Merry Christmas Everybody!

And here that is in the binary language of moisture vaporators:

‘0100110101100101011100100111001001111001001000000100001101 10100001110010011010010111001101110100011011010110000101110011’


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That’s quite similar to the binary language of load lifters in most respects.

Shutting up, sir.


Bravo, slippy.


Well I hope you’re all happy. Obama is to blame for a woman dressed in socialist RED who knocked down the Pope.


The fact is, this Attack on Christmas will not stand. We are fighting back against all the Liberal hatemongers who cheered on the socialist thug who was likely an Obama supporter.


I’ve waited all of my existence to hear that [condensation drips from visual sensor].


Gary, you’d better hurry up and get ready for church. A good Christian boy like you has no business trolling on Christmas morning! Santa won’t be happy!


So much for all that papal Bull about infallibility.


And a very merry 1101001 1010 to you too.


Pfft! Translate that into Bocce, Huttese and Wookie; then I’ll be inpressed.


“From a Christian perspective, the rhetorical prose suggests that Barack Obama metaphorically jumped the barrier himself to kill the Pope because of his Christian views on the sanctity of life.”

I don’t think that’s a Christian perspective there dude.


The fact is, that Gary was fake. Papists are not Bible-believing Christians like the Founders of the USA were.


Thanks. Merry Christmas from me, Dr BLT. Here is my gift to all the folks who run or visit sadly no. It’s a free download of a duet I wrote that was inspired by the angel scene in the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Waitin’ for Wings
Dr BLT and Andre Champeau
words and music by Dr BLT © 2009


Hey Everybody, the days are getting longer again!

We’re not going to freeze to death when the sun goes out!

Nice job consuming all that sugar and liquor!

Have some more!!!!


a woman dressed in socialist RED

Are you sure? That looked like Italian Racing Red to me.


Just because I started back to work yesterday (same drudge, different shop) doesn’t mean santa or jesus exist. The pope got spanked for scamming a ‘midnight mass’ at 10 PM. Lying old fart, lazy bastard.


So, you had the Spike channel on last night, as well?


Merry Christmas all!

Roast goose, braised red cabbage, cornbread stuffing with prunes, and haricot verts, at our place.

I thought RED was, like, you know, Sarah Palin’s favorite color. You sure it wasn’t her?


Here is my gift to all the folks who run or visit sadly no.



Is it dead yet?


Jabba doesn’t like smugglers who drop their load…at the first sign of an imperial ship.
If you give me the holiday greetings, I could give them to Jabba.


Considering how kind my readers have been to me this year with the Paypal donations, I thought I’d kick a little back by posting my Top 50 Assclowns of the Year retrospective by Xmas. Enjoy and happy holidays.


May your JTAG ports always be blessed with snubbers, and may your CLK lines always be free of ringing.


My SDA and SCL lines were naughty this year.


Well, seeing as how ’tis apparently the season for music spamming…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Granite Countertops.

Merry War On Christmas, everybody!

Kwaanza Wants Some Respect, Dammit!

Who’s a made up holiday? The one with Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, The Grinch, Charlie Brown, and Kathie Lee, that’s the made-up one!!!


Moisture vaporators speak UTF-8 Basic? And he needed a protocol droid for this? Good God, R2-D2 could have done that translation!

But I think your own translator is off. It should be:

“01001000011000010111000001110000011110010010000001001100 01101001011001100110010100100000010001000110000101111001”!

The Grand Alliance

So now even patriotic liberals like Jane Hamsher realize that Obama is a threat to the future of our nation. She is calling for an investigation, together with Grover Norquist and the TEA Party Movement, into Rahm Emmanuel and his ties to Fannie and Freddie (the ones who caused this economic crisis).

The TEA Party Movement will no doubt welcome any other libs who realize the danger Obama, his Chicago-style politics, his megalomania, and thuggery represent to the future of the Republic. With our powers combined, we can take this country back from the brink of despotism.


See, this is why it’s a good thing I’m not Christian. I just cannot forget that there are fuckhead idiots in the world bent on dismantling civilization for what they perceive to be their own benefit. Not even on Christmas Day.

