Saturday NFL Draft Thread

Use this thread to vent if your favorite team does something stupid like wasting a second round pick on a kicker (*COUGH!* Ianua Ditis! Jets fan! LOL!!1! *COUGH!*).

I’m actually really happy that the Texans decided to pass on Reggie Bush. Bush looks like the type of tailback that comes along once or twice a decade, like a Jim Brown, a Walter Payton, a Barry Sanders or an Emmitt Smith. It’d be a damn shame to see him waste away in Houston, but where he goes now will be anyone’s guess. I think the Saints would be insane not to take him, but since they’re the Saints, all bets are off.

As far as the big QBs are concerned… I’d love to see Vince Young wind up in Oakland, though I doubt he’ll fall that far. There’s a good chance that Leinart could wind up with the Jets, which would really suck. Here’s hoping they draft D’Brickashaw Ferguson (or a kicker) instead. For Jay Cutler’s sake, I hope he doesn’t get stuck with the Cardinals, who are one of the stupidest organizations in all of pro football, behind only the Saints, the Lions and the Texans. Any team that would sign 34-year-old Kurt Warner to a long-term deal has some serious issues with their decision making.

Turning to my Patriots… I have no idea whom they’ll select, but they’ve been the best drafters over the past five years, so I think they’ll come away with at least two starters (and hopefully one of them will be a linebacker!). Also, I hope they take a kicker somewhere in the later rounds. There’s no way in hell that I want Martin Gramatica coming in with the game on the line.


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As long as the Jet’s don’t invade an arab nation, I think they have a chance in November.


I hope Reggie Bush falls all the way to the Niners! (Not gonna happen.)

We’re supposedly high on the top tight end, old what’s his name. But with the sixth and 22nd picks, SF is in position to make some big draft day deals.

I just wish Walsh was still running the show. The Niners’ 1986 draft still ranks as the greatest of all time:

2 (12, 39) – Larry Roberts, Alabama (starter)
3 (1, 56) – Tom Rathman, Nebraska (longtime starter)
3 (9, 64) – Tim McKyer, Texas-Arlington (longtime starter, Pro Bowl)
3 (21, 76) – John Taylor, Delaware State (longtime starter, Pro Bowl, caught winning TD in ’89 Super Bowl)
4 (14, 96) – Charles Haley, James Madison (longtime starter, Pro Bowl, first player with 5 Super Bowl rings)
4 (19, 101) – Steve Wallace, Auburn (longtime starter, Pro Bowl)
4 (20, 102) – Kevin Fagan, Miami (FL) (starter, Pro Bowl, career cut short by injury)
5 (21, 131) – Patrick Miller, Florida (bust)
6 (24, 162) – Don Griffin, Middle Tennessee State (Starter, Pro Bowl)
8 (9, 203) – Jim Popp, Vanderbilt (bust)
9 (19, 240) – Tony Cherry, Oregon (bust)
10 (18, 267) – Elliston Stinson, Rice (bust)
10 (21, 270) – Harold Hallman, Auburn (bust)

Only the Cowboys’ 1989 draft class comes close.


Aren’t you forgetting about the Steelers’ 1974 draft where they selected four future Hall of Famers, plus five-time Pro Bowl safety Donnie Shell?


And by the way, I hate seeing a formerly great team like the Niners suffer under such shitty ownership. The biggest needs revolve around passing, both on offense and defense. Vernon Davis should be a good tight end, but you really need help in the secondary.


Uh, I was talking about the ‘modern era’ … no, you’re right, I forgot about that Steelers’ class.

But in 1986, the Niners drafted SIX Pro Bowlers, another near Pro Bowler in Rathman and another starter in Roberts.

Plus, it was the draft day maneuvering that was so remarkable about 1986. I remember listing to it on the radio, hearing that Walsh had traded another early-round pick for multiple late-round selections … and thinking, ‘what the hell is he doing?’

Well, he knew exactly what he was doing.


The Niners need help at WR, OL, DB and probably LB.

And QB if Alex “Small Hands” Smith doesn’t work out.

I’m actually glad they look to be picking the TE … the receiver corps was the worst over the past two seasons than it’s been since the 1970s.

