The Psychiatrist’s Shorter Charles Krauthammer

Sparing Moussaoui for the Wrong Reasons (Krauthammer’s version):

I agree with the trial’s result, though not with the jury’s reasoning; but then I am an expert in psychiatry, while they are Oprah-watching dullards. A military court would have done better.

Sparing Moussaoui for the Wrong Reasons (Krauthammer’s Neurotic Subconscious Version):

Shit! What a travesty! What if they use similar reasoning to spare the next one we catch? I’d better lay my expertise on thick to convince people that civilian courts are inappropriate for Dear Leader’s War on Terra.

Shorter concept invented by D^2 and perfected by B^3.

Retardo Montalban, who formerly practiced psychiatry, is an op-ed columnist for


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Interesting that it took him a week to come up with this drivel, now that no one really cares about Moussaoui. Not that anyone should care about Krauthammer’s opinion.

I suspect he thinks he is supplying the last, and of course most intellectually compelling, word, but I believe him to be of the “too little too late” school of commentary.


When Krauthammer starts saying things like “…punishment is meant to do more than just bring order to the state; it brings moral order to the universe,” you know what he’s writing is purely tactical, not expository since he’s the last person I’d go to for advice on morality.

Hopefully some kind of punishment will soon bring some moral order to Krauthammer’s thinking…maybe when his careeer finally ends up with him authoring “Morality for Dummies.”


From Chuck’s column:

As one of the few who favored John Hinckley’s acquittal on grounds of insanity, I take [*] delusions and paranoia pretty seriously.

[*] Assumed editorial or typographical omission of the word “my.”


What scum.

It was obvious to anyone who cared to look beyond the evening news that this guy was an al queda wannabe, a reject who invented his involvement in 9/11 (“I was supposed to fly a fifth plane into the White House – cough#bullshit#cough) and was at worst guilty of training with radicals abroad.

While he was by no means an angel, to give him the death penalty would be base and vindictive and by no means a deterrent.


Wow, we can bring moral order to the universe by killing a couple guys. Who knew it was that easy?


…I am an expert in psychiatry, while they are Oprah-watching dullards.

Yet another example of elitist liberals mocking the common man.


Hmmm, does he ever have a God complex.
“prove commission, rather than omission.” and the ending sentence states that Moussaui was “making war”. Isn’t that a bit contraditary? If he is so agianst civilian courts then he should be reccomending the Hague, not kangaroo military courts under Heir Bushler.


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