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Just wanted to give a tip of the cap to the Yankees for providing an exciting series. Tonight’s game was one of the most intense I’ve seen in a while… and it’s only May. I think these two teams are very evenly matched, and it should again come down to the wire in the AL East, with Toronto sticking around to make things interesting.

Also: YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUK!!!! Nice insurance run, dood. Good work by future Cooperstown inductee Willie Harris getting a one-out hit off that scrub Mariano Rivera too. Papelbon is now 13 for 13 in save chances. This looks like it’s gonna be a fun year.


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Seemed to be a whole lot of YOOOOOUUUK fans at the Stadium as well (or they were all just yelling Boo-urns…)


What’s Bob Uecker got to do with this?


not “the Yook”, YOOOOOOOOOOOUUK!


Aka the Greek God of Walks aka Billy Beane’s wet dream


Did anyone else see the Phillies outfielder make that catch in the 1st inning? Holy crap!


two things:

1. Matsui: owwie. That was disgusting.
2. Torre’s use of the bullpen was excruciating, but also correct, even given what he has out there. The outcome must have been discouraging. Go watch SIAS buy a bunch more pitching and some outfield help.

(note: suckit, yankdicks!)


So which team will wind up losing to eventural repeat-champs the Chisox in the playoffs, the Red Sox or Yanks?


Any Yankee loss is a good Yankee loss. I’m sorry about Matsui’s injury, at least for him as a person if not for his team, but at least the Yankees have a good bench to cover for him. No, wait, they don’t!


Matsui had a huge consecutive game streak that went down. Which sucked, because if he had been ejected at the same time as the injury, it wouldn’t counted against him. Not that it matters.

It is hard to say the Sox and Yanks are matched when the Yanks didn’t have Sheff or Matsui. The Sox still stranded a ton of guys, but I love it when Wake wins at the Stadium. I love the guy.


PP, don’t get sucked into the East Coast bias of Sadly, No! and their elite sports media overlords, please. Yanks-Sox is about the eight most interesting story in baseball at the moment.


Yeah, I thought the same thing. It was like a playoff game; Torre yanking Chacon ub the fith, Tito brining in Papelbon to get Cairo out in the 8th…


So which team will wind up losing to eventural repeat-champs the Chisox in the playoffs, the Red Sox or Yanks?

They’ll have to catch the Tigers first 🙂


Aaron Rowand is the Phillies centerfielder ..broken nose (at the least). He should put a call in to Rip Hamilton.

Phillies-Mets may be interesting this year too, for the first time in history.


My brother and I were at the ballpark to see Griffey stick a dagger in the Nats’ hearts in the bottom of the 11th, in his first game back from the DL.

Sure, the Reds didn’t show any offensive love to Arroyo for his eight innings of stellar work, and I can’t believe we don’t have a younger reliever who’d suck just as badly as Rick White, but it’s pretty fun to feel total confidence that your boys can overcome a three-run lead just about any time they want. Also, Jose Guillen is arguably more fun to heckle than Rickey Henderson.


Man, Youk is so clutch.


(note: suckit, yankdicks!)

hey, yet another example of classy behavior from sawks fans. kinda like the time i was at an o’s-yankees game at camden yards and a bunch of sawks fans jumped a yankee fan about 10 feet away from me.

or the time i went to another game at camden and they had to forcibly remove a bunch of sawks fans for screaming obscenities at o’s LF nick markakis. i’ll let you figure out what they said, but they kept at it after being asked by the parents and kids around them to stop.

or the time some sawks fan on the streets of DC accosted me to tell me how bad the yankees suck. my crime? wearing a hat and standing on a corner.

yeah, real nice.

26-1. think about that.


First, Sox-Yanks is the most important story in sports at any time, including during the NBA finals and the Super Bowl (esp. if one team has just made a big trade).

Second, 26-1? Hey, my team’s won it all in this century. Year two-thou-saaand! Clap clap clap-clap-clap!


Second, 26-1? Hey, my team’s won it all in this century. Year two-thou-saaand! Clap clap clap-clap-clap!

How do you say it ’round these parts? Suck it cobag? Did I get that right.

Yes, suck it yankee cobagz…


I don’t think those were Sawks fans as much as they were the vital subset of “drunk guys named Sully” who show up everywhere. Baseball games, church, etc.

Well, the Yanks and Sox are kind of like Wal-Mart and Target, yeah. That said…



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