Tyler Drumheller, Come on Down! You’re the Latest Former Government Official About to be Accused of Being a Liberal Partisan Hack Out to Sell a Book!

I think we know what’s coming here, don’t we?

A retired CIA official has accused the Bush administration of ignoring intelligence indicating that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and no active nuclear program before the United States-led coalition invaded it, CBS News said Sunday.

Tyler Drumheller, the former highest-ranking CIA officer in Europe, told “60 Minutes” that the administration “chose to ignore” good intelligence, the network said in a posting on its Web site.

Add Drumheller to the list that already includes such commie traitors as Richard Clarke, Paul O’Neill, John DiIulio, General Anthony Zinni, General Charles Swannack, Major General John Batiste, Marine Corps Lieutenant General Gregory Newbold and Army Major General Paul Eaton. I hope he’s ready to get thoroughly slimed.

Here’s a question: when was the last time so many former high-ranking government officials so relentlessly attacked the administration that they previously served? And why do we keep appointing so many traitorous anti-Bush hacks to positions of high power?

Gavin adds: Rush Limbaugh just answered that question. It’s a conspiracy masterminded by the Clintons and conducted by their loyal network of liberal operatives in the CIA. You really have to admire the guy: He sets a standard.

UPDATE: I agree with TBogg and Doghouse Riley. All generals currently serving in the military should be fired and replaced by Dafydd ab Hugh, who has long served as Powerline’s military historian.


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Let the Swiftboating commence!


As someone who never believed the bullshit “intelligence” about Iraq and its WMDs from day one, I have been giving some thought to getting one of those multi-finger style rings with “I told you so” written in reverse on it.

Of course, the bad thing about this is that I would then spend a lot of time backhanding people. But somehow, I just sort of think I’m entitled to at this point.


I’ll tell you exactly when the last time so many high-ranking officials came out in opposition to a sitting president.


And this is worse. MUCH worse.


As someone who never believed the bullshit “intelligence” about Iraq and its WMDs from day one, I have been giving some thought to getting one of those multi-finger style rings with “I told you so” written in reverse on it.

I know. I love how, for example, David Kay said after all that obvious bullshitting about Iraq/WMD that “we were all wrong”. Yes, David, if by “we” you mean everyone who chose to put his head up his own ass at Bush’s instruction.

I like the pimp ring idea. The problem is every wingnut you backhanded would interpret the “I told you so” bruised onto their face as you admitting that *they* told *you* so…


I’m pretty sure that once the name of Drumheller’s wife is revealed, we’ll find that she donated money to John Kerry.

When it comes to Drumheller, he’s an opportunist scumbag. If he was so convinced of his theory, how come he didn’t reveal it to the public in March 2003?

It appears that he’s another person who is going to pretend that there were no WMDs when he knew Iraq had WMDs in 2003.


Yep, he’s just another partisan Commie-loving America-hater! (slurp! smack!) Mmm…this paste tastes wonderful!


You can’t believe this guy- have you seen how fat he is? He and Michael Moore probably eat babies together- “Hey Mike, pass the I-hate-bush-BBQ flavor sauce, this one’s undercooked!”


I think Victor Davis Hanson would be just peachy as a General. Maybe we could send him to the front lines to subjugate brown people in person…


Hey, stop picking on Dafydd! He’s written ST books too, after all!


I’m pretty sure that once the name of Drumheller’s wife is revealed, we’ll find that she donated money to John Kerry.

Ok, it that’s the real Gary, then I’m concluding he’s a parody. Not an original one, mind you, but still…good for a smirk.

That link to Tbogg and Doghouse (…with the quick sortie into the sophisticated, wordy ignorance and lunacies of Pépé ab Pew and Choadloaf) made my morning.


Ken, if they’re as bad as that “Hugo and Nebula award nominated” story was, please, by all means, pick away. That story was a black hole of suck.


Is the “Hugo and Nebula award nominated” honor like the “Nobel-prize nominated” honor we heard about from some right-wing wackos a couple years ago?
IIRC, law professors can nominate for the Nobel Peace prize. That means Glenn Reynolds. Now, do the analogy on nominations- Nobel prize : Glenn Reynolds = Hugo award : ???. Given the relative prestige of the two awards, how low do you have to go to fill in that blank?


The CEO of Diebold is Tom Swidarski
He lives at
666 Assfuck Satan RD
Jesusville,OH 69696


And since I can’t post at Doghouse Riley’s place, I’ll put my comment here:

Dave, I was thinking along the same lines: is he really using GM/Delphi etc as a positive example, as though the denouncing VPs were wrong? Does he ever watch the news?

