C’est beaucoup d’air chaud tout ça!

Over at HotAir (yes, we know,) Michelle Malkin slams “French critics”* [see below] who complained that United 93 is racist because of its depiction of the hijackers praying in the morning of September 11. The background picture that accompanies this statement is:


In case you can’t see the text, we’re happy to provide a link. What’s this? A review by a guy named Cole Smithey? Written in English? By a guy born and raised in Virginia who lives in New York city? The lengths to which “French critics” go to disguise themselves is simply incroyable!

As for actual French* [see below] critics making that complaint, Google News.fr reports:

Aucun document ne correspond aux termes de recherche spécifiés (“united 93” raciste).

Malheureusement, Non!

* A reader notes she slams fringe, and not French, critics. So while the comment is accurate, it’s targeted at a totally meaningless and unrepresentative review written by a guy basically no one has heard of. On top of which, one guy = critic, not critics. Some improvement.


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I swear, these people can get worked up over nothing at all.
I’m sure the hijackers prayed, so what?

Witchsmeller Pursuivant

Perhaps this is some sort of reverse ‘freedom fries’ thing. If we assume that the words ‘French’ and ‘freedom’ are now considered entirely synonymous by wingnuts, Cole Smithey is in fact a ‘freedom critic’. Therefore, what Michelle Malkin is trying to say is that Smithey is an objectively pro-terrorist freedom-hater, which sounds like par for the course to me.


yuck, i had to watch that person. but she said “fringe” not “french”.

Witchsmeller Pursuivant

Oh, that’s why you guys watch (and read) these things. So you don’t look like idiots. I personally like my brain too much to do more than read the excerpts with commentary.

Well, Michelle Malkin describing someone else as ‘fringe’ is still pretty funny. Does she really believe that her position is mainstream? I know that a lot of the wingnuts think they have (or would have, if it weren’t for that damned liberal media) the American public on their side, but in the light of Bush’s recent poll numbers I expected them to start taking the ‘lone crusader for truth and justice’ angle. You know, helping Bush to protect the ignorant populace from itself. For such a sycophantic bunch, they’re fairly difficult to predict.


Whatever you do, don’t remind Malkin the the word “liberty” ha French origins.

She just might become unhinged.


She’s a deranged harridan with a mediocre intellect. When going to “Hot Air” to find pictures that look like Michelle’s unhinging her jaw or spitting venom into the eyes of her prey, best to keep the sound down. Otherwise you get discombobulated and hear all kinds of things.


Where is her Devo hat? The people demand wingnuts in Devo hats!


She is quite ugly and has a very flat delivery. Why would she want to highlight these particular traits?


I can’t believe that the left is plastering bad reviews of U93 all over the internets!!!


That was awful…somebody needs a laugh track…


Ah hell, we _are_ all Devo. Even Ms. Malkin, though it pains me to think of her wearing such a wonderful thing as an Energy Dome. But like it says in the Oath:

1. Be like your ancestors or be different. It doesn’t matter.

We must repeat.


If we allow bad reviews to be written about a movie about 9/11, the terra-ists win.


What’s the “you too” or “U2” or “yewtwo” site to which she refers in her (quite phlegmatic) “rant”?


This is the same cobag that held up a high school kid from Berkeley as representative of the left.


Later in that same broadcast she makes a fool of herself again.


Oh baby, when is that ho not makin’ a fool of herself?

Now keep workin’ it that good baby and you won’t have to feel the back of my hand!


You know, every time I see a commercial for U93 I think it’s Snakes on a Plane.

Admittedly I don’t pay a lot of attention to the TV, and it takes me a couple seconds to realize that’s not what it is, but, it’s nastily surreal anyway.
Just me?

(If it is, then I think I’ve finally become desensitised to violence. I feel ashamed of that.)


D. Sidhe, if it were the trailer for Snakes on a Plane, I believe that would be all that anyone on the internets would be talking about.


Look like Michelle’s developed Condi neck.


Now you’ve recreated that FedEx commmercial: “It’s fringe benefits, not French benefits!”


1. Be like your ancestors or be different. It doesn’t matter.

We must repeat.

2. Wear gaudy colors or avoid display.

Apes in the plan!


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