As for DBs – yeah, well, we just need help everywhere, really. If we can get six wins this year I’ll be happy. (Not really, but you know what I mean.)

At least we have a good kicker.


How full of righteous indignation are Houston Texans fans right about now? Kee-rist.

On the plus side, you have no idea how awesome it is for a Bengals fan to not give a shit about who they pick. That’s usually all we care about.


Except for the last three or four years, the Bengals have been histrocially one of the worst drafting teams ever. I hope Carson Palmer comes back from his injury- Cincy fans really deserve so much better.


Not afraid to publically admit being a Saint’s fan, I have to agree, we suck. Of course, the converse of being a Saint’s fan means intense, focused, insane hatred of the Niners. Deep hatred. D.A., Rathman never made the pro-bowl? Christ, I loved that guy. Only guy on the team I could stand (okay, I’m lying, I liked Ronnie Lott as well).


If the Texans end up with a Julius Peppers-type (6’7″ 295!), then I’m down with the pick. I’m still transitioning from being an Oilers fan, and hope that Kubiak is on board and revamps the offense with the available personnel (+Eric Moulds via free agency).


The Saints suck, but you do have a legit quarterback now, which is an increasingly rare commodity. I have no idea what your o-line is like, but if it’s even halfway decent (or at least better than the Texans’), then Reggie Bush could be a force.


All right! They took Reggie Bush! Good for them.


Aaaaaaand the Titans take Young. Jets are up next. Who’s it gonna be, boys? Leinart, Ferguson… or a kicker?


Hmmm… why not Hawk? Couldn’t the Jets use an LB?


Michael Irvin, apparently off the crack, made a good point just now: Even if Mario Williams and Reggie Bush both reach their total potential, Reggie Bush will be SO much more valuable than a DE, it isn’t even funny.

I say, Mario Williams would have to be Lawrence Taylor, and Reggie Bush “just” an RB on the level of Thurman Thomas or Curtis Martin, for this to be a good decision by the Texans.

Grotesqueticle – Rathman might have been a Pro Bowl alternate one of those years. He did make a shitload of All-Madden teams. Loved the way he lowered his head on runs down the sidelines.

Lott was, in my opinion, the most “Niner” Niner evar. The dude amputated his pinky finger just so he could keep playing during the playoff drive one season.

Sorry ’bout them ‘Aints. You guys always had a scary crew of LBs, though. Ricky Jackson, Sam Mills, etc.


eli manning!

oh wait.. wrong year!


This is the longest I’m going to have to wait for a pick in quite some time (not that I’m complaining).
I see my Bears taking a D-back or TE as well (hopefully Pope from Georgia if the latter be the case and Whitner from Ohio State or Hill from Clemson if the former). The one they don’t deal with in the first will be how they do in the second, so I’m sated at the moment.
In any case… I think Reggie Bush will be a breath of fresh air for the Saints, so good for them. He’s a force (though I kind of feel sorry for ol’ Deuce), and I think the Texans made a mistake by passing him up. Williams wasn’t near consistant enough for my taste, but he does have explosive potential.
Only time will tell; but damn it, this waiting business is starting to wear on me!


So the Jets take the “don’t piss off Pennington, possibly at risk of the GM’s job in five years” route. Interesting…


Looks like Leinart will fall to my Raiders at seven, unless someone trades up. We will still suck.


I’m honored to get my first front page mention over here…

The Jets just made the smart pick with Ferguson, and they still have another first round pick, and then pick #35 overall.

I had forgotten they traded for Patrick Ramsey, so they definitely needed someone on the offensive line.

I’m astonished that the Jet fans in attendance didn’t boo the pick.

but its looking good so far.


so … Pack: Hawk, Niners: Davis, Raiders: Leinart …


D.A. Yeah, Ronnie was a scary, scary man.

As everyone knows (and has already been mentioned)the bestest part of the draft every year is watching the Jets fans boo whoever they pick.

“And with the fourth pick the Jets take God Almighty, Heavenly U.”

The outcry would be deafening. “GOD? GOD? That BUM?” They’re great like that.

