Who else could use a cigarette?

According to Rush, we collectively creamed our pants on this side of the aisle:

Today’s great Wall Street Journal editorial says in its headline: “Anti-Bush Partisans Aren’t Listening to What David Kay is Saying.” Democrats are having orgasms over the Chief U.S. Weapons Inspector’s appearance before the Select Committee on Intelligence on his search for Saddam’s WMDs. They ignore Kay’s rejection of their claim that Bush lied to take the nation to war for oil, and his important statement that the intelligence community failed the president. [Orgasm inducing emphasis added]

Please also see our brand new game: The Real Scandal Pronouncement? (or scroll down a bit, assuming your hands aren’t otherwise occupied.)

Thanks to Blair for the hand job link.


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Ahhh yyessss

Anyone have a cigarette?


I feel so dirty …


Does Brent Bozell know that millions of kids around the country are going to ahve to listen to this filth right as they come home from school?

Before RUsh berated clinton for having to teach our kids about oral sex, now we have to tell them what an orgasm is?

That and the best way to crush oxcontin to get a real nice high.


I think Rush meant to finish the sentence by saying, “…as opposed to us repressed right-wing drug addicts, who are currently nodding off in an opiate-induced, hard-on destroying haze…”


Oh hell Ed! Ya beat me to it! L. Brent Bozell III must be going out of his mind. The man is going to end up in a tower with a frikkin’ sniper rifle….


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