Oh good, we were worried about that.

By Michelle Malkin · May 01, 2006 09:20 AM

***scroll for updates…11:30am EDT Newsflash: The country is still standing…***

And there’s more good news. With her recent high-profile remarks against immigrant workers, Michelle is now signed up for a special lifetime premium at restaurants all across America.

“Okay, who wan snotchos?”

“Hmm. The nachos here are creamier than I remembered.”


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I hate the Yankees, too, except for Hideki Matsui, who I think is pretty cool.

Does that make me un-American?


Puta? PUTA?!!

Ann Bartow has been alerted.

Isn’t the crazy-assed racist bitch going to run out of ethnic groups to malign pretty soon? I’m looking forward to the day some hapless filipina says something untoward. Doubtless, Michelle’s head will explode and that, will be clearly, that.


There was that scandal with the Filipino spy in the White House, but she didn’t seem to be terribly interested in pursuing that, for some reason.


Brooklyn– I hate the Yankees too. INCLUDING Hideki Matsui. F the lot of ’em.


Nice work on the photo, Gavin. But she looks almost cute here (for an evil, racist harpie, that is).

Can’t you use the bug-eyed, chipmunk photo instead? I think it could work.


Jeff – man, you must really hate the troops.

As a fan of the suspiciously foreign-looking Mets, all I can say is that I take great delight in the way the treasonous Carlos Delgado’s excellent batting average (or should that be moonbatting average?) gives aid and comfort to our enemies.


Today is a great day to hate the Yankees. Especially since we’ve traded away Bard!

From the Red Sox site:

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein said that Mirabelli’s flight is scheduled to land in Boston shortly after 6 p.m., after which he will receive a police escort to Fenway Park.

Sweet. Although this does put a damper on my plans to over/under the number of passed balls in tonight’s game.


You know Boston is a little Red Sox-crazy when Doug friggin Mirabelli gets a police escort to Fenway Park.


Brooklyn — I am a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, who of course play in that socialist, pinko country we call “Canadia,” in which a significant portion of the population speaks “French,” the language of capitulation, appeasement and surrender.


Jeff, I’m sure if Wake wasn’t pitching – against the Yankees – they’d tell him to take the T like everyone else. But these are desperate times, and desperate times call for police escorts for Doug friggin Mirabelli.


The Mets have almost completely de-wingnutted their team. Kris Benson and his stupid slut wife– gone. Al Leiter– gone. Mike Piazza– gone. Apparently Steve Trachsel is a bit of a wingnut, but Delgado more than makes up for it.

I know the proprietors of this fine weblog are Red Sox fans, but I can’t stand the Sox, because Curt Schilling is like the biggest wingnut there is in baseball. Fuck that guy. Although I have to say, I hate the Yankees worse.


Doesn’t Anna Benson seem like she’d be much happier with John Rocker?

Honestly, when you see pictures of her and Kris together, he always has this look on his face like, “Damn, I thought being married to a Playmate would be a lot more fun than this. When is she gonna learn to shut her damn piehole before she makes us both look like assholes?”


You forgot to close the italics tag at the end of your post, so everything after that is in intalics now.


JK47, I’m a Red Sox fan, and I hate him, too. We hate him dearly, cuz we hate him near.


The failure to support our brave baseball players in this Long War shows the left’s true hatred of America.


The fact is the left supports Mexicans sneaking across the Mendoza line and stealing our baseball jobs.


I get my minimum daily adult dose of schadenfreude by watching Steinbrenner spend over TWO HUNDRED FLIPPIN MILLION dollars on player salaries and luxury tax and still fail to win the World Series year after year after year.

I mean come on–you can’t tell a great story without a great villain!!



The fact is that baseball, a formerly American sport, has people from such countries as communist Cuba, Hugo Chavez-loving Venezuela and illegal-immigrating Mexico. It hasn’t been the same since they let the Negroes play in 1947.


The fact is that the media is deliberately exaggerating the use of steroids in baseball because they don’t want Barry Bonds to break Hank Aaron’s record.


