Never mind the TV, have you tried reading that Sadly, No! blog recently?

L. Brent Bozell III (personal motto: we’re gonna keep making L. Brent Bozells until we get one that doesn’t like like a cross between Montreal Expos mascot Youppi and Dr. Zaius) is mad — and he’s not gonna take it anymore.

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Why you wonder? Let him tell you:

I represent the Parents Television Council’s 850,000 members, along with untold millions of parents who, like me, are disgusted, revolted, fed up, horrified — I don’t know how to underscore this enough — by the raw sewage, ultra violence, graphic sex, and raunchy language that is flooding into our living rooms night and day.

And that’s just from watching The View! But it’s not all:

Consider the following, which aired on an NBC special this past May at 8:00 – during the so-called Family Hour. In this scene, Dana Carvey appears as one of his old Saturday Night Live characters, “Church Lady,” to talk to former child star Macaulay Culkin about his sleepovers with Michael Jackson.

Church Lady: “Did he ever dangle anything in front of you at the sleepovers?” Culkin: “Dangle what?” Church Lady: “Oh, I don’t know. Say, his ‘happy man loaf’? ?

Well, who here hasn’t dangled his happy man loaf? Ann Coulter does it all the time. Anything else Mr. L?

I am a father of five who has spent twenty five years trying to shield my children from offensive messages coming across the airwaves I own. God willing, I’ll be a grandfather some day.

Hmmm, on that one you may want to call not on God but on a little bit of sex education so that the little ones have some idea of what doing the nasty, getting it on, doing some horizontal folk dancing, getting their jollies, the horizontal mambo — well, so they know what all of that means.

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Hey, I have a Parenting Tip for Mr. Bozell. It’s even compatible with the Holy Free Market and all that other conservative bullshit: Kill Your Television! I don’t worry about what my kids see on TV for one simple reason: I don’t have one!


No TV? That’s just fucked up. (Nod to Bono.)


Has anyone asked Governor Schwarzenegger what we can do about these disgusting references to happy man loaves on the public airwaves?


We?ve always thought Bozell looks like a NASCAR pit crew guy, you know, the sort of guy who?s always trying to impress the babes at bars between races by telling them he?s the catch-can man on the number 23 car, or some such.


And if Bozell wants to know what happened to the airwaves he “owns”, he may want to have a look at Bob McChesney’s Rich Media, Poor Democracy, which will explain to Bozell why, in practice, he doesn’t really own anything.


Bozell definitely does look more like a Muppet than any human I’ve ever seen.


That should be “L. Brent Bozo” I don’t know where you got the “Bozell” from.


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