Why Yes, I Am Going to Follow the Goss Story Obsessively

Justin Rood has a copy of Goss’ resignation statement.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t give a reason for stepping down. We still don’t know for sure if there’s anything seedy going on here, but neither Goss nor the White House have done very much to quash speculation.

[Gavin adds: They might not have been especially seedy ba-ba-boom wah-wah naked hookers.

Somebody sends me a blue dress and some DNA, I’ll have an investigation. –Goss on outing of Valerie Plame, October, 2003.

Bow chaka-wow…]


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Though it does say he will be around for the next few weeks to help with the transition, which (if true) kinda throws a wet blanket on the whole scandal thing (unfortunately).


I try to avoid stereotyping men as hapless slaves to their genitals.

But they don’t make it easy sometimes.


This will be even dirtier than hot-‘n sloppies in the Oval Office…God willing. Maybe the Spice Channel should be bidding on the coverage.


I still think the Ambien defense is the best: “Why yes senator – I have no idea how I drove to the Watergate, lost $2,000 at poker, and banged two hookers.”


I was going to create a Kos diary with all the administration’s transgressions, no matter how minute. But there’s not enough bandwith on the internets to fit it all.


We have reintegrated support, and improved tradecraft across the board — part of which is keeping our secrets.

Yes, Porter. Well done on that whole secrets thing.


Heh. Goss didn’t even do the usual “I’ve decided to spend more time with my family” thing. Re Gavin’s heading at the top of the blog: it could be more than just Boehner involved in this scandal. It could be a veritable Dick Armey.


I hope this means the intelligence community has finally gotten fed up with the Bush regime and finally realized the practical use of all the dirty laundry they have on file about these dirtbags.


I like the way the two of you add to each other’s posts. You must be BestFriends and do all kinds of BestFriend things together. I think it’s beautiful, guys.


Doh! I should have said “it may go deeper than Boehner.” My apologies.


Wow. Sleep-eating. Sleep-driving. Sleep-gambling. Sleep-


Somebody sends me some poker chips and water-based lubricant, I’ll have an investigation. — Alberto “Abu G” Gonzales


Investigation is often another word for “probe”.


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