Debbie imitates The Simpsons imitates Fox News

Sadly, No! friend Debbie Schlussel writes:

[Montel Williams’] Producers told me they would bring on a liberal commentator to “balance” me out, but instead they brought in TWO, plus others. In this case, it was two former Clintonistas (two liberals who worked at the Clinton White House) including this guy[.]

Simpsons Episode “Krusty For Congress“:

Welcome to Fox News. Your Voice for Evil. Tonight we’ll be interviewing the top two candidates for Springfield’s 24th congressional district. For the Republicans? Beloved children’s entertainer, Krusty the Clown. And for the Democrats, this guy.
[Democratic candidate appears with on-screen devil’s horns, communist flag in background]
Candidate: I have a name!


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Wow, that Boykin guy is wicked liberal. He’s such a lefty wacko he’s against Mugabe, can you believe it! It really had to chap Little Debbie’s hide to be beaten like a piñata by crazy moonbats like that.


When does this thing air? It sounds fucking awesome.


You make a very adulterous point, Sadly, No!


It’s better to read Debbie than see her on TV. That voice! That voice!! It haunts me still…

And by “better” I mean “you’ll be less tempted to poke your eardrum with a knitting needle to make the noise stop.”


It says it airs Tuesday. I couldn’t figure out if she meant today or next week.


That episode aired March 14 (originally). It was very, very comical to watch her get the smack down from Montel. She said the Gretna bridge incident was “insignificant” and pissed off Montel when she called American kids “dummys”. Oh, the joy! That was good t.v.


So, was Debbie Bill Clinton’s baby mama?

Don’t leave us in suspense.


Er, Roger, I’m a little confused (it’s me, not you). Please forgive me. I have nothing for that one.

I did do a run down of that show after I saw it (I had no idea, at that time, who Schlussel was, but she really creeped me out) if you want to know some of what happened go here


That episode was a disgrace.


Debbie vs. another commentator with a pulse? That’s just not a fair fight.


Clintonistas always cracks me up.


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