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Good old c-log:

Environmental groups have blocked DDT use for more than 30 years despite the fact that more than one million people, mostly children under 5, die every year from malaria.

Take it away, Tim:

What about the ban on using DDT to fight malaria? There is no such ban. DDT is banned from agricultural use (and rightly so because of environmental damage) but can still be used for disease prevention.

In other words, sadly, no!

At 7:28 am on Sunday, 10 December 2000, the delegates in Johannesburg, South Africa, approved a treaty allowing for the continued use of DDT in disease vector control as the United Nations Environment Program concluded the fifth and FINAL round of negotiations on a treaty to ban persistent organic pollutants.

Bonus: c-log adds:

Part of the proceeds from t-shirt sales will go to FightingMalaria.org.

Why does that name sound familiar?

Check out Africa Fighting Malaria, which pretends to be an organization devoted to fighting malaria, but posts this article which as well as arguing for the use of DDT in Sri Lanka where the mosquitoes are resistant to DDT, (remarkably ill-informed for a supposed anti-malaria organization, don’t you think?) claims that environmentalists are opposed to DDT because they want malaria to kill more people.

Those damn environmentalists, always trying to get people killed.


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Much as those masters of illogic, the fascisti, would do in referring to liberals’ supposed glee when things go badly and people die in Iraq: Gee, these people wish thousands of people died from malaria every year because DDT is not used to kill mosquitoes.Has John Stossel been notified? This is one of his antiregulation bugaboos.


Yeah, and all those kids wouldn’t be burning in school if we could just make the tiles out of asbestos.


Sorry, but Howard Dean gobbled up the spotlight again for another idiotic comment.

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean is telling reporters that there’s no doubt top White House aide Karl Rove is guilty in the Valerie Plame Leakgate case.

Three years ago, however, Dean urged caution when it came to assessing the guilt of Osama bin Laden, whose role in the Sept. 11 attacks, he said, should not be prejudged.

“There’s no question that Rove was the one that leaked the information about the CIA agent’s name,” Dean told MSNBC’s Nora O’Donnell on Friday.

But when it came to the Al Qaida terror chief, Dean insisted that bin Laden was innocent until proven guilty.

“I still have this old-fashioned notion that even with people like Osama, who is very likely to be found guilty, we should do our best not to, in positions of executive power, not to prejudge jury trials,” he told the Concord Monitor in Dec. 2003

Apparently in the eyes of Dean, Rove is worse than Bin Laden.


The fact is that a Democratic president would be likely to hire Bin Laden as a White House advisor.

Also, NAMBLA would replace the Department of Education.

Apparently the Democrats are baby-eating Satanist cat molesters.


The above post was not me. It was by BrooklynRuppert, who apparently stole my name.

The bastard.


Believing in due process! Horrors! The commie!


Sorry, but Gary Ruppert gobbled up the spotlight again for another idiotic comment.
Anyway, the difference is that evidence in the Plame investigation has been coming out for over a year, and Osama hasn’t even gotten to trial yet. See the difference? Due process is under way in the first case; not even close (thanks, President Flightsuit!) in the second. I can’t believe I’m even wasting my time pointing this out to the most ill-informed person on this site, who doesn’t even care. Hurts so good, in a way.


Why do environmentalists hate humanity?

Save the mosquitoes!


Sorry, but Ken Mehlman is in the news again –

All republicans like to rape old people.


OH DEAR GOD, Ruppert too has developed resistance to DDT, and the Ruppert nets never seemed to help. Whatever will we do now?


Stay on topic, Gary, or get your dumb ass outta here.


Shorter Gary Ruppert: My cat’s breath smells like cat food.


You know what, though? After all this time (4 weeks or so), when I think about “Gary Ruppert,” I still don’t get any sense of a personality or an essence of any kind, nor any life for him outside of this response box. There’s no interaction, really. Just post-and-run, with the occasional followup that isn’t really a response to anyone. It’s almost like he doesn’t truly exist. Is there really such a thing as a troll-bot? I suspect the boys of Sadly, No! of creating him. Because, like God, if Gary didn’t exist, we’d need to invent him.Gary, if you’re real, give us a sign. Sprinkle some fairy dust or something.


