Monkey see. Monkey do.

Paul Mirengoff’s been all over this whole threatening-to-filibuster-Brett-Kavanaugh’s-nomination-to-the-Federal-bench thing. And by “all over,” I mean “quoting a bunch of stuff Edward Whelan wrote on NRO.” See, Whelan doesn’t think the Democrats’ objections hold any water because, well, basically, because they’re Democrats (doy). Also, Whelan cites three Carter nominees who made it to the bench despite apparent partisan sympathies, which exposes Democrats as unhinged, unprincipled and — oh, now honestly, I think you can hum this tune by now.

“I can name that tune in two notes, Travis.”

Mirengoff weighs in:

Once again, therefore, the Dems are trying to change the rules of the game, a move that Harry Reid’s misrepresentations of fact cannot mask. If they succeed, and perhaps even if they don’t, the rules are forever changed and Republicans will be within their rights if they block the next set of Mikvas, Walds, and Ginsburg’s.

Great. Thanks a lot, Harry Reid and pals. You’ve ruined it for everyone. Just because you had to get all high and mighty and threaten to use parliamentary precedure to block the nomination of a scarcely qualified partisan hack, now you’ve backed Republicans into a corner from which they have little choice than to offer you a taste of your own medicine. I certainly hope you’re proud of yourselves.

Gavin adds: You know, “Mirengoff” is an anagram of “fog ‘n’ mire” if you reserve one of the “f”s for an epithet useful while reading him.


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Chris Moorehead

I’ve often wondered if Mirengoff isn’t Al Franken’s evil twin. Has anyone seen them together?


Lovely pic with this one: Two gas bags.


If the republicans block the next set of Ginsburg’s…what? Collector’s Edition Memorial Plates, depicting her landmark cases? Trading cards? What?






Damn Demon-Rats! Trying to use the rules of the Senate against the Republicans! Why, if they were REAL statesmen instead of partisan tools, they would simply change all the Senate rules to strip the minority party of all forms of dissent except the filibuster! You know, like the Republicans did as soon as they won the Presidency.

Trivia: The reason so few of clinton’s judicial nominees got filibustered was because the Republicans were able to block nominees from going to comittee, from coming out of committee, from even getting to the floor for a debate. Up or Down vote my ass.


The picture and text tell us that Mirengoff is follwing Standard Wingnut Procedure, Chapter 5, Sec. 12 Subpart R:

Step one: Take something bad, bad, bad that the GOP has been doing, and whcih the Democrats haven’t been. Shrilly accuse Democrats of doing bad, bad, bad things, and watch as the MSM repeats the meme ad infinitum.

Step two: Open wide and stand at the ready for the rest of Assrocket’s corndog. Hard to see how Fog’N’Mire got so blimpy when he’s captured above still stuck in the open-wide phase. It looks like Assrocket just wanted it more.

But Fog’N’Mire has superior haberdashery, despite his dimensions.

initiate debate

Gah! So bored I’ve been trying to make new anagrams, none of which make any sense. Mirengoff makes ‘Grin me off’ and ‘gin for me!’, and paul mirengoff can make ‘plumfinger oaf’ or ‘minger oaf flup’. I need to be better at this.



It’ll solve all your problems.


I can’t look at your picture of Paul Mirengoff and not think of Michigan J. Frog, the dancing frog from the old Warner Brother’s cartoon. Stare at that picture while listening to this song, and you will see what I mean.


Jay: God how I LOVE Michigan J. Frog…And you know, you’re absolutely right. I knew Mirengoff seemed familiar!


Hey, behind him, up in the air, is that the Bush Administration?


Paul Mirengoff looks like one of those people who comport themselves in a manner best experienced by watching them defecate on a toilet.

Which is not to be taken as a compliment.


BDH: Yes, can’t you see them rearranging the deck chairs?


Paul Mirengoff looks like one of those people who comport themselves in a manner best experienced by watching them defecate on a toilet while eating a corndog.

I just think this better captures the combination of junkiness, malodorousness, full-of-shit-ness and just-plain-wrongness of the PowerTools in general.

But now I can’t see a pic of Fog’n’Mire without hearing telltale strained grunting sounds in my mind.

Fogenmire: “Look! I’ve passed another column! *munch munch*”


Who’s the other blimp?

Ick of the East

Hey, cool! I love pictures of blimps!

And there’s an neat-o airship in the sky behind him too!


Monkee pee, monkey poo, more like.


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