That Sandy Berger, what a crazy dude!

The Snarky Cat links to this Foreign Policy story on the foreign policy advisors of the major Democratic presidential candidates (and Joe Lieberman’s.)

The most popular are:

  • Sandy Berger, advisor to: Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, John Edwards, and Joe Lieberman.
  • Richard Holbrooke, advisor to Wesley Clark, John Edwards and Dick Gephardt.

    The strangest:

  • Ashton Carter, advisor to Lieberman and Dean. Isn’t he busy with That 70s Show?

    The don’t tell Glenn Reynolds or he’ll have a heart attack department:

  • Joe Wilson, advisor to John Kerry. (Take that Sullivan!)

    Inexplicably overlooked:

  • Prominent “liberal” bloggers like Michael Totten, Roger Simon, and Cara Ramel. (Links via TBOGG.)
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    We respectfully submit that Simon, Totten et al be referred to as ??I?m With Stupid? liberals.?

    Paul E. Tooley,Sr

    Sandy Berger must have boogers for brains! What an idiotic statement she makes! Of course, being a democrat (The only political party with …” rats”) in it, makes it easier to understand why it is a party full of rats. Just reading what this person says makes one want to run to a vomitorium! These types of pusillanimous liberals (pus for short)indicates they are a diseased bunch, They need a huge vaccination of conservative values.


    Sandy Berger is a man you conservative values moron.


    He’s a girly man!


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