I keep telling you guys I’m the least funny person on here. Some day you’ll believe me.


It’s okay, Snowwy; I was this close to encouraging a “down the road, not across the street” approach to reducing one’s carbon footprint to someone this morning.

I think it was the mixture of cold, dark morning and trying to figure out what we still have to move out of this apartment today that got to me. (Though it’s not all bad– we are moving into what should be a nice house once we get a little furnace and water heater issue straightened out.)


Here is the video and photos of the Pope knocked down in Vatican City on Christmas eve. The news is perhaps a sign of the times in a world unmanageable under Barack Obama’s influence.

So true. So true. The Kenyan Islamofascist Marxist Usurper has truly influenced a great unmanageability into our world.

Tell us what you think in the comments about the breaking Pope news on Christmas 2009.

I’m so sorry to hear that the pope was broken by that bad lady. I hope they can glue him back together in time for his next mass, or rally, or whatever it is they do out there in Popeland.



That was me two months ago. I feel ya. Luck in your new abode!


The Grand Alliance said,

December 25, 2009 at 21:01

Good luck with your new friends, Jane.


The Pope didn’t break; he’s unbreakable. A cardinal, however, did. It’s those hollow bones—good for flight, not so good for red Mass crashers.

The Grand Alliance

I love how scared the Obama cultists are of the left-right Alliance against BHO.

The Grand Alliance

And liberal Cenk Uygur of the “Young Turks” is now calling for Rahm to be investigated, as well.

The TEA Party Movement is becoming a big tent!


The TEA Party Movement is becoming a big tent padded room!


Wow. Who will O’Reilly and John Gibson take sides with on this one?

The Grand Alliance

My Christmas present to myself is fantasizing about having friends.

The Grand Alliance

P.S. This is TOTALLY the kind of username an adult would come up with. Come join my guild, libs!

St. Kid from Kounty Meath

So Troofie, whose entire raison d’etre (as the SOCIALEST YURPEENS say) is hating anyone to the left of Timothy McVeigh, is delighted that he can, um, join forces with “libs”. Will you still call them “libs” when you join forces for SUPER EXCELLENT ALLIANCE OF USA POWER HOORAY, Troofie? I assume you will, since your ideology is less about left-right and more about hating everyone except yourself and the weekly object of your barely-veiled gay lust. Who is it this week? Jim Thune, or are we back to Badger?


your ideology is less about left-right and more about hating everyone except yourself and the weekly object of your barely-veiled gay lust. Who is it this week? Jim Thune, or are we back to Badger?

*crossing fingers* ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease


Let’s try that again…



Or in more modern SadlyNosian:


St. Kid from Kounty Meath

*Or maybe even JOHN Thune.

The Grand Alliance

Kid, It is clear that after the debacle in the Senate, only patriotic liberals can save this country from Obama’s despotism. Conservatives alone cannot do it: they must join with liberals who truly love their country and put it ahead of personality cults, liberals like Jane Hamsher and Cenk Uygur.

Only together can we take this country back. And I know the thought scares you shitless.

The Grand Alliance

The people at places like FDL will attack Obamaism from the left, targeting people like Bernie Sanders and Feingold, while we attack from the right, targeting RINOs.

Obama followers will be crushed in the middle!

St. Kid from Kounty Meath

So, um, the liberals you despise and wish death on will willingly help you get Teabag Fascists into the White House.
Because they don’t think Obama is liberal enough.
You haz a big smart.

The Grand Alliance

With help from the left, we can destroy liberalism! Muahahahaha!

The Grand Alliance

Why yes they will, Kid. They will help us bring down Obama in a common effort. The enemy of our enemy is our friend, indeed.

FDL and the Young Turks are already joining forces with the TEA Party Movement to investigate Rahm Emmaneul’s ties to Freddie and Fannie, and there’s more to come, I’m sure.

This is just the beginning!