GuinnessGuy, Pope is the real deal. Got to see him twice in person.


DA – please don’t underestimate Curtis Martin. He’s not flashy, so he gets shortchanged sometimes, but the numbers don’t lie.

If Reggie Bush has a career like Martin, that would be an absolute disaster for Texas.

Mark Schlereth, who I think is Espn’s best football analyst, loves Ferguson.
‘You can get bums off the highway to play gaurd, but in this league you’d better have a good offensive tackle.’

I am just thanking Jebus that they did not take that tight end.


err, that should be the Texans

and inside the quote should read ‘left tackle.’


I like Leinart to the Raiders. I don’t know why everyone has been so down on him, I personally would have taken him over Young. Other than Reggie Bush being taken by the Saints, it’s been a pretty predictable draft so far. But after the first seven picks, it’s going to get far less predictable.


Ferguson was a very good pick, btw.

Also, I think Curtis Martin has certainly had an incredible HOF career, but he’s never been on the level of the top, top, top backs like Brown, Smith, Sanders and Payton. But yeah, even if he’s a second-tier HOF talent like Martin or Faulk, he’s still a remarkable player.


And the Niners take Vernon Davis. That should help Alex Smith suck a little less next year.


Here’s a question for you all- who do you see as this year’s potential Ryan Leaf? LenDale White has raised some eyebrows, and there are definite questions about how Vince Young will adapt to the NFL. But so far, I think most of these top picks are sure bets. (Though I think Mario Williams was not not not worth taking as the overall first selection.)


Here’s a question for you all- who do you see as this year’s potential Ryan Leaf? LenDale White has raised some eyebrows, and there are definite questions about how Vince Young will adapt to the NFL. But so far, I think most of these top picks are sure bets. (Though I think Mario Williams was not not not worth taking as the overall first selection.)


Whoa! Raiders take Huff? Where does Leinart go now? I hope not to the Bills. They need a better QB than Lossman (what an appropriate name!), and he would be completely wasted there.


wow, bad pick by the Raiders.

How could they pass up Leinart?

The Jets have two QBs signed who are reasonably young, but the Raiders have who? Kerry Collins and Tuiasosopo? My friend is a Raiders fan, I can’t wait to hear what he thinks of this.

And bad news for Leinart, as they just said. He would have been #1 overall last year, but now he’s going to fall to Arizona. Hahaha.


Yep. Now the question becomes who takes Cutler? He’ll inevitably fall out of the top 10 now.


Who the hell is Detroit’s QB right now? I can’t keep track- I just know that it ain’t Joey Harrington anymore…


The Raiders have Aaron Brooks; they jettisoned Collins already


I’m disappointed the Raiders didn’t take Leinart… Al Davis loves big-armed quarterbacks that play the “vertical passing game,” which is shorthand for saying “quarterbacks with very low completion rates.”

The Raiders would never draft Leinart, because he actually knows how to, you know, play football.

Huff can ball, though. Safety used to be kind of an overlooked position, but all good defenses have safeties who can bring the pain. Not a terrible pick but still mildly disappointing.


Ianua Ditis – didn’t been to underestimate Curtis (or Thurman for that matter). Just putting out a scenario where Bush wasn’t quite everything he was touted to be … and still Mario Williams would have to be a once-in-a-lifetime LT-type player to have anywhere close to the value Bush would have. Just because of the positions they play.

Can’t believe the Raiders passed up on Leinart either. For a rookie QB with plenty of pro-set experience to have Porter and Moss as targets … the immediate impact could have been really good.


Trabek: Aaron Brooks.

Jeopardy contestant: Who is the quarterback who will lead the Raiders to a winning season?

Trabek: I’m sorry, that is incorrect.


I think Mario Williams will be this year’s Ryan Leaf, or more accurately this year’s Courtney Brown. When all is said and done, Williams will be seen as the worst pick. Williams and Vince Young were the dodgiest of the top ten picks.

So many first-round quarterbacks turn out to be busts. Even Michael Vick, who has awesome talent, is kind of a bust really. He has not developed into a competent passer.

