Saturday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

I’m quite hung over right now.

But this is interestin’:

Just this past week, the CIA confirmed that its third-ranking official, a hand-picked appointee of Mr. Goss, had attended poker games at a hospitality suite set up by a defense contractor implicated in the bribing of former Rep. Cunningham. Friday, people with knowledge of the continuing Cunningham inquiry said the CIA official, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, is under federal criminal investigation in connection with awarding agency contracts.

Despite publishing editorials by total fucking maniacs, the WSJ is still one of the best newspapers in the country. Here’s hopin’ they dig up some hookers! (Via teh Josh)

Also, the RoodPundit has this update:

CIA Executive Director Kyle “Dusty” Foggo has told friends he’ll resign his post next week, the Washington Post reports… The Wall Street Journal confirms that Foggo is under “federal criminal investigation” for improperly awarding agency contracts. Meanwhile, no one seems to have an answer for why Goss resigned so abruptly — without warning or explanation.

Heh. I wrote a song about this fiasco on a bar napkin last night. It was done under the influence of five or so pints, so it might not be good, but here it is anyway…

Gavin adds: Me too. I have one too. Oh yes.

No Hookers? I’ll Cry

by Brad “Bradrocket” R.

Do you remember
When we used to laugh
About the CIA hooker scandal down in DC?

We were oba-oba-serving
De crooked Wilkes
Mingle with the good he-ho’s we meet

But hookers come at
Such a cost
And now poor Dusty’s lost ‘is job

De CIA says that
It’s nothin’ to do with Goss
Which would make Bradrocket very sad… and…

No hookers, I’ll cry
No hookers, I’ll cry
Hey li’l Bradrocket,
Shed some more tears
No hookers, I’ll cry

Gavin adds:

My oh my,
If those hookers are gay…
Plenty of poe-neeeeeeeees (yippie-i-yay!)

Ippity-whippidy-trippity (hope it’s not a gyppity) doo-dah,


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Buck up, li’l Bradrocket, or we’ll all cry.


“inability to master details of intelligence activities”?

just what we need to correct the errors that led to 9/11 and the WMD disaster.

do you get the sense the bushies want to convey a message of total incompetance only because it’s better than the truth?


In fact, I’m surprised the P. didn’t say, “Gossie, you’re doing a great job!”


I really hope we\’re talking about male prostitutes here. To think that teh dukester could say the things he has about gays in public and then turn around and get caught in a male prostitution scandal.

*sigh* It\’s just too much to hope for. I love it when gay bashing, GOP closetcases get theirs.


There’s no real evidence that Goss was involved in anything like this.

The fact is that people like George Soros, Atrios, and Keith Olbermann desperately want it to be true.

But then again, they’re also the sort of people who automatically rule out the possibility that Patrick Kennedy was drunk and with a prostitute on the night of his crash.


But then again, they’re also the sort of people who automatically rule out the possibility that Patrick Kennedy was drunk and with a prostitute on the night of his crash.

Who’s ruling it out? We just don’t care about it …


I care about it. I so desperately want it to be true. And so does Gary, though he’s too dishonest to admit it. If it were true, he would be able to get his jollies from reading about Patrick Kennedy’s blow job behind the wheel in the legitimate media, and stop having to debase himself by hiding in his room and furtively googling “shaved indonesian transvestites” all day and all night long.


I second the “I don’t care about Patrick Kennedy” vote. I didn’t know about him until he was caught driving while being a Kennedy. He’s not my House Representive.


Where exactly do all these high level government officials get these dorky-ass nicknames? Duke. Dusty. Did they always have them? Or is this some symptom of corruption we should have recognized before? I think maybe the MI Complex just KNOWS that a guy with a preppy, totally non-cool nickname is ripe for bribery. I mean, it’s gotta have an impact on his self-esteem, right?



I should probably go on record saying not only do I believe he was drunk or stoned or whatever, but he probably got off scott free because he\’s a politician.

I think he should have been arrested and given a sobriety test just like Cheney should have gotten after he shot that man in the face. Just like you or I would have got if I drove my piece of shit car all over the road and into a police barricade.

But now that it\’s all said and done, I don\’t care about it either, I see how it\’s news, but it seems more like \”Kid rock sex tape\” news rather than serious news. Like maybe huge government scandals involving taxpayer money maybe?