The fact is that Howard Dean doesn’t even try to pretend anymore that he’s not in the service of islamists and terrorists. It’s been repeatedly proven that the DNC will do or say anything it’s middle eastern paymasters tell it to do. It’s not enough that the Democrat Party hates America; it’s doing all it can to contribute to the downfall of America and all we hold dear.


Oh, Gary, my heart’s all a-flutter and my fingers are a-tingling! But who is this Bin Laden fellow? The fact is if he was really that dangerous our Honorable Leader would have his testes in a jar. The topic, dearest, stick to the topic.

**My apologies, the malaria is affecting my brain**


Ask Gary if he knows a Fred Eper. And then ask him how come Fitzgerald didn’t indict Joe Wilson and his lovely wife, Joe Wilson’s Wife, back when he was doing all that indicting.


Believe me, Stossel knows. It’s probably where this idiot got that one, in fact.


C-log is just repeating ooold Olin Foundation propaganda.

–Oddly enough, back in the day, one of Olin Chemical’s many subdivisions used to make a ton of money selling DDT, (which they refused to clean up after they closed the plants, leaving California with contaminated brownfields and groundwater situation.)

But I’m sure the hope of selling more DDT has nothing to do with their highly selective and specious care for poor Third Worlders, and why they’re not advocating as actual infectious disease doctors who merely *work* in Africa do, for more money for anti-malarial medicine R&D…


Stay on topic, Gary, or get your dumb ass outta here.

Speaking of changing the subject. Gary, did you give any more thought to the morality pulpifying legs for freedom? Because after I gave you that lengthy, verifiable, and referenced list of torture incidents, I didn’t hear back from you…


claims that environmentalists are opposed to DDT because they want malaria to kill more people

Yeah, damn people, they piss me off. I hope they all get malaria and die. Especially children under five.


I don’t share your optimism, elendil, that our Robo-Troll is amenable to facts. Seems like he might be protected by one of those Fact-Repelling Walls that righties like so much (now with 20% more talking points!)

Hey, I just had an idea! Gary should take a trip to Africa so that he can report on the DDT/malaria situation first-hand. You know, Gary, you have been looking a bit peaked lately. Just think–you could get a little sun, wear a lot of khaki, and shoot a REALLY BIG gun, all the while just SURROUNDED by those ‘quitos that are multiplying like crazy because us “libs” want kids to die!

baby-eating Satanist cat molester

As a member of the baby-eating Satanist cat molester community, I am offended by BrooklynRaiders statement.


Let’s be honest, Dean is an ass for ranting about due process for Osama and then tarring Rove in the court of public opinion. Osama and Rove both deserve to be smeared.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled wingnut-bashing….

Oneiros Dreaming

Apparently the Democrats are baby-eating Satanist cat molesters.

Hey! No molesting cats, for they are the eyes and ears of our Great Lord Satan’s Army!


As a card carrying (Hoyle, not Hallmark) Democrat, I have a nagging question that has bothered me for some time now:

Do we eat the babies first, then molest the cats, vice versa, or are we supposed to eat the babies while we molest the cats?


Babies squirm. Use both hands.
And do that first, or you’ll get the cats all sticky. Though I suppose that may not matter if you or the cat is male.

Anyway, cats objectively worship Satan. Molesting them is bound to piss him off. I suggest a sort of pedophiliac molestation strategy. “It was consent because she didn’t say no!”
That way, you’ll have plausible deniability.


You know, I bet if we nuke Iran, it will kill mosquitos in Sri Lanka. Or do you people want people in Sri Lanka to die of Malaria?


Am I the only person reading this who finds more sense in the SN comments than in the original Town Hall drivel?


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