Whoa, the Bills obviously wanted Michael Huff, because they really overreached with the Ohio State safety Whitner at eight overall. Donte Whitner ahead of Matt Leinart?

The Lions should throw a bone to their long-suffering fans and draft Leinart.


Lions picked up Kitna I believe.


Ah. So the former back-up Bengals QB is currently the starter for the Lions. I’m not surprised.


The Bills had the chance to trade the 8th pick (and a shot at Leinart) for more picks later in the round…

…and they took Donte Whitner. Who they probably could have taken later in the round.

I love Marv Levy, but he really just showed that this is his first draft as a GM.


Oh, and BradR – I’m starting to warm to Davis. Big target for short routes is exactly what Smith needs (and all he can probably handle) right now.


Roethlisberger didn’t go until 17 two years ago, and obviously Brady didnt go until like the 6th round, but Leinart’s stock really fell. Sorry, Hollywoood, you should’ve gone last year.

Im wondering if there’s going to be a trade here, as they are speculating on Epsn now.

And on Martin, he has never had the status of some of the game-changing backs, but he did have 10 consecutive 1000 yard seasons. If Reggie Bush has even 5 straight of those, the Texans’ management should be out on the ledge. I see what you’re saying though, DA, Bush is supposed to be the game-changing type.

Norbizness – I hadn’t realized that Brooks was on the Raiders. But I also had to be told that my own team picked up Patrick Ramsey.

I actually think it’s kind of ridiculous that we’re talking about football in April (especially since my baseball team is doing so well.) But it will all be over soon.


Man. The Bills are truly cursed.


So we’ve still got two big-name QBs out there. Where will they go?


how crazy is it that two guys have been picked at safety ahead of leinart?


The Lions made their usual terrible pick. Arizona should absolutely draft Leinart. Denny Green is no dummy– he will take Leinart.

That Cardinals team could actually be pretty good. Edgerrin James, Boldin, Fitzgerald and now possibly Leinart.


Leinart is actually lucky he didn’t end up with the Jets, Saints or Texans. He’ll be the best QB in this draft. Great pick for the Cardinals… I like what they’re doing. Should be an exciting team.


Oops- I forgot the Jets picked up Ramsey- good pick then.
The Bills just took Whitner ten picks ahead of his actual value like idiots… sigh (:scratches #1 realistic pick off of board:).
As for the Raiders, Leinert wasn’t a great fit- goood QB, sure, but they need a guy who can throw the intermediate and deep routes (if only to keep Moss happy and reletively quiet).
I see Al Davis taking a risky shot on a guy like Brodie Croyle from ‘Bama in the third or so. He’s got a gun, but has injury history.


That Cardinals team could actually be pretty good. Edgerrin James, Boldin, Fitzgerald and now possibly Leinart.

Yep. If James hadn’t been so injury prone for a couple of seasons, he’d already be a surefire HOF lock. How’s the Cards’ offensive line (though with that many weapons on the team, it really might not matter).

Also, weird question- if you’ve got a lefty QB, do you put your best tackle on the right side instead of the left?


Tell you what, Leinart has to like his wideouts on Arizona.


I think the Ravens should take a long look at Cutler. Kyle Boller is clearly not the answer.


My dad was a football coach at various big high schools and recently a small liberal arts college (he was an assistant at Miami (OH) and UNI back in the day). You could say I’ve seen a little college football in my lifetime.
In any case, he always says, “protect the QB’s blind side first”.


Did you see Leinart almost put on a Rams hat before somebody handed him the Cards hat?


well, the two QBs are gone, just like that.

I think Cutler’s somewhat better off than Leinart in Denver.

Do they still have Plummer there? He had a pretty good season last year.


Kind of a strange pick by the Broncos… You’d think Plummer would be entrenched there for a while after a big season last year. For a team like the Broncos that are ostensibly close to making the Super Bowl, you’d think they would have made a “need” pick instead.


Yep, “The Snake” is still sitting pretty in Denver, so Cutler will have a couple years to polish his mechanics to NFL level (’cause they suck now).


Interesting that the two QBs on ESPN right now – Young and Jaworski – both rate Cutler as the top QB in the draft. Hmm.


