Sorry Roxanne, but this makes Michelle Maklin look like a pile of puke

Sound the alarm! Bawroop! Bawroop! Michelle Malkin appears to have been the victim of a cyberjihadist attack! While I’m normally inclined to validate my bandwidth by standing in solidarity against such shenanigans, I must admit that these cyberjihadists posess a flair for satire that is both subtle and kind of awesome.

Dusky-hued gangbangers are infiltrating the armed forces? They’ve defaced a tank and numerous walls with gang graffiti and Spanish phrases? And you say they were smoking marijuana and throwing gang signs as they tore up an American flag and disrespect the president? ¡Ay caramba! That is some 24-karat comedy gold right there, folks. Check out this ominous, self-referencing postscript. It’s almost as if one the Malkins wrote it themselves:

Question: Do we really want thugs who mark their territory like animals and swear allegiance to criminal enterprises serving in uniform? Are we nuts?

The question answers itself.


Flashback: Gang infiltration isn’t the only internal danger to our troops.

Malkin (attr.): “Are we nuts? The question answers itself.”

Like everyone else, I got the hugest kick out of Roxanne’s Michelle Maklin spoof last year, but I think these clueful cyberjihadists may have one-upped her spot-on skewering with this one. Its comedic density threatens to collapse under the weight of its own hilarity, like a drunk tangled up in a tent.


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Wow, I read that Sun-Times article and I didn’t take away the idea that the worst thing about this story was that illegal immigrant flag desecrators who swore at the president might be involved. My priorities must be totally screwed.


Question: Do we really want thugs who mark their territory like animals and swear allegiance to criminal enterprises serving in uniform?…

Of course not. The obvious place for such people is either the White House or Congress.


Do we really want thugs who mark their territory like animals and swear allegiance to criminal enterprises serving in uniform?

What can I say? Beggars can’t be choosers.


You don’t go to war with the thugs you want, you go to war with the thugs you have.


The weird thing is, a number of businesses I work with (and they definitely DO NOT fall into the Wingnut category) had server problems this week.


No matter what “category” people fall into, this is terrorism, pure and simple.


The only solution to this is to start drafting all of those well-behaved, white, affluent middle-class kids. We can start with the college Republicans.


Wow! As a Mexican-American, I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to be labeled as part of a group of “thugs who mark their territory like animals.” Really, Malkin would *never* do any such thing.

Yes, yes…this whole immigration debate is just one long trip down memory lane for me. Why, it’s just like being back in junior high!

Oh, and could somebody pass along to Malkin and friends that the most appropriate terms to use are “spic” or “wetback.” I know there are many trendy new names (Spixicans, Muslicans), but really, you can’t go wrong with the classics here.


what a thrill it is to be labeled as part of a group of “thugs who mark their territory like animals”

Being called a dog is a compliment when it comes from Malkin-thing. I’d rather be called a dog than a social conservative of her ilk.

I love her redundancy of speech: “admitted illegal aliens–some using illegal fake documents“. As opposed to legal fake documents, like the mail-order journalism degree hanging above her chipboard desk.


The saddest thing about this is the fact that Michele Malkin actually thinks she’s important enough to merit attention from Al-Qaeda hackers.


Oh, and this is fucking hilarious…from one of Malkin’s ‘cyberjihadist’ posts:

Reader S.M.H. writes: “[This] does not make sense. They are protesting the publication of images of the Prophet, by hacking a website with an image of the Prophet. Can this be explained?”

Logic is a Western extremist value, I guess.

I really don’t even think I need to add anything to that.


If I’m going to be called a dog, I want to be able to choose which kind of dog I am. I’m thinking Malamute, maybe. They’re cool


I never thought I’d live to see the term cyberjihadist…and then I saw that you weren’t joking. Bahwroop bahwroop. I might have been better off just keeling over and dying.


Do we really want thugs who […] swear allegiance to criminal enterprises serving in uniform?

Now, now, these guys swore their oath to the Constitution, not the Bush administration.


I’m thinking Malamute, maybe. They’re cool

The most gorgeous dogs in the world! I like dogs that are true to type, and it upsets me how deformed some dog-breeds are. Basset Hounds are an abomination.


They can shoot as many Iraqi civilans as they like, as long as they do it for the president, and not some gangsta in L.A

Peace out, yo.


“Basset Hounds are an abomination.”

Oh, boy, eledil..have you ever been kissed on the mouth by Tbogg, while he whispers “you broke my heart” into your ear?

If he suggests you go fishing on the lake with a guy named Fausto, say no…


Bassets aren’t an abomination, but pugs could use a break from breeders making them so damn puggy.


Malkin is such an idiot and apparently unable to read the news. The reason that typepad and livejournal went down is that a Russian spammer was targeting anti-spam company Blue Security which had posted a blog at typepad. But, of course, its much more fun for Jesse, er, Michelle to find a cyberterrorist lurking in the shadows.


Poor Annie, did your meds get lost in the mail?

Annieangel Cybermartyr ALERT!


Longish time reader, first time poster… love the site.

Sort of off topic, but still Malkin-related… I just upgraded my antivirus and spyware/adware protection today, and one of the new things that happens is that if some devious bit of malware tries to hijack my browser by, among other things, changing my home page URL without my explicit request for same, I get a popup notice that blocks the change unless I okay it.

When I clicked on the link to in your post in your post, guess what popup I got when the page loaded?

D’ya uppose it’s a fluke, or was something there really trying to reset my home page to behind my back?


eddie gonzales

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