A little bit of housekeeping…

Well, it’s the weekend and what better time to ask for your opinion now that you, our few regular and faithful readers have, as proud liberals, started your weekend ritual of drinking and choking kittens.*

Chances are S,N! will be doing the old switcheroo (or, as some call it, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander) on the blog software front at some point in the near future. That gives us a chance to mess things up in new and interesting ways (Dahonger is in the house!!!!1!), which we like. It also gives us a chance to ask what you want, which we don’t like. Given that the layout will change slightly, some of the issues we put to you include:

  • Does anyone care that comments open (or not) in a pop-up window? We’ve always been big fans of the pop-up window, but maybe that’s just us.
  • How much is it worth to you that the old school white-on-black style return? (Before fans of black-on-white freak out, you’d be able to switch, so calm down.)
  • Who is going to help us (meaning pretty much do it for us) coding these new styles? (We’re looking at you, Bruce!) Familiarity with WordPress is going to be helpful, thereby making sure one person associated with this project knows what the hell they’re doing.

    * We dare not even speculate as to what Gary Ruppert does weekends.

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    I think it’s only right that comments open in a new window.

    In fact, I think that all links should open in a new window, but that could just be me. Some blog out there has a little box you can check to force all links to open in a new window. That’s be nice.

    I also make much use of your blogroll. There are a couple of old/broken links (Firedoglake, Brad Delong) that could be fixed – I’m sure it’s a huge drag, but if you’re revamping the whole layout anyway …


    I’m actually a big fan of everything in one window. I tend to read this site while I’m at work, and the fewer windows open the better. I already use Firefox for tabbed browsing, and Trillian for tabbed IM-ing. Consolidation is key.

    Beyond that, I’m also a fan of the black text on white background, more cats, more beer and more photoshop. Maybe some gin. Strike that – definitely some gin.


    I have everything set to open in new windows anyway.
    You might consider making titles open the article-complete-with-comments in a new (or the same) window, a lot of the kids seem to be doing that now.
    And you can probably expect someone to demand category tags. Perhaps Wingnuts in Hats and Death Cat Minions


    I’m not a fan of comments opening in a new window, but clicking on “permalink” will already get you to same-window comments, so it really doesn’t matter.


    you guys seriously want to go down the old 3bulls way?


    And Kevin Y explains for all the world why I’m an idiot.
    I appreciate this.

    Nancy in Detroit

    I liked the white-on-black styling.

    Oh, and if there’s going to be gin, I request Jameson’s. Thank you.


    If you keep the pop-up comments in WordPress, talk to me. It takes a little bit of tweaking the code to make it work right, and I just had to do it all again when I upgraded to version 2.0.2, so I can probably be helpful.

    Nancy in Detroit

    Oops, hit post too fast. That reads as if I think Jameson’s is a brand of gin. What I meant was, in addition to gin there should be Jameson’s.


    There are a couple of old/broken links (Firedoglake, Brad Delong) that could be fixed

    Fixed — that was actually easy.

    @Clif: Yes, one reason I asked is because I know it takes some tweaking in WP (as it did in MT) to get comments in new window. I happen to like the CINW thing, but if it’s just me that means less tweaking necessary really.


    I like that the comments open in the new window.

    And, while I was a huge fan of the the classic color scheme, the powder blue has really grown on me. I suppose you are going to change it in any case, so I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.

    But I like the pop-up for the comment with the option of looking at the longer threads with the comments included underneath.


    I’ll second the Jameson’s.
    I prefer comments in a new window.
    I prefer black text w/ white background because at work it doesn’t stand out from all the other windows I have open. If someone walks into my office and sees a black window with white text, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a Web page.


    I favor the white on black style, and don’t really care either way if comments pop up in new windows. Although having the option for having links come up in a new window would be good, if that’s not too much trouble to tinker with. Heh, maybe even have the rotating banner thingy (sorry to be using technical jargon, hehe) like The Poor Man has. That might be cool as well, if it’s not a terribly involved process.


    A little bit of housekeeping…

    Oh, no! The dreaded quebecois euphemism that means you’re tired of me sleeping on your couch, and one night, very soon, i’ll get the shovel to the back of the head and be buried under the ol’ maple tree.


    I like the comments setup.


    White on black background is very bad for legibility. Not only do I object to it, I object to you even providing it as an alternative, as you are marginalising the Differently-Abled, Sight-impaired Division.

    Ann Bartow has been alerted.


    I don’t care from pop up or non pop up.

    I need black on white as I am differently abled (read, old), but as long as you leave me that option, I don’t care what else you do (she said large mindedly).

    Please don’t hit Retardo on the back of the head with a shovel and bury him under the maple tree. We love him, and baldy dorkfart is my new favourite insult.

    In fact, I was going to congratulate you, Seb, on the crack team of weirdos you have assembled on this bog. I’ve been reading S,N for a couple of years, although I rarely comment, and it just keeps getting better. About my only carp would be that Gavin and Travis could post more often.


