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Greetings dear readers. Nearly 30 hours without a post — and already the little people (i.e. Frederick) are complaining in the comments. What have we done with our usual frenetic pace? The monsters must be fed. And so we show up on this rainy Saturday evening to throw a bone hoping to calm down the masses.

Being Germany-based, we’ve developed an interest in other blogs written by non-Germans living here. One such outfit is here. It seemed interesting in the beginning — though we figured that anyone who refers to Captain Stratego (Steven Den Beste) as “The Best” could obviously not be relied on for too much. Back in November the author offered her response to “typical” pro-Europe arguments, countering each with an interesting mix of nonsense and evidence that doesn’t support her “arguments.” [Why yes, Andrew Sullivan is on her blogroll, why do you ask?] Being immune to irony, the author concluded her post with a shot at “Europhiles” who “often make irresponsible generalizations[.]” And you know there’s no better way to counter that than to offer misinformed, inaccurate “observations” about Europe. But we digress.

Like all good Bush supporters, Sarah as she’s known has been somewhat disappointed by some of Bush’s policies. To wit:

And I’ve tried to defend him and disregard some really big bloopers he’s had lately, like with illegal aliens and lots of government spending and (in my own opinion) the Marriage Amendment.

Yet these are mere bloopers dear friends — like a 400 500 a lot of fucking money medicare bill. Bloopers you see. So what is the big problem?

Tell me this isn’t true. What is he thinking? Fifteen to twenty million dollars for the arts? When we’re running such a huge deficit? Oh man. I can’t even begin to justify that one to myself. I’m just crushed.

$20 million dollars. And she’s crushed! This reminds us of our latest award-winning game, The Real Scandal Pronouncement!

Never mind trillion dollar tax cuts, the $200 billion war, the [insert large number here] medicare bill — the real scandal is an extra $20 million for the NEA.

Remind us again why conservatives believe we should take their fiscal conservatism seriously?


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already the little people (i.e. Frederick)

You must have me confused with Howard Dean. “Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!” as they used to sing on that TV show (Welcome Back, Kotter) that was probably before your time. I fear that your stupid friend is suffering from innumeracy, as described in John Allen Paulos’ book “Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences.” If we very unrealistically assume that the U.S. is “only” spending $1 billion a week in Iraq, that means 200 minutes of Iraq = 1 year of NEA funding. What a maroon.

btw, do you know what actress’ name is the anagram of “Germany”?


Tacitus ranted about the same “stupefying” and “unconscionable” waste of taxpayer dollars. It really does seem like some people don’t understand the difference between millions and billions.

NEA funding seems like some sort of particular ideological hot button, conservatives gotta bash it all out of proportion to, say, billions in federal pork.


I’ll bettya the NEA lucre is going to arts orgs that promote a certain theological position. Or if not that’s what W meant to do with that cash. No. Really. I mean it. Stop it! Don’t. No. Oh ok. Always look on the bright side of life…da, dot, ta, da, da, da, da……….:)


Meg Ryan. (I cheated.)


No, Mary E. Ng! Oh, all right, I’ll give credit for your answer, too.


Even worse, Bush is only going to spend $1.5 billion on marriage. If it weren’t for that blankety-blank NEA, that would be 1.8.

Where are the priorities?


Remember $20 million for NEA, $200 million for re-election!


I wonder what “Sarah” would think of this blooper, one of the many listed here:

For an example of incompetence that would be laughable were it not so tragic, consider Bush’s gift of $43 million to the Taliban a mere six months before 9/11. Hey, what’s wrong with a little Faustian deal when there is a war on drugs to be fought? (No doubt the families of 9/11 victims would nod in agreement.)

(The equivalent of the Toddler Head Butts Dad in Nuts entry in Merka’s Funniest Home Videos)


Stunning afterthought to above: jeebus, what if a forensic accounting tied any of that dough to the 9/11 attacks? How depressing to think that that scenario is more likely than the bogus Saddam/al Qaeda connection BushCo conjured to get Preznit Turkee his Iraq adventure.

Satan luvvs Repugs

Illiterate, innumerant, and utterly ignorant. It’s a veritable repug trifecta!

Let’s see, HOW much do we have to reduce the NEA funding to get get rid of the $500B deficit Shrub wants to saddle us with in his new budget?

Yeah, that’s right, we’d have to make the NEA budget NEGATIVE $499,980,000,000. Mission accomplished!


“…countering each with an interesting mix of nonsense and evidence that doesn’t support her “arguments.” [Why yes, Andrew Sullivan is on her blogroll, why do you ask?]”

That’s outrageous slander. There’s nary an interesting thing on Andrew’s site. Besides, haven’t you read today’s post? He’s more Democrat than you are.

(p.s. Homophobe.)


A note to Sarah: Over the years I’ve received more than $100,000 in grants from some sort of federal funds. I’ve used the money to travel, write poetry, study literature & music & spend a year in a communist country (Vietnam). I just cannot tell you how happy it makes me that you helped support this work with your taxes. Thanks for your support.


This woman’s piece shows what fucked-up priorities we have. She doesn’t begrudge the government $500 billion a year for “defense” and killing people in a war of aggression. But when it comes to “fifteen to twenty million dollars for the arts?” (emphasis in original) she says, “What is he thinking?” Imagine, between five and seven cents per American for the stinking arts!


Note also that she apparently has no problem with spending $1.5 billion to promote marriage (no word on whether Britney Spears will be the spokesperson for that program), but thinks that spending 1% to 1 1/3% of that amount on the arts is beyond the pale.


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