the banner of monotheism and live up to supposedly Biblical principles like civilian nuclear energy. You don’t hear many “generic liberal activists” saying things like that.


Diagnosis: *ahem*…Psychopathy, likely aggravated by poor socialisation at the root of which is some organic problem: autism, depression…or maybe chronic obesity or debilitating ugliness (have you ever seen a picture of Adam?). Now, I’m not dumping on chubbies and homelies here. I’m just saying you have to deal with what God gave you. Adam’s failed that, and has developed a full blown neurosis that is paranoid and mean-spirited.

Or he (and I’d feel really bad if this were true) is schizophrenic. And that’s not a lauging matter at all.

BTW…no one, but no one says “hosehead” in Canada; no one ever did. That was the inside joke in Bob and Doug MacKenzie’s routine. The only term that ever existed was “to hose,” which meant to trick or deceive. Bob and Doug invented “hoser” just for their routine, and some people started using it to affect the character of the typical hick.


“Before I take off my psychiatrist’s mask, maybe I could have some fun trying to diagnose one more wingnut of Canadian origin?”

It looks like ever since that Canadian bacon wingnut of a rockin’ blog star, Dr. BLT, has left this bloggin’ building, the diagnosis around here has really begun to suffer. I think it’s time to take off the mask and pull down the shingle 🙂


Yeah, liberal activists are always talking about how Western democracy and liberalism have failed and we should follow the Way of the Prophets.

ghosts of infamous Sadly No Trolls of yore

BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………………………………………………………………………….Did we scare you, Hysterical Woman?

ghosts of infamous Sadly No Trolls of yore

“Did” we scare you? Don’t know what happened to the “did.” Someone around here is trying make our words disappear.


My fascination with wingnuts is just my natural, liberal tendency to find a reality-based explanation… any explanation…for their complete amorality. If I can’t, then all I’ve got left are re-education camps or exorcism.

…or, they’re just really dumb.

Gary Ruppert fan

“,,,complete amorality.” ??!!

Tell me, Mal de mer, is it any better than you’re
a moron-ality?


Who in the fuck is this “we” he keeps on referring to? He’s a damned Canadian.

Here’s a hint, Adam. To be part of a “we”, you have to be a member of the group you are talking about. Until you emmigrate, our Constitution is not your Constitution, and you have no right to talk about or debate over it as if you were a citizen.

Re: Herr Ruppert: It’s clear to any sane, sentient being that the greatest proportion of the lies that have been and are being pushed on Iraq are coming from the political Right. Given that this group currently has control of all three branches of the Federal government, this is much more damaging to the security of the nation than any civilian critic, no matter how idiotic and outspoken, is.


Gary has so many self-contradicting non-sequiters strung together I can only conclude that this is the REAL Gary and not a parody.

“we have millions of Americans who think that Saddam ….didn’t have WMDs.”

Wow. Yeah. And how many think he DID have them, that’s the scarey thing.

“The terrorists will win…if the left continues their aiding and comforting of terror without reprisal.”

Oh, Gary, Gary Gary. What kind of reprisal do you envision for “the left”? Let’s have a little peak inside the Mind of Ruppert.

retarded left-wing piece of trailer trash

Hi, I finely got the guts to come on here. I hope none of you trolls like that Gary guy make fun of me for my mental retardedness cuz that’s just not nice. I plan to make more statemnts that may not be two smart, but I swear they will all come from my heart.


Yoshida forgot to pick up his last prescription for this, apparently.

…Is this thing on? It’s been eating my posts.


Shorter Adam (between the lines):

“It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!”


We call your ale “bottled water”.

No, that would be our lagers. Bud, Coors, MIller, etc – Pilsner-style lagers, every last one of ’em. And even then, Sam Adams (also a lager, but not a Pilsner) kicks the crap out of any Canuck beer I’ve ever tried.

Our ales, on the other hand, are actually pretty good.


What’s up with this construction which lacks “to be”? I never in my life came across this until I worked with someone from TN a few years ago.

My in-laws from Ohio all do this too. Drives me fucking crazy. But not quite Adam Yoshida crazy.


Why aren’t Cindy Sheehan and traitors like her in jail (or better yet, on death row!)?