GG – That’s why I think it’s good for Cutler. QBs aren’t usually asked to start in their first year anyway, barring an injury.

Also, Ted Washington is still playing? He was like 37 when he was on the Jets three years ago.


Very interesting. Again, though, it’s always possible to find good long-term investments at QB in the later rounds.Here are some HOF QBs not taken in the first round:

-Tom Brady, 6th
-Brett Favre, 2nd
-Joe Montana, 3rd
-Dan Fouts, 3rd
-Roger Staubach, 10th (!!!)
-Sonny Jurgensen, 4th
-Bart Starr, 17th (200th overall)
-Johnny U., 9th (102nd overall)

With Montana and Unitas, you’ve got the two best QBs of all time, and neither was taken in the first round. And remember that Marino was the last pick taken in the first round- he could have easily slipped to the 2nd!


OK, Washington was never on the Jets, and he’s only 38.

So who was I thinking of?

Oh well, I should really start doing some homework anyway, instead of trying to keep DTs straight.


Also, Oregon has some of the ugliest home uniforms I’ve ever seen.


Ooop and how could I forget Tarkenton, 3rd round?


Brad, the only reason Staubach went so low is because he had to fulfill his naval commitment. Man, that guy was fun to watch. And I hate the ‘Boys.


Yeah- he didn’t start with the Cowboys till ’72, if I recall properly- hell of a commitment for a high round pick.


Oops: ’71- so sue me. Still, they picked him in ’64, so the point is still there.


Oh, OK, gotcha.

I hate the Cowboys too, but I think they were a pretty classy team in the ’70s compared to what they were in the ’90s.


My brother made be loathe the Cowboys in the ’90s, since he jumped on that bandwagon ca. ’94 (now a Bears/Steelers fan).
Lots of material to rub in a Bears fan’s face back then… Now the coin is nicely on the other side.


I actually like the Bears, historically. Still, “The Super Bowl Shuffle” is so, so hard to forgive. Jim McMahon might be the worst rapped I’ve ever heard. And I’ve listened to Joe Pesci’s album- I know what I’m talking about.


Ah fuck! The ‘Boys took Bobby Carpenter! Assholes! That’s who I wanted the Pats to take!


Oh, well. The Pats have had several lifetimes’ worth of luck in the draft in the past, so forgive me if I’m not exactly sympathetic.


When you do it so consistently year in and year out, it ain’t luck.


Does anyone here believe that Vince Davis was crying because his NFL dreams came true? I think it was because his 49ers nightmare came true.


The subsequent 15 years was punishment enough for the Shuffle, Brad 😉


Er… Vernon Davis, I mean.

I think I have a mental block on the name Vernon ever since Bill Hicks denounced him as a false prophet.


And the Pats are on the clock…


Hey, how come no one has taken Manny Lawson yet?


well, that’s true a good part of it is skill in evaluation and development.

But when your best player came out of the sixth round, there has to be some luck involved, even for that guy to get an opportunity to start.

Also, I was referring more to the luck involved as a fan in rooting for a team that knows how to do things. Kraft could have hired the clowns who run things in Minnesota, or Arizona, or Detroit, or (until recently) in New York.

Or, the Jets could have done more to hang on to Belicheck, and the Pats could have ended up with some of the clowns cited above.

It’s luck, I tells you!


But when your best player came out of the sixth round, there has to be some luck involved, even for that guy to get an opportunity to start.

Brady was pure luck, I’m not gona lie. But if you look overall at the picks they make, they always draft at least two starters a year, and those who don’t start become very good special teams guys.


Tick-tock, tick-tock… time is running out…


Whoa. They took Malroney instead of an OLB or a DB. That’s surprising. And it means they’re not at all confident about Corey Dillon’s chances of returning to form…


oh well, now it’s my turn.

I was hoping D’angelo Williams would still be there at 29.


Good pick for the Pats- though I might have taken the guy out of Memphis if I wanted a more elusive runner instead of a bruiser, but Maroney’s a good player.


A Williams/Martin tandem at halfback would be pretty nasty.


There goes Lawson, Brad… the Niners, ugh.