I think the bug eyed photo would be good for her reaction to the snachos.

So much so that I almost wish I donated so I could get a custom photoshop, but there’s no way I’m contributing to SadlyNo’s ungodly haul.

$1,800! do you know what Jeff Gannon would have to do to earn $1,800? You can be pretty sure it would involve nachos.


I don’t want to know what Mr. Gannon charges $1800 for, under ANY circumstances.


That Ruppert fellow seems to have his fingers in a lot of pies! I am especially ‘fonda’ His Grace, the Duke of Ruppert. Rupperts and yanquis and malkins: it’s a lot to take in in one post. And BrooklynRuppert raises an interesting point.


Gary’s all over the place, Nina, ready to educate us leftists.

Gary Ruppert, Sr.

You’re, Grace.


Yeah, jeff, those wingnutty comments are predictable alright, it’s that ruppertian finesse that catches my eye. Gary seems to be the (and I’m sure he’ll agree with me 1000%) straight man in a somewhat goofy clan of Rupperts.


The fact is that Gary won’t be trolling your leftist Web site until he finishes his green beans.


Gary seems to be like all of the Fightin’ Keyboard Krew: Ma is making sure he eats his vegies along with his Cheetohs. Good on ya, Ma Ruppert.


BTW, we’re glad the BPD did more extra-shift OT to get our Dougie to the game on time. And even though we must admit that our Papi comes from outside our US borders, our Papi is our hero.

Won't the real Gary Ruppert please stand up

Ok, it has to be said that in the free agency era the politics of any given player should mean jack shit to one’s fandom. It’s the politics and contributions of a team’s ownership that counts, in my mind, since team ownership is about as permanent a position as there is in the MLB. After an admittedly slack-ass search I found:


and for individual athletes/execs:


By this unimpeachable logic we should all be Orioles fans. Or Padres fans if the DH rule is an issue.

…and “moonbatting average” is one of the best things I have ever heard, it needs to enter the lexicon immediately, as in: “Paul Krugman is going for the single season moonbatting average record”

…and fuck the Yankees


I heard a guy say one time that since free agency, all we do is root for laundry. And y’know what? He’s right. But I’ve come to terms with rooting for laundry. I have a fantasy dry cleaner team. When the giants win the NL pennant this year, I expect to celebrate jumping up and down in the dryer. Y’know?



I can’t believe you all are talking about baseball instead of the disgusting but hilarious cartoon that is the topic of the post. Oh, and fuck the Yankees!


It kinda looks like Malkin’s table is cropped outta the picture.

Was that done to preserve the anonymity of the Malkin children: Shaddupp and Isahd-shaddup?


Today is the day to hate the Yanquis. Every day is the day to hate brown people.

But [Malkin thing] looks almost cute here

That’s the hell of it. No matter how much I want to strangle her, I can’t deny that she really is kinda cute. But then I guess so was Eva Braun.


i produced a movie called “Waiting” which at least some of you should buy the fucking DVD for–preferably today. my children are hungry. so hungry.

anyway, there’s a scene in there where the whole kitchen goes to town on a bee-otch’s food, with good reason. some very creative stuff as well.

so you can see how tangentially this relates to the post, and how this almost isn’t a spam for BUYING THE DVD OH PLEASE DEAR GOD.


she really is kinda cute

sigh. Such a shame.


so tell me again how Yankee-bashing has anything to do with slamming Michelle Malkin?


She’s cute if you like horse teeth. Come on!

Juan Snotchos

Hey, how’d I get in the picture!?!?


She’s the Filipina Nancy Kerrigan. It just occurred to me.


You’re all missing the larger point, which is that if the Yankees beat the Red Sox, the terrorists have won.


I’m sorry, I meant “the immigrants have won.” Or maybe it’s “the brown people have won.”

Anyway, fuck the Yankees.


Anyone do any research on wether Malkin sold her house BEFORE the incident with the UC Santa Cruz students?


Anyone do any research on wether Malkin sold her house BEFORE the incident

Do you know something we don’t know? C’mon, spill it.


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