I wish, oh, dear merciful God, do I wish, that Adam Yoshida was a parody. Sadly the thought that a peacenick mom (who has darn good reasons to be a peacenick) deserves to be sitting in jail/re-education camp at the very least and probably deserves to be killed by the state for disagreeing with that state/the great leader/Adam Yoshida is not uncommon.

The sad thing is that as this war has dragged out, and the popularity of it sagged, I feel that the eliminationistic rhetoric has gotten worse. The scary thing is that it ain’t just crackpots who were peddling this sorta shit, or rather they are crackpots, but they’re crackpots with POWER and INFLUENCE.


I’ve never seen that construction. (Is this site turning into “Sadly, No Grammar!”?) Great. Now there’s one more thing to drive me effing crazy. It’s almost worse than “a couple” without the “of.” “A couple times,” etc.


I’m with you, Lucy! Someone needs to watch they’re usage of improper words around here. Its really annoying when people can’t take the time to make sure what they post is grammatically accurate. Me and all my friends hate that kind of thing!


Oh, yeah, that “My hair needs cut” drives me insane, too. Lots o’ folks up PA way talk like that. Sadly, yes.


Major Would-he, I so agree with you. Your obviousally a grammerian of the first order!

God. “My hair needs cut”?? What is going on? Things are falling apart! People are dropping words willy-nilly and soon we will be returning the wonderful, flexible and endlessly rich language we inherited to a state of “ughs” and “fire bad.” I thought it was bad when newspeople (in TV, radio, and written media alike) started saying things like, “The president in a new controversy today,” and not in headlines! but this is even worse. I can’t even imagine what degradation of neural connections has occurred in these people to make such language possible.


“…kicks the crap out of any Canuck beer I’ve ever tried.”

How many have you tried, spencer?


Actually, the big name beers from Molson and LaBatt are not that much better anymore. The micro-breweries are still producing good beers, but as soon as they get too successful, they get bought up by the bigger companies, who then apply their quality destroying mass production genius to beer production.


Anne: try transcribing it with “cured” in quotation marks… Does that help?

Oh, wait… Probably not.


Great. This Yoshida crap first thing in the morning and I’ll be pissed off all day. Things they’re doing to what used to be the greatest nation on the planet are appalling. Hey Asshat! Dissent formed the basis for the founding of the United States of America. The king did execute people for speaking out. So fuck you, y’know? Sheesh.

As to grammar, it is ugly what the cable news talking heads have done to the language, but there’s another reason to love Olberman. His language, grammar, vocabulary and diction are admirable, and the fact that he not only speaks in complete sentences but complete paragraphs is a joy to behold. Plus, he seems completely unwilling to “dumb down” his english language usage for the desired demographic. Now, if only he wasn’t so obsessively focused on getting some kind of major punishment for Barry Bonds, he’d be perfect.

I like me the Sam Adams.

I’m ingnoring you today, gary. After that appaling Yoshida piece, dood, you’re a piker…



Actually, Heinlein was an old-fashioned chivalric-sexist strong-defense porn-is-great, drugs-are-great, gays-don’t-bother-me libertarian.

The tendency of old fashioned libertarians to drift into endorsing authoritarianism is a problem not limited to this generation. But considering that he had absolutely no recorded involvement with the skinheads/Aryan Nation in his life and was in fact rather explicitly anti-racist (as many of that era of “hard” SF authors were) in his writings, calling him a “literal neo-fascist” suggest that you do not understanding the meaning of the word “literal” or “neo-fascist.

We understand that you were probably traumatized by an over-enthusiastic Trek fan at some point in your childhood, and on behalf of the international conspiracy of fen, I apologize. But please, STOP blaming SF for most evils in the world, and using “fan” the way wingers use “liberal”…


(speaking as a survivor of multithread rasfw battles over which author was or wasn’t a crypto-fascist – ie unknown even to themselves – back when Adam Yoshida was just learning how to turn on his computer and beginning to afflict newsgroups.)


An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
Robert A. Heinlein

Maybe so, bellatrys, but who’d REALLY want to live like that?


retarded left-wing piece of trailer trash

“Someone needs to watch they’re usage of improper words around here.”

Please dont make funn of me, Lucy. Im on yer side, rememmbur?


An armed society is a polite society.

Yeah, if you’re stupid enough to believe that rudeness deserves the death penalty.

