I Think Now Might be the Time to Find Osama, No?

Tha’ Duncmasta Black:

Barring some extraordinary event Bush will never get his mojo back. I doubt we’ll see poll numbers above about 42 until the end of the presidency where there might be the common “goodwill now that he’s going out the door” poll bounce.

The only thing Bush can do is nab bin Laden. But even that would only provide a temporary boost. This duck can’t get much lamer.

Gavin adds:

[chicka dow-dow]

A cloud appears above your head,
A beam of light comes shining down on you-a-hoo,
Shining down on a-you-a-hoo…”


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bin who?


“President George W Bush has revealed to a German newspaper his best moment since he took office in 2001.

‘I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5lb (3.4kg) perch in my lake,’ he told Bild am Sonntag.”

It’s hard work.

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*


Barring some extraordinary event…

Heh. That was so amusing when I read it I just had to rush out to my fallout shelter to check the “consume-before-date” on the UHT milk.


Catching Osama would probably send Bush’s job approval up about 25 to 30 points.

There’s a certain chunk of Democrats and leftists which will never approve of the job that Bush does.

Bush is actually going to see his job ratings go up when he lures the Democrats into trying to filibuster his nominee for CIA director.

The Democrats attempts to try and obstruct Hayden will paralyze the CIA in a time of war, therefore harming our abilities to win World War III.

When the Democrats try to filibuster Hayden, they will experience a drop in popularity, as they will be seen as the party for terrorists.

The vastly popular terrorist surveillence program is a winning program for Bush.


*shhh* Everyone be quiet. The wingnuts can’t be distracted while Gary is feeding them our psy-op talking points.


Iran so far away!


The vastly popular terrorist surveillence program

Well, when you can produce hit titles like “Terrorists Gone Wild” with your surveillance footage, who can be surprised that it’s popular?


Oooh…Mujahideen with bodacious ta-ta’s showin’ it all for bits of plastic made in China.

Now, that’s hot.

Worst. President. Ever.

Remember the “Atheist’s Nightmare” a couple weeks back?

Well, God’s gonna be really pissed about this!


There is a fairly large problem for Bush in capturing or killing Osama; to wit, it would, in the public mind, be the end of the War On Terror.

I’m not at all suggesting that Bush is deliberately keeping Osama alive and well, but you do have to realize that no matter how much hoopla might be generated in the week after his capture, two months later people are going to be be wondering why we still need all this Patriot Act/Extraordinary Rendition/Gitmo kind of stuff.

Gentlewoman Geekpockets

The Democrats attempts to try and obstruct Hayden will paralyze the CIA in a time of war, therefore harming our abilities to win World War III.

Ummmmm…and what if it’s the Republicans who attempt to obstruct Hayden? Gar, do you actually ever pay attention to the news, or do you just troll here and repeat Republican talking points from 2004? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as it seems to amuse the hell out of the Sadly, No gang. The rest of us…not so much.


I miss the real Gary. When is he going to come back? The faux Gary’s try, but they just don’t have what it takes.


I agree, Kathleen. I am starting a petition to bring back the real Gary. Maybe Ma Ruppert will have something to say about this.


Gary has enlisted to fight in the War on Terror to protect America from you leftist Islamojihadists.


Well look at that! Gary’s in the Marines!


“The Democrats…will paralyze the CIA in a time of war>”

I’d say Porter Goss did a pretty damn good job all by himself.


I think at this point that catching Osama would raise Bush’s polls about 5 points for about 3 weeks.


When the Democrats try to filibuster Hayden … will be seen as the party for terrorists.

Yeah right. No booze, no metal, no porn, no weed — you think anyone’s going to turn up? Probably only squares like Gary.

Clones of infamous Sadly No Trolls

We officially endorse Gary Ruppert, and encourage him to run for President in ’08–that is, if Dr. BLT doesn’t decide to run. Well, on second thought, maybe that would serve as a distraction for the sandwich doc. He’d best not interrupt his momentum towards rock ‘n roll stardom.


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