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Turning back to the Hitchens-Sullivan/Juan Cole controversy, let’s see what Sully’s been up to today.

A reader writes:

It’s alleged that Hitchens has a drinking problem. If so, perhaps you’d be kind enough to pass on specifics regarding his daily intake, so I can emulate. Though I don’t always agree with him, I have nothing but admiration for someone who can knock out a weekly Slate column, an erudite review for the Atlantic each month, a longer, bimonthly piece for Vanity Fair and a book a year. I’m a journalist, and I just spent a week laboring over a relatively straightforward 1,200-word essay (on wine, coincidentally.) But I’m obviously not drinking the right stuff.

Ah, another message from “Andrev Sullivam.” Yes, a frequent crafter of pertinent and agreeable notes to our columnist — a character in certain ways similar to the “Thomaz Friedmab” who drives a taxi in many foreign nations, and who always has thoughts to share on globalism. Watch this: next Andy will be all like, “Whoah, me neither.”

Me neither. The sheer quantity and amazing quality of Hitch’s output puts me to shame. And since I am not a member of the pleasure police, I have no problems with people actually enjoying their lives, rather than merely living them. Others, of course, clearly differ. And they are welcome to their asceticism. Just don’t mess with others’ recreation.

[Apologies to Terry Colon]


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(you put your weeeeeed in it)


Who are all these people? I’ve never heard of the people you make posts about Gavin. What’s wrong with Tom Cruise? He’s INSANE! There’s tons of material there, use your many talents to entertain me!!


Hitchens is a productive writer, and no productive writer could possibly have an alcohol problem! I’m sorry, but why are you laughing, Mr., uh, Faulkner, was it?


Just don’t mess with others’ recreation

I don’t know if you could call what Hitchens does “recreation”.

Cole was doing just fine until the ad hominem. I hope in future he will leave it to the comedians (who have the licence and the practice needed for a much more graceful execution) and the hypocritical holier-than-thou right-wing (from whom we have come to expect that sort of thing).


I was thinking about this, how can liberals simultaneously be ‘pleasure police’ who stop people from enjoying recreation, and at the same time be hedonistic and immoral? I don’t get it!

What’s the liberal equivalent of a Crunchy Con? A liberal that wears nice suits, eats steaks and drives a Bentley? Cause I’d like to be one of those.


The same way we can simultaneously be spineless wusses and on a perpetual unhinged rampage.

Multitasking sort of thing, pretty much.


annie annie annie, you need to go read andrew sullivan. you will be immediately enraged that he doesn’t allow comments, yet says some of the most annoying things possible. His head is thicker and less brittle than the crust of the earth. He is truly a complete waste of intellect. He is the very definition of self-absorbed. And this is the best photoshop ever.

You have killed me/you have killed me.


I can only imagine what other kinds of recreation Mr. Sullivan wouldn’t like us messing with.



Charlotte Smith

E-mail of the Day guy is a sucky-ass more-than-likely-made-up journalist if he can’t write 1,200 words on wine. Schmuck.


I think a mailbombing is called for here. I think everybody should send repeated messages to Andrew Sullivan to remind him that the drunk thing was a single throwaway line, and could he please address the actual substance of Cole’s post? And if he has nothing to say about Hitchens’s despicable actions in writing the hit-piece on Cole, would he please STFU?


The decline in these over-medicated “liberal” apologists is becoming obscene. I think Courtney Love needs to intervene before decadence and debauche get disgraced any further.


sadly, no! the it’s ok to like.


Oh, Come on! Hitchens is a pathetic drunk! He was on Real Time with Bill Maher a while ago, and he was plastered off his ass!
And, believe me, I (hic) know drunk when I see it. (hic)


Sully as “Smokey the Bear”?


(And I say that as a “cub”- yay subcultures!)


There are way more interesting drunks and stuff out there, this site needs some variety! How about that Creed guy? He’s a gross pig or the drunk driving girls on Lost, I mean, how can you not love Lost? They shot my favorite character last week!! 24????? TOM CRUISE? Those adorable Baldwin brothers??

And American Idol? I mean, really. I love this site, but I need to research too much crap to get the jokes.

We’re not all brilliant, evil geniuses, you know.


Anyone got a videotape handy? If he’s got the shifty-eyes, that sounds good enough for a Fristian diagnosis of Wernicke-Korsakoff.

The other symptom is a gimme.

(Seriously, Hitch has been going very publicly insane for years now. It’s not very nice for Weisberg to continue to use him as a dancing monkey for Slate traffic.)


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