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Kristol: ‘Sudden’ Goss Resignation Prompted By ‘Something That Popped This Week’

Bradrocket adds: More from the RoodPundit:

Two sources told me that the President’s discreet and influential Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board has been interviewing CIA officials and others over the past several weeks, as part of a larger investigation. My sources didn’t know or wouldn’t tell me what the panel was examining, only that “a lot” of the people it talked to “were unloading on the director.”

This is what I’ve been hearing on TV, but I’m still skeptical. This would mean that Bush was actually holding someone in his administration accountable for their actions. As anyone who’s familiar with his track record knows, that would be highly uncharacteristic. Added to this, remember that when Bush appointed Goss, it was seen as a big middle finger to the intelligence community. Why is he all of a sudden listening to their concerns?

UPDATE: Isikoff was just on TV. He apparently shares my opinion that this is about more than a cultural clash at the CIA. He speculated that something must have come up some time earlier this week the essentially forced Goss’ resignation.

MORE: J-Pod:

I doubt there’s a big scandal here, if only because the president chose to appear with Goss to announce the resignation. If Goss were somehow implicated in matters relating to Duke Cunningham, say, there’s no way on earth Bush would have made such a friendly show of his departure.

This would normally be a fair point. But lest we forget, Bush also pinned a Medal of Freedom on George “Slam Dunk” Tenet. I wouldn’t put anything past him.


According to a CIA spokesperson (who spoke on background: “we’re not doing names today”) Goss’s resignation is “totally separate” from the controversy surrounding CIA Executive Director/former procurement official Dusty Foggo’s longtime friendship with defense/intelligence contractor Brent Wilkes, who’s currently the subject of a federal bribery investigation.

BOOOOOO!!! Where’s the fun in that? We want hookers, dammit! Hoo-kers, hoo-kers, hoo-kers!!!

Gavin adds: Right, Spencer Ackerman is going to call the CIA and the spokesperson is going to be like, “Uh, okay, you got me. It’s actually hookers. But I’m not allowed to say whether they’re gay hookers or not at the present time.”

Bradrocket adds: Fair enough.

Anyway, I’m off to the bar to watch Kevin Millar’s triumphant return to Fenway Pahk. I’ll be back later.


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Maybe he needs the CIA to tell him where Colbert lives?


Quite a racket the Republicans have going now: oil money, big pharm money, bribes and kickbacks, and now hookers. I want to start a “Republican Fantasy Camp,” where you plunk down a couple grand to live like these guys for a week.


Meanwhile in other news:

Lewis Libby defense lawyer Theodore Wells told a federal judge a short time ago that the Libby defense team has located “five witnesses who will say under oath that Mr. [Joseph] Wilson told them his wife worked for the CIA.�

The house of cards in the Wilson/Plame sham will fall.

Plame was not a covert agent in 2003. Wilson is a shameless attention hound.


Gary, I wouldn’t call people attention hounds if I was you. Anyway, if no wrong was done, why did Bush say he was going to fire the person responsible?


I’m trying to figure out what they mean by “unloading on the director.”


“Meanwhile in other news”

Yes, that’s pretty much been the mission statement of diehard Republicans desperate to change the subject.

Look at the Drudge Report, ferchrissake… see the tiny, tiny headline about Porter Goss right below the day’s big story OMG TED KENNEDY’S SON WAS IN A CAR WRECK HA HA HA HA HA!!!


The house of cards in the Wilson/Plame sham will fall.

Gary is the world’s least accurate Plameologist. After all, he promised to leave Eschaton if Joe WIlson and Valerie Plame weren’t indicted. Guess what? He lied.


Is Gary really Jack??


Hey Gary — If you’re going to link to other “news”, don’t use an NRO address. Just sayin. What, is Fox too liberal for you, you stupid fucking jackass?


Why doesn’t anyone ever post comments on this board? I know there’s tons of people reading and trying to think of cleav0r things to say, but it’s like soooo sloooowwwww!! Isn’t this a big deal? Gay whores?? Limos?? This is BIG NEWS!!!


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I mean, really!


“I doubt there’s a big scandal here, if only because the president chose to appear with Goss to announce the resignation.”

Didn’t Bush appear with Claude Allen for his resignation? Although, credit card fraud, that’s hardly a scandal.


Sorry annie … I’m on about 5 blogs now on this subject whilst at work …


I am taking advantage of this live thread to point out that Marie Jon’ apparently visited her thread today (scroll down) and left you a message. Or am I mistaken?


J-Pod is just kidding himself. If Bush didn’t appear with him, how can he later deny that he knew any scandal was coming down the road?


Maybe Goss got too close to capturing Osama.


Dude! dude!

someone at the Poor Man coined the perfect term in the comments:


huh? huh? Idnit perfect? huh?

Oooh it just rolls off the tongue!


Fornigate is my favorite too dAVE, but I saw it earlier this week at Firedoglake. just trying to give credit where it’s due


I still like Billmon’s “Watergategate” best of all.



I woulda posted myriad comments earlier, but I was out frequenting gay whores!


Kathleen – Ok – so I didn’t have the original source on Fornigate. That’s Ok, that means that it’s out there now. And I shall do my best to propagate it. Was it in a post at Firedoglake, or was it in the comments? I’d like to find the original coiner of the term, but I’m too lazy to research it.


Awww, dammit! Fornigate was used during the Clinton/Lewinsky affair!
But since Bill never acheived actual vaginal penetration with his penis, it wasn’t technically fornication. So, I guess we can use it for this one.


There’s likely not only a scandal here, there’s probably a scandal behind the scandal judging by the way the GOP have been going.

These days I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI broke into Cheney’s “undisclosed location” and found him gorging on a half eaten baby.


Ok, whoregate’s been done, but as far as I can tell, fornigayte is all mine. 🙂

Remember to source it!!


Christ O’malley.

Can we limit Annie to one post every twenty minutes or something? It’s like seeing your favorite out of the way spot littered with shit and garbage all over the place.


Go fuck yourself, Timmah420. Have I ever complemented you on your real cool name?




amen Timmah. Amen.

I say we reclaim Fornigate dAVE.


I can think of tons more but they’re not very family friendly.

This place is DEAD.


Whoops! Not quite dead…no wait, yep it’s dead.


Perhaps some people do something on Friday evenings other than obsessively reload comments.

Just a thought.


How about “frozen-orange-juice-concentrate-gate”?


Dan: In my defense, I\’m righteously sick right now, so I\’ve literally got nothing better to do.


I don’t have anything to do on the Friday evening but I at least have the diginity to not post every second complain that no one will play with me.


I can always find people to play with me. 🙂

This board could use more posts though, seriously.

Just a thought.


Uh…”Boehner” isn’t pronounced the way I think it is, is it?



It’s German (or possibly Dutch).

It’s pronounced “Bayner”.

But don’t let that stop you, because it sure hasn’t stopped any of us!


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