The fact that Kennedy was abusing drugs and then driving really does show that the culture of corruption is one which is at home in the Democrat Party.

Bill Jefferson getting bribed.
Alan Mollohan getting insider stock tips and making millions.
John Conyers forcing his staff to drive his kids around.
Patrick Kennedy getting drugged up and driving.
Cynthia McKinney assaulting cops.
Nancy Pelosi taking high paid trips with lobbyists.
Howard Dean firing the gay outreach director of the DNC for dissenting against Dean.

In fact, more Democrat Congressmen are in trouble for ethics than Republican Congressmen.


vHow much do you wanna fucking bet on that one there Gary?

I\’d make a list but, actually fuck it, I will make one.

-Robert W. Ney (R-Ohio) under criminal investigation.
-Jack Abramoff, need I say more?
-Tom Delay, resigned, in court as we speak.
-Rep. Tom Feeney (Fla.), Feeney accepted a trip to South Korea from a group that later declared itself a foreign agent, went to Scotland and played golf with Abramoff.
Not enough? Let\’s get alphabetical up in this hizzouse
-Allen, Claude A. Bush Administration Domestic Policy Adviser, arrested by Montgomery County, MD, Police March 10, 2006 for allegedly running a \”return scam\” on retailers.
-Augustine, Kathy Nevada State Controller, impeached by the Nevada Assembly for the misuse of her office during the 2002 campaign.
-Burns, Conrad Republican Montana Senator under investigation for involvement in the Abramoff Scandal.
-Colyandro, John D., formerly executive director of Texans for a Republican Majority, indicted along with Jim Ellis on September 28, 2005 for violations of Texas campaign finance laws.
-Crawford, Lester M. former FDA commissioner in the Bush administration who resigned from the agency in September, 2005 amid questions about undisclosed financial conflicts of interest
-Cunningham, Randy (R-CA) resigned from his Congressional Seat after pleading guilty to receiving $2.4 million in bribes from military contractors and evading more than $1 million in taxes.
-Deutsch, George former G.W. Bush appointee at NASA who told public affairs officers to limit reporters\’ access to a well known climate scientist, and to add the word \”theory\” to all references to the Big Bang. Resigned his post on the day it was revealed that he did not graduate from Texas A&M as his resume on file at NASA asserted.
-Disponett, Dave Kentucky State Republican Party Treasurer, indicted by a grand jury for plotting with administration officials and others to base rank and file personnel decisions on the applicants\’ political affiliations.
-Doolittle, John T. Republican, California Congressman, under investigation for his involvement with Abramoff\’s handling of tribal funds.
-Frist, William Senate Majority Leader, under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for insider trading of HCA Inc. stock.
Whew! That shit is tiring, to give credit where it\’s obviously due, most of these are the good ones from an old list on a site I found (
I didn\’t even start on G-L list, there\’s plently more there for you to see Gar-bear.


The fact is, the Republican party circa 2006 is the least scandal-ridden party in the history of modern politics. Name me one Republican scandal over the last four years, I dare you. Leaking the name of CIA operatives, the K Street Project, the illegal NSA wiretap program, Jack Ryan’s kinky sexcapades, Duke Cunnigham’s web of bribery, Tom Delay’s indictment, Katherine Harris’ illegal campaign contributions– these all pale in comparison to Howard Dean firing his gay outreach director.

The American people are, um, sick of your… I don’t now, unpatriotism or something.


Thanks, Timmah, but you’re wasting your breath. Whether he’s a bot, a joke or simply the stupidest guy in the world, Gary can’t see anything bad on “The Right ™” nor anything good on “The Left ™”. This is an appalling, unenlightened worldview that, if I could work up a good care, I would pity him for.

But y’know, there’s two kinds of stupid. Involuntary stupid is always forgiveable. Some people just don’t have the upper brain function to actually process information and reach reasonable conclusions. Intentional stupidity is never forgiveable. It results in bigotry, racism, political hackery and intolerance, religious and otherwise. Gary represents the single worst aspect of the idiots and thugs in power in America today–Their horrendous closed-mindedness. It’s the same as when bush was asked to name a single mistake he had made, and he couldn’t THINK of one.