Iraq should be the MOST FUCKING POLITE place on God’s grey earth these days, under that formulation.


Mal de Mer–

Try telling that to this hosehead


Dear RLWPOTT (posted 6:55 p.m.)–That wasn’t me yer quotin! it was Maj. Woody. My objections were to the general trend of leaving out words as reported in the comments. I presume it is Retardeau whom I am addressing, so I’ll tell you that I don’t point out things that are obviously typos or mistakes to people in blogs. I amn’t makin fun o U.

retarded left-wing piece of trailer trash

Tanks, Lusy, but the damaj is alreadee dun. I need a good shrink and there hasnt bin won of those around hear since Dr. BLT used to post hear.


Well, Dr Thiessen, looks like someone’s feeling a mite passive-aggressive today.


Sam Adams Lager is the most overrated beer I’ve ever tasted. You can get better locally brewed beer almost anywhere you go.


Shorter Adam Yoshida:
Long Live The State!

Shorter Comment Thread:
Beer Rules!

Y’all need to quaff that thirst with a nice, cool, creamy and thickheaded pint of Boddingtons.

That beer needs drunk.


As far as abuses of the language go, I blame a goodly portion of it on sportscasters. E.g., on the local newsradio, “That was another “W” for the Sox.” It took me a little while to realize what the hell they were actually saying. And, really, it’s not much as an abbreviation goes; “win” is a single syllable, after all.

Committee Chair for the Liberation Against 'Merican Powergrab (C-CLAMP)

The terrorists will win the War on Terror if the left continues their aiding and comforting of terror without reprisal.

Speaking of which, it’s the full moon tonight, so we’re collecting blankets and binkies to send to our Muslim freedom-fighter brethren. Same meeting place as last time, behind the Atheist Church on Elm. Stick around and get an abortion while you’re at it!


“…kicks the crap out of any Canuck beer I’ve ever tried.”

How many have you tried, spencer?

Pretty much all of them that are available where I live . . . in Florida. So probably not enough to definitively say that Sam Adams is better than all Canadian beers.

However, I can say that the best thing about Labatt’s Blue is those commercials with the talking bear.


Is anyone else getting sick of posters making themselves the subject of comments threads? I don’t mean referring to themselves sometimes, as I do, but using the comments to carry on private wars and tell us all about themselves, etc. Sorry to seem like a bitch, and I know this is not my website, but I think I lost my taste for the personal when Annieangel lost her equilibrium the other day.

ghosts of infamous sadly No trolls of yore

Personally, we understand your pain, Lucy, but we have no shared objection to such. It’s all apart of free speech. You have to take the good with the bad.


Clamp supports terrorists? I should have guess it when they put out Pretty Magical Suicide Bomber Girl.


Can’t we just introduce Yoshida to this guy and film the results?

Chris Moorehead

I seem to recall that Heinlein was a right-winger of the Libertarian variety, and would be as appalled as we are at the monarchical pretensions of Emperor Little Boots.

On to more important matters – as a Canadian formerly living in North Carolina, I will be the first to say that the lowest common denominator, beer-wise, is better in Canada than in the USA. When you move to microbreweries, however, American beer is just as good as Canadian, if not better. My favourite beer of all time is the incredibly hop-laden Liberty Ale, brewed by the Anchor Brewery in San Francisco, if I’m not mistaken. The local NC stuff was pretty good as well.

This admission may be taken as treason by the other Canadian posters, but my US citizen wife already makes me suspect.


The retarded left wing piece of trailer trash was not me. Dunno who it is.


I guess I realized that later, Monsieur Retardeau. You probably wouldn’t waste your time on something like that.


Heinlein was in many ways a great writer, and I personally am very fond of his work up thru Stranger in a Strange Land, but it’s never been a particularly good idea to try living (or voting) like the characters in his books. Wasn’t it Charlie Manson who thought he was Valentine Michael Smith?

retarded left-wing piece of trailer trash

Lusy Retardeded left wingd peece of trailerr trash is not him Its me, sillee,


My stars. That’s some kind of crazy there, RLWPTT…Klonopin and Tia Maria?

retarded left-wing piece of trailer trash

no; jest plane old bunes farm andd a gud hitt of leftt wing eyedeeoligee


[wheelz turn in head]


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