You guys think LenDale will go in the first round? It’d be hilarious if he made it to the 2nd round and the Saints selected him… not that that’ll happen. They’re already ridiculously crowded at that position…


Good pick by the Niners. I’m surprised he didn’t go in the top 20.


boy, I need to pay closer attention.

I swear the guys said that NE took Williams, but that ticker thing says they didn’t.


Hey, where the hell is Yosef? I started this thread with him in mind dammit 🙂


Whoa. The Steelers moved up and got Santonio Holmes? Welp, that solves the loss of Randle-El right there. They’re in very good position to repeat as champs, I think…


So the Bears trade their first for a second and a third. Interesting, though I’ll reserve judgement until I see what they do with it.


Yeah, that was a hell of a move by the Steelers. And it looks like the J-E-T-S are rebuilding their O-line well.


a Center? Ok, I’m down with that because our line sucks.

What about LenDale at 35?

The Jets have gotten some busts out of their high picks, but their low round selections have done pretty well for who they are.


the draft is always so embarrassing for Jets fans, because of the contingent who turn out.

It’s like those guys in Philly who dress up depending on who the pitcher is. It makes all fans of the team look dumb.


They’re in very good position to repeat as champs, I think…

Seahawks look good to make it back to the Super Bowl, too. Where I think they will beat the Steelers or whoever else shows up (ridiculously early predictions are my specialty!)

Lose Jurevicius, pick up Nate Burleson. Plus they should get a full season from Darrell Jackson. and they added Julian Peterson and re-signed Alexander.

Question: Who’ll win the NFL rushing title this year?

– Larry Johnson
– LaDanian Tomlinson
– Sean Alexander
– Tiki Barber
– Domanick Davis
– Reggie Bush
– Brett Favre
– Other


Non-football news:

Pujols hit another bomb today – no. 14. Unbelievable, that guy.


the draft is always so embarrassing for Jets fans, because of the contingent who turn out.

I was walking through Hoboken at 10am this morning, and passed a couple Jets fans in jerseys and hard hats. Two hours before the draft, across the river, and they were already suited up and heading for a bar.


hmm the Jets moved down in round 2.

They get Washington’s round 2 for next year as well as a 6th rounder this year.

I guess that means no LenDale.

I don’t know what they’re up to, because after the Oline, I thought RB was where they needed someone next.

They are pretty solid on D overall…


Chad Jackson for the Pats.

Not too bad, I guess.

they traded up to get him, so I guess they liked him.


Question: Who’ll win the NFL rushing title this year?

Larry Johnson.


DeAngelo WIlliams. I like that pick. the Cats don’t usually take skill players in the 1st rd, so they must really like him. Plus 6000 yds for his career is pretty nice.

I wonder if the people in Houston realize that those defensive players, awesome as they are (and Mario Williams was the best player in the draft!), still won’t be able to protect David Carr.


Who dressed Merrill Hoge today? Michael Irvin? Stevie Wonder?


Just one question: How do parents come up with the name D’Brickashaw?


Someone passed that factoid during the coverage that the name was derived from some book. Can’t remember who and what book, but someone said it.


“those defensive players…still won’t be able to protect David Carr.”

Yeah, I kept saying to myself “why aren’t you shoring up your O-line? Carr’s been sacked about 500 times in his career, and if you’re gonna stick with him, he needs protection.”

Ah well. That’s why I’m not making the big NFL bucks.

As to D’Brickashaw, if you subscribe to SI you might find a story from a month or so ago about that. I seem to remember reading the answer, but I don’t remember what it was.


D’Brick, was from the Thornbirds I think it was on the coverage. Now on to my Jag’s , wtf Mecerdes Lewis, yeah we really needed a slower version of Matt Jones.


There’s no way in hell that I want Martin Gramatica coming in with the game on the line.
But the dancing is so great!1!!!


Nah nah na boo boo! You got stuck with Gramatica! ::thhppppttttttt:::

If Simms, Wilson, and Clayton all stay healthy this season, I don’t think anyone can stop my Bucs.



oh damnit!

my time machine musta broke.

sorry for the trouble


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