St. Kid from Kounty Meath

Things must be nice in Troofie’s fantasy world where FDL, the Young Turks and *snicker* him call the shots politically. It’s also adorable the way “OBAMACARE IS DEAD, SEXY LIBS!!!!” can be put in the “TEDISCO WIIIIIIIIIINS” pile. I understand “President Jindal” is somewhere near the bottom, so maybe you can give him that blowjob you’ve been jonesing for.

The Grand Alliance

Not just me, Kounty, but the entire TEA Party Movement.


Just like our town hall terrorism intimidated Congress into voting down the healthcare bill! Haha…oops, I came.

The Grand Alliance

At least we got you to drop the Public Option Trojan Horse, which is DEAD.

The Grand Alliance

And only an Obama cultist would call free speech and free assembly “terrorism”.


And the guns and death threats! Those were cool too!

St. Kid from Kounty Meath

Troofie, you’re not part of the Nutsack-on-Forehead “movement”. Your fat ass hasn’t left the house since last November. If you’re gonna ride other people’s coattails, make it someone cooler than a bunch of inbred closet-cases.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

God rest ye merry, Gentlemen.
You are on the way to jollification!

(original joke credited to Xecky G.)

St. Kid from Kounty Meath

Oh, and if the Public Option Mixed Metaphor Trojan Gambit Straw Man Cliche 3000 was all that needed to go, why are you still shitting your pants like the little chickenhawk bitch you are?


Come join my guild, libs!

But Star Trek Online isn’t out yet.

The Grand Alliance

Star Trek promotes miscegenatin’, and is thus for fags. Who fuck black chicks.

The Grand Alliance

Free speech and free assembly are only terrorism when they’re directed at REPUBLICAN presidents.


Yup, the mafia’s got nothing on Obama for his strong-arm tactics, like the way he met with those bankers at the Oval Office, saying, “Hey guys, do ya think ya might, hey ya know, like, give uh…hey, remember the taxpayer helped you out?”

Yeah and the bankers were sobbing on the floor, begging for mercy and immediately they started giving up a percentage of their earnings, because they knew the next time, Obama ain’t gonna do no talkin’.

Yeah he’s a tough nut man.

The same thing with healthcare reform, with all that partisanship threatening, enough to scare the beejezus outta anyone and look how the Republicans capitulated in fear and signed the healthcare bill with complete single payer to start tomorrow.

The Grand Alliance

No, you gu-uys, it’s not that Obama used any actual violent, intimidating tactics to get the healthcare bill through, it’s that all black people are violent thugs. Which is why I’ve always called Obama a “thug” regardless of what he does, but if a white president kills hundreds of thousands of civilians because they lived under a dictator who made his daddy’s dick feel small, that’s “liberating” them. GOD, you libs are dense.


Yeah, it’s OBAMA who’s been threatening and intimidating people who vote the wrong way.


(Did you notice, by the way, that this is how I’m reduced to spending Christmas?)


the Public Option Mixed Metaphor Trojan Gambit Straw Man Cliche 3000
I think you mean straw goat cliche.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

(Did you notice, by the way, that this is how I’m reduced to spending Christmas?)

Too right! I’m stuck at work (someone’s gotta be here 24/7) and, as much as I love teh Sadlynaughts, I wouldn’t be commenting if I weren’t on the job.

Poor Troofie- nobody loves him, so he has to reach for the only emotional connection he has any hope of making.


Not just me, Kounty, but the entire TEA Party Movement.

All five of youse guise?

Impressive. Unfortunately for you, the overwhelming majority of Americans are not Teabaggers and are in fact revolted by their racism, idiocy, and violent rhetoric. So basically, you guys are a joke. And you specifically are nothing more than a punchline to that joke. Lame.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

The Teabagger future is a pair of testicles slapping into Troofie’s face forever.

The Kid from Kounty Meath

Friday night is a pair of testicles slapping into Troofie’s face forever.


OMG jurassicpork, you deserve a knighthood for the appellation “gash gaucho” for Gov. Mark Sanford!

Total win. That’s what I’m calling him from here on out.


Pair of testicles mmmmmmmmm’

The Kid from Kounty Meath

Don’t you mean “Pair of testicles LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL”?