These people have developed the ability to look at the world and see only a “reality” of their own making. And therefore, debating or arguing with them is a waste of time, for they are arguing from a place you not only can’t see, you can’t even GO there.



I don’t know…that last line from Gary seemed a little too satirical considering Timmah is not American.

…mmmmm…I’ll go with either “parody or “fake Gary.” It’s not Colbert-quality, but it has a certain sensibility, derivative and down-market though it may be.


Gary is single-handedly attempting to strip the word “fact” of any meaning whatsoever. It’s nice to have goals in life.


OT, I’d like to wish my dad a happy birthday today. 78, and almost completely recovered from his heart-bypass of last summer, huzzah. He’s gonna outlive me yet.


Happy Birthday Marq’s dad!

And many happy returns.


OK, if someone’s going to post as “fake Gary,” there needs to be some variation in the spelling of either “Gary” or “Ruppert.” I can’t keep fake Gary and real Gary straight.


I don\’t think he was ever straight.



Also, happy birthday Marq\’s dad!


Oh Lord, won’t you tell me
that Porter was there
at Duke’s poker parties
where he got his share
of booze and good times
with hookers to spare
So oh Lord, won’t you tell me
that Porter was there

And happy birthday to Marq’s dad.


“furtively googling shaved indonesian transvestites all day and all night long.”

Wow. Where did that come from?


There are also two jeffs here. jeff, want me to change my name? I think you’re the jeff who posts here most.




I’ll just capitalize mine.


Happy birthday, Marq’s dad! We love your son–he’s hysterical, even if he does have a serious case of teh gay.


I second the motion for spelling Ruppert’s name different if you are going to parodize him.

The last Gary post was either a parody or he’s completely lost his character.

If we are going to “debate” Gary or just poke fun at him, it’s useful to know what he’s actually posting.


The fact is that the Democrats are responsible for almost all the corruption in Washington, even though they don’t control any of the branches of government. You see, it’s their liberalism/communism/case of teh gays that causes all of the problems.

If only there was some way to round them all up and only elect Republicans so we could have a truly functional free republic.


I think this fixes it. I’m gay jeff.


This is totally OT: but has anyone been to that running joke of a new site run by malkin?

Jesus fucking monkey balls, I can’t say how long I’ve wanted nut-job bloggers to stand in front of a blue screen and make pouty, whiney voices imitating their opposition as they read their blogs. I allways imagined that’s how they thought it. Proof! Proof I say!


The fact is that Gary came dangerously close to catching teh gay at summer camp some years ago, which is why we don’t let him leave the basement and taught him to despise you leftist homoislamofascists.


I’ve just inherited Brad R.’s last night’s drunkenness from reading that song! Thanks a lot.

Oh, and, Gare-bear, I’ll have a toke of whatever it is you’re smoking today. It looks like fun.


Actually, whenever Gary chimes in with “The fact is…” or “In fact…”, I picture that cute little red-haired girl from Kids in the Hall. “It’s a fact!”

Am I alone in this? Anyway, this makes me smile; which makes me want to pat Gary on his little pointy head, and take away his TV privileges.

So, Mikey, I think you were a bit harsh there.

And happy birthday to Marq’s dad.


Emily: I will be thinking that now.


Thanx on the birthday wishes, everyone.
But, Timmah, I’ll have you know that the Ghey Mafia wants no part of our “beloved” Gare-bear. He better not claim to be in our little club… really, part of our agenda is to convince folks that people like Gary are part of your anonymous, breeding masses–though, hopefully, he hasn’t successfully bred as of yet. Luckily for everyone, the inflatable sheep can’t be impregnated! The sick part is how Gary taped a photo of Dumbya’s face over the sheep’s. Ew!


Yeah, true enough, but I don’t want him on my team either! Go sit in the corner Gary.

Gary’s probably having flashbacks to his school days…


Happy birthday marq’s dad.


It’s not possible to be too harsh with someone who claims that calling beating prisoners to death “torture” is exaggerating, as Ruppert has.


Oh, wait, I want to get in on this too! We’ve got Capital Jeff, Lower-Case jeff, Gay Jeff. Hmm. Can I be “Jeff Comedy Damn”?


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