Fixing the Internet — Live-Action Special

(Because nobody’s posted anything yet today)

[SebShrugs adds: Sorry, been busy looking at that picture of Liddy in a speedo.]







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(This’ll get zero comments, but there’s smart stuff coming up.)

Gary Ruppert, Sr.

You haven’t join a photoshop cult, have you?

Your mom is till looking for her hand lotion.





Hey Gavin. I need a reactionary agitprop kind of designer/prepress geek for like fourteen bux an hour. You know anybody that can help me out?



That’s not fixing the internets, that’s fixing that big blue room I’ve heard so much about. THE SUN, IT BURNS!

Cat in robot costume rocks my world, though.


Ha! I like the way you warped that guy’s forehead until it was freakishly long and photoshopped a bum crack on to his chin.


And still, no one has posted anything, yet, today.


I think the fixed sign would be an awesome thing to have on a shirt, with no further explanation offered. I’d wear it to youth group.


How could you guys do this to me? Here I was expecting a how’s-Scott-McClellan-spending-his-retirement bit!


Hey Gavin, what’s that guage on your dash?


gauge, whatever


Whaaa? It’s still the 27th where I am… For at least 5 more hours.


Hey Gavin, what’s that guage on your dash?

A wingnut detector. doesn’t you can have one?


Car, rather. But hell, i have one in my can, too. it pays to be too careful.


It’s court ordered that I can’t own a can anymore.


oooh, saabs rule.


Is that your car, Gavin? Did you steal it from the set of Hobgoblins?


We need a numbering system on the comments so I that I can say “#1: Do what now?”


Fivehead. GAH! He ruins Target for me.

Wehre can I get me a kitty killbot? I don’t have to make one myself, do I?


Gavin! You’re white?!?


I will say that this week doesn’t appear to be good for people who like politicians who stand up for what is right.

Wimpy Republicans are whining about “excessive” profits, trying to be a bunch of pansy socialists.

And if the story about Bush and amnesty is true, then that’s a huge strike against him.


“Starry Eyes” by The Records. Good call. Though I guess if you were really listening to Hank Williams Jr’s “Country Boy Can Survive”, you would have “fixed” that too.


That episode of the Simpsons, Homer goes into the previously unknown -third- dimension.


this week doesn’t appear to be good for people who like politicians who stand up for what is right…if the story about Bush and amnesty is true, then that’s a huge strike against him.

Heh. Gary, for a just second there, I was about to give you a big kiss. I was going to say “you’re a crazy Republican, but all is forgiven, because you are enough of a principled individual to put aside partisanship and stand up for what is right when it matters”.

But then I realised that the little “a” in “amnesty” wasn’t a typo, because I remembered that the report was actually by Human Rights Watch, not AI. So now you don’t get a kiss, because I don’t kiss Republican memebots. You see what you miss out on?


Hey Gavin, what’s that guage on your dash?

In the ’70s it was considered cool to mount speed-related gauges in dash pods, as if they were kustom hot-rod tweaks. That’s where Saab used to put the turbo gauge.


Is that a Saab 99 or just a super old 900?


It’s a 99. That leads to great fun with the parts counter at the Saab dealership.

“Okay, a fuel pump for a ’99. Which model?”

“No, no! That’s the model, that’s the model!”

“Um, okay, lemme ask one more time. A ’99. Now which kind is it –a 9-3 or a 9-5?”

[sound of body hitting floor]


#18 – good idea.


Dear Sir(s):

We have photographic evidence that you have parked in a parking space designated and marked Handicapped. We also have photographic evidence of willful defacing of public property in re: the sign marking the Handicapped Parking Space (hereafter referred to as MySpace.)

As MySpace is specifically designated legally and lawfully for those who are disabled, whether temporarily or permanently, and whether as a result of an accident or a genetic defect, we are hereby notifying you that you must cease and desist using MySpace so that the less-abled persons may use MySpace.

MySpace was created for people who have hardships, and although you are driving a foreign vehicle with a speedometer on the dash, thereby seemingly someone who would use MySpace, you are not in fact differently abled.

Therefore and whatnot, you must cease and desist using MySpace, in addition, you must cease and desist in defacing public property that denotes where people who need to use MySpace can find them.

You have been notified.


Gary sez:I will say that this week doesn’t appear to be good for people who like politicians who stand up for what is right.Unfortunately, I think that was a typo. He meant “white.” Sorry, Gary, I know that was a cheap shot. In other news, there is a picture of the skin-crawling (and, surprisingly, tanned) Lileks peeping out between a couple of those windows. Why, God, why?


This post makes me happy. I think it’s the concepts involved, as well as the robo-cat and “A Place For Steak.”


Why is a NY law firm sending a note about a place in Millburn, NJ?


Is it Millburn? I thought it looked familiar….

ah, Millburn.

Also: that intersection BLOWS. Although, there is a delightful Emack & Bolio’s (I think that’s the right store name) right around the corner…

Courtney Gidts

I’ve managed to save up roughly $66561 in my bank account, but I’m not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot?


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