I’m fighting the War On Xmas – & I’m kicking Xmas’s ass & taking names.

Working 12 hours for Xmas (my present to the guy I’m the relief for is four extra hours of liberty) means I hate America & secretly want the terrorists to win … when I’m not aborting Christian womb-babies & serving them to lesbians as 100% Politically-Correct Organic Slushees … so:

Happy Holiday-Pay, & Cthulhu bless us, everyone!


St. Kid from Kounty Meath said,

December 25, 2009 at 23:44

Things must be nice in Troofie’s fantasy world where FDL, the Young Turks and *snicker* him call the shots politically…

The Grand Alliance said,

December 25, 2009 at 23:45

Not just me, Kounty, but the entire TEA Party Movement.

Central. Point. Etc.


What’s all this about Christmas?

Christmas didn’t come this year, because when Santa reared his head into Alaska’s air space, Sarah Palin saw the reindeer and thought, “Mmmmm, mooseburgers!” and shot him down. From a helicopter. Also.


via MSNBC:

Rep. Peter King of New York, the senior Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, who was briefed on the incident, said Abdulmutallab was known in federal counterterrorism files and may have been on the government’s list of suspicious passengers banned from flying in the United States.

On the other hand, we successfully kept out Cat Stevens. Mission accomplished, no-fly list!


And those iPhone ads are keeping me from having any desire to go back. Also.


Merry Penis and Happy New Poop!


when I’m not aborting Christian womb-babies & serving them to lesbians as 100% Politically-Correct Organic Slushees …

Utilizing the spawn of the enemy to feed the foot soldiers high protein shakes. Others observe this young man’s fine service to the revolution.


What if you could make one person abide by a New Year’s resolution for all of next year?

For a Christmas diversion, check out the poll at:


Fröhliche Weihnachten, Traurig Nein!


The Grand Alliance said…

Holy shit! The Grand Alliance has returned! Obama is Louis XIV! Orly Taitz is Victor Amadeus II! Aieeee!

That one black guy who had the rifle at the Obama speech

Am I Vincent Oge?


The fact is, liberal faggot fucking fag fag black blackity black black terrorist USA haters love cock cocky cock and take it up the buuuuuuuuuuuuuum

The Kid from Kounty Meath

Gary’s best days as a troll may be behind him, but his career as a punk rocker is just beginning!


Gary’s best days as a troll may be behind him,

There was a time when Gary had better days?

Big Bad Bald Bastard

Fröhliche Weihnachten, Traurig Nein!

Trinken sie Glühwein, Nymstradamus?



Mark Levin's Flaccid Penis

Nice to see Troofy find a new woman to whack off the ol’ micropeener to. Those old pictures of Michelle Obama gotten too sticky, you pathetic queef? I’m sure Jane Hamsher’s happy to be your new spanky fantasy.

Merry Christmas, you shit-eating oaf.


Fröhliche Weihnachten, Traurig Nein!

Trinken sie Glühwein, Nymstradamus?

Nein, aber ich I hatte ein glass Riesling.

BTW, I’ve been duly informed that a better German translation of Sadly No is Leider Nicht.


Nein, aber ich hatte ein glass Riesling.

Vielleicht mehr als ein Glass Riesling.


Back when I was a kid, my dad drove a ’72 Ford Grand Alliance.

They don’t make ’em like that any more.


Is it safe outside? Can we leave the shelter, please, just for a while? Is Santa gone? Are there any other survivors?


A final little Cthulhu carol for y’all.

‘Tis the season, and all.

My favorite Christmas song lyric comes courtesy of Mr Yankovic…

“It’s Christmas at ground zero
And if the radiation level’s ok
I’ll go out with you
And see all the new
Mutations on New Year’s Day”


It’s Christmas at ground zero
the button has been pressed
the radio
just let us know
that this is not a test.


Wow, Santana Santa certainly left a whole buncha badgers on this thread.

Gobbs bless us all, every one.


The badgers all have hangovers.


I don’t know, they’re dancing pretty well if they are hung-over.


Future blurry…fuck, _everything_ is blurry.




That brainfuck has been skull fucked like a kitten.


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