I posted a thing just before about Ben Shapiro being caught visiting here via Sitemeter. That was rude and I shouldn’t have done that.

Golden rule, yo.

Update: Here’s something insouciently awesome:


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Eh? Didn’t you do the same thing for David Frum and possibly MJ? I don’t see what’s wrong with that as long as you don’t give out his IP address or other personal info.


It’s kinda sneaky. I think people–anyone–should be able to come here freely without being outed publicly. But in any case, I didn’t know BShap (is that offensive?) had been here until I saw the apology. Ha.


It just felt wrong. We didn’t post the IP or anything, but we ought to be zealous about protecting people’s anonymity no matter who they are.

And I’d rather be like, ‘I fucked up’ than possibly compound a fault, you know?


But isn’t this post basically saying exactly the same thing the pulled one did? Ben Shapiro Tecnoratis himself! And Gavin reads his Sitemeter so obsessively that he noticed! And those AREN’T EVEN REAL WORDS! NERRRRRRRRRRRRRDS!


I completely agree, Gavin. No one here should know who’s visiting this site…especially if the visitors are delicate virgins whose reputation and virtue we are all honour-bound to protect.

K. Ron Silkwood

Thank you, Gavin. I appreciate your stance. If someone doesn’t leave a comment, then they haven’t been here.


Um, if you want to be technical here, the amount of Sitemeter time required to finger a right-wing exploratory mission is generally the opposite of vast. cruises the joint daily, etc.


Just because someone on the domain came to S,N! from a technorati search on Ben Shapiro doesn’t necessarily mean it was Ben himself. Presumably there may be others at Harvard who are looking for ammunition on the little twit.


I think you did the right thing Gavin. but I am kind of bummed because I just love the idea of an update of people who visit the site. The idea of VBen doing so is hilarious.

But rightness should outweigh funny. Sadly.


I hear ya. People should be able to pop in without worrying about it being blared all over the place. But as Neil says, shouldn’t this post come down then, as well?


Welp, I’m just not going to do that kind of thing again. So this serves as a notice that VBen is free, free as a bird to cruise uninhibited by clothing or Sitemeter.


Let’s talk about how it’s amazing that ‘The La’s’ came out… fifteen years ago, and still sounds brand new.


Gosh, how old was Ben 15 years ago? Like, 6 years old? The little scamp’s all grown up, ain’t he?


I have to agree with commenter one, we wouldn’t want to have another Dean Esmay situation on our hands. Dr. Chundermuffinloaf himself.


I always liked this song better than “There She Goes”. Same with the Sundays. The second single, Can’t Be Sure, was much better than the one that got all the airplay, Here’s Where the Story Ends.


Although it is a little like snuffing around in someone’s underwear drawer, it isn’t like we can’t all look into your sitemeter…


Stupid question: Who is that?


Frankly, now that I know he’s been here, I’m a little disappointed that vBen didn’t drop a few comments. I’m sure he’s much (unintentionally) funnier than The Garybot ™. I mean, in Right Blogistan they know they aren’t funny, so it’s almost inevitable that they would come over to Left Blogistan for a laugh or two. But hey, vBen, tell us what YOU think next time, ok?



Yeah, “Cat Be Sure” was way better. I lov second singles.

Lies by EMF was way better than “Unbelievable”. I also liked “Stutter” better than “Connection”.


I would guess Ben is intentionally funnier than Gary, too.


If someone doesn’t leave a comment, then they haven’t been here.
Posted by: K. Ron Silkwood

I HAVE left some comments, but I haven’t been here either. You didn’t see me. Understand?


You people have it all backwards. “Can’t Be Sure” was first, as was “Stutter”.


Hmm, in America I know Stutter was second, on the Sundays I’ll leave it to Vladi G. You forget that things happen all weird here.


Hmm, in America I know Stutter was second, on the Sundays I’ll leave it to Vladi G. You forget that things happen all weird here.

Release dates are less important than the airplay. Connection broke Elastica in the States, and HWTSE did the same for the Sundays. I can honestly say, as a consumer of all that KROQ had to offer in those days, that I’d never heard Can’t be Sure or Stutter until after the hit singles broke. In fact, I’m pretty sure I never heard stutter until I bought the album.


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