Yo mofos, are you feeling safer?

Condi Rice reports:

The administration sought to put the blame for any intelligence gaps on looters and former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, whom National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said was so secretive that “he allowed the world to continue to wonder” what weapons he still had. […]

But the world “will never know fully” the extent of Iraq’s weapons programs because documents and evidence were lost during the looting that took place when Saddam’s regime collapsed, she said in an interview on ABC’s morning news program.

Rice said the administration wants to get all the facts to compare what the White House thought would be found in Iraq and what was actually found.

“Nobody will want to know better and more about what we found when we got to Iraq than this president and the administration,” she said. [laughter]

Whatever the outcome, Rice said the administration would not change its position that Saddam had to go.

“The judgment is going to be the same: This is a dangerous man in a dangerous part of the world and it was time to do something about this threat,” she said. [Emphasis and snark added]

How do you pose a threat with no fucking weapons Condi? Is this the best Stanford can offer the world?

Let us help:

  • What you thought (i.e. what you told us:) A shitload of weapons of mass destruction.
  • What you found: Nothing.

    Compare and contrast.

    Now, unless Saddam was going to threaten us with documents of mass destruction (DMD,) we fail to see where the problem was. [Thanks to Blair for the link.]

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    This theory offers a great opportunity to take over more countries. We can say (as the Bushies have started saying) “hey, maybe the bastards took all those gazillions of WMD’s over to Syria!” That justifies invading and taking over Syria. Finding no WMD’s there, we announce that all the WMD’s must be in some third country, which we must invade and take over — and so on.


    Listen SadlyNo, I think you’re forgetting about those unmanned airplanes that could strike America. You know, the ones made out of Balsa would and duct tape? Those were way, way dangerous.


    err, balsa “would” — it’s, like, esperanto for “wood”…


    “Nobody will want to know better and more about what we found when we got to Iraq than this president and the administration,” she said. [laughter]

    Condi, you utter fucking asshole, I’m so glad you can have a gums-airing laugh about your OOPSY optional war. How about these other knee-slappers?

    500+ US-GI’s dead. [laughter]

    20,000 Iraqis dead. [laughter]

    countless thousands maimed, sickened, diseased [laughter]

    countless people to suffer future maimings from cluster bombs, a purely anti-population weapon due to their delayed, longterm effectiveness [laughter]

    countless soldiers & civilians due to suffer future illness from DU’s [laughter]

    … including birth defects in their progeny [laughter]

    Your illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq is a regular laff-riot.


    Looks like Peanut has no sense of humor.


    Ooooohhhh, I see. We had to invade, weapons or not. I had no idea SADDAM WAS A BAD MAN! Thanks for the fucking memo, Rice! Can we talk about “imminent threats” now!



    Condii was apparently passed over by U of Penna. for new president. Ha Ha


    “Documents of mass destruction,” heh. That makes a Hewlett Packard LaserJet 8000N a “document-producing facility”…and oh, God, there’s one sitting right here in my office!


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