    I prefer non-pop-up comments. In fact, I usually click “Permalink” rather than the comments link just to make sure they’re in the same window. But I appear to be in the minority.

    I second the motion that the blogroll be updated, especially regarding the new URLs for certain blogs whose titles rhyme with BalkinSwatch.


    Um, I hate to be a pest, but ya gotta stick with your strengths. Am I the only one who can’t see the blogroll? All the stuff on the right side of the page appears briefly then disappears when I open the site.


    Please please no popping up new windows. All in one page is much nicer, so that one can read it all at once. If people don’t want to see the comments, you could maybe add some sort of “hide comments” pref.


    I Like:
    Laphroaig 10yr SM Scotch

    Comments in PopUp windows (can you say F5?)

    Black text on white–If it’s white on black I just highlight it so I can read it, so no real worries there

    Permalinks from Post titles, so I don’t have to figure out what the hell to clicky

    Paris in the Springtime



    So you’re copying 3 Eschabulls?


    I think comments in a popup window is excellent, and, as long as you’re up, I’ll have a Grant’s. I prefer black on white text, although think boy Gary’s comments should be black on black, or, alternatively, white on white.

    Can you do that special coding?


    White on Black! White on Black! Just like I like my porn!


    I like when comments open in a separate window. If possible, please don’t fix the font size in such a way that it cannot be enlarged by changing the ‘text size’ sitting in IE.

    verplanck colvin

    Laphroaig? Now we’re getting somewhere. Make that two.

    I like the comment situation as it is now. I am a big fan of the old-school white-on-black scheme, and hope it makes a triumphant return.

    I second the thanks for bringing Travis and Retardo on board. This place is as good as ever.


    Pop-up comments, please. For color scheme, surprise me — I like new things. As long as you’re up, could I get some akvavit? Thanks. And I agree that Gavin and Travis need to post more.


    I’m sure that the leftists at Sadly No are planning to honor the Communist holiday May Day by joining the anti-work demonstrations by illegal immigrants


    Seeing as you’ve expressed your pleasure at the thought of centrally regulated gasoline prices, Gary, I’m sure you’ll be joining us at the worker’s parade!.

    I also want to say how nice it is having Travis and Retardo around here, and a little extra posting love from Gavin wouldn’t be amiss, either.

    Not that we don’t love Bradrocket, mind you.

    And to please Gary, I think you should go with a black-on-red scheme, liberally decorated with red stars and hammer/sickles. And you should change the name of the page to “Pechal’no, Nyet!”

    And you should pass the Stoli, too.


    I don’t knwo how spam works on MT, or how it is filtered out. When we had haloscan we had not spam. Now we get 100s a day (it doesn’t get past the filter) but we have a problem of putting links in comments. more than two will get flagged. I am not sure if opening a new window makes it harder for spammers or not.


    don’t use the junky akismet they bundle with the new WP either.

    i use SK2 reloaded and apart from a little incident with GregH earlier on in my “personal website”(since oh 5 people a year visit it on average) it works damn fizzine. btw, i have more comments from spambots than real people by a scale of 3 to 1. i don’t know what their problem is. NO ONE READS MY SITE DAMMIT!!

    PP, re: popup comments helping with teh sp4mz; i don’t think so because most spammers probably use the permalinks the software so wonderfully generate for them to hit the page.


    I like things just the way they are! (My only conservative trait: resistance to anything new.)

    I prefer comments opening in a new window.
    Color scheme is good & user-friendly. (BTW, I have amazing eyesight & didn’t have to click on the above image, though the URL was a little fuzzy.)
    “Continue reading…” is also good — not that I ever brush by any posts at S,N! It saves page space; if someone is coming back to the site they can more easily skip down to where they left off.

    melior (in Austin)

    Being able to choose background light or dark worked out pretty well for Lawyers, Guns & Money. I applaud this command decision.


    if S,N! is also interested, there is a script that allows you to read more on the same page a la the disgusting yet widely used typepad.



    I think everything about your site is great except your readers. You should scrap us all and upgrade to smarter, wittier ones.


    I’d like to see the white-on-black option. It’s so much easier on tired eyes.

    Interesting that you should mention kittens. I spend the better part of the weekend trying to rescue a very cute feral one.


    1) The MacAllan. Best SM EVAR.

    2) If you want comments in a new window, right-click and “Open in new window”.

    3) Maybe this is only in IE, but I can’t do word searches in the comments window.


    You guys feel free to drop me a line. I’ll help in any way I can, though it will most likely be in the evening (CDT).

    Seb, you have me in your msn buddy list, so feel free to IM me.


    i’ll be glad to help too. i loooove playing w/ colors and stuff…and i know most of ’em. hey, i got teh round peg to stick in the square hole this morning.
    ooh. that didn’t sound good.

    ps – didn’t know ’bout that permathing thingy. cool. call if you need help.


    I vote that the front page should have a shower of beautiful roses that drift gently down, la la la….


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