And SP, ab Hugh did actually get published in the finalists book, so I think you’d have to go even lower for the Reynolds analogy to work. Maybe some Mary-Sue fanfic “author?”


Why is the Diebold guy’s home information posted here? What does it have to do with the thread, and more importantly, why would anybody be posting it? This smacks of Malkinization.


Dan- I just changed the bastard’s comments. As a rule, we don’t post peoples’ contact information here, assholes. So don’t fucking try it.

(Though you’re more than welcome to try calling 1-900-2-FIST-ME if you’re so inclined.)




Looks like we’ve got a whole herd of wingnuts following in the footsteps of grandaddy Lee Atwater and daddy Karl Rove.

Sniff….they grow up so fast nowadays!


You know what? Whoever you are, you exceed even the John Birchers in moral bankruptcy.

You’re the sort of person who would take a known pedophile to the local water-slide park, and when something horrible happened, you’d stand there and say “Hey, I didn’t hurt those kids – don’t look at me.”

You suck.


Is there a point to posting crap like this? I mean, I can kind of understand why Malkin does it, she’s an asshole and she knows her readers are assholes so it’s in her character to suborn assholery, but it’s not like people reading a HUMOR site are going to use private contact info to harrass. Seriously, what do you expect folks here to do, mail them snarky letter with photoshopped pictures? So why do it, except to prove that you’re as much of an asshole as Malkin?


From TBogg’s comments:

“Just want to observe that Daffyd ap Hugh (whom I knew slightly through science-fiction fandom when we both lived in Los Angeles in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when he was still named David Friedman…”

Just wait til the real Welshmen get hold of “Dafydd”. They don’t take too kindly to Cymru pretenders.


…and posting personal info, no matter who does it, no matter who is the target, is flat wrong. If I want to protest Diebold, I can figure out how to contact the company all by myself.



No, we really don’t, celticgirl


Question to Welshmen- I don’t understand how your language works one damn bit. You can go entire sentences without encountering a single vowel. That is all.



Gary, this might rock your world a bit:
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which began the cycle more than $11 million in debt, ended March with $23 million in the bank. The National Republican Congressional Committee, meanwhile, ended the month with $24.4 million on hand.

It is the first time in recent memory that the cash disparity between the two House campaign committees has been virtually nonexistent.

The NRCC and DCCC raised almost $9.2 million in March, when both held their annual spring fundraising events. Through March, the NRCC had raised $83.3 million for the cycle, while the DCCC had raised $57.7 million.

On the Senate side, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ended the month with just more than $32 million in its account, compared to the $16.5 million held by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

I can’t wait to see what you are going to come up with!!


Once you realize that “y” is usually a vowel, and that most of the double consonants (ll, dd, ff) are really just one letter (like “ll” is one letter in Spanish), as are any consonants followed by an “h”, it’s much less confusing.

Reading it isn’t nearly as hard as pronouncing it. I’ve been trying to figure out how to say “ll” for years now.


screwed up the italics – sorry


Well just look at some of the titles to the Super Furry Animals’ Welsh-language album:

-Ymaelodi Â’r Ymylon
-Ysbeidiau Heulog
-Gwreiddiau DWFN Mawrth Oer AR y Blaned Neifion

Really, how the feck do you pronounce that shit?


The fact is the American people will never vote for the Democratic Party, which has become the party of super-rich terror appeasers and homosexuals. You can raise all the money you want but it won’t change the fact that your 2004 candidate gave aid and comfort to Communists during Vietnam in the ’60s.

Man, this is fun! I can see why Gary and Shoelimpy get such a kick out of doing it!

BTW, people, you might want to stop fighting with Gary. I’m pretty sure he’s just another faux-wingnut like Annie and Shoe.


Posted by: Iolo Morganwg

Aw, fuck, who dug you up? Are you going to apologize for Barddas yet?


Brad: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrenddrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

See, there’s the odd vowel in there. Just don’t try to say it or you’ll sprain your tongue.


aw, I aw, I



ll- put your tongue against your top teeth and make the “l” sound while blowing out (i.e. making an “h” sound). That’s the basic idea of ll.

dd- th like in “leather”

f- v

ff- f

w- oo, except when it’s “w”

y- “uh”, except when it’s “i” in “it”

u- “i” like “it” except when it’s occasionally like “u” in “uh”


Jillian: rrrrrrrolling ‘R’s (trilled), lots of spit, and a nice mucous wad are almost required to speak it properly (especially the ll). That and a bit of sing-song lilt to the voice.


Da iawn, Mary. Diolch yn fawr!


See, this is what I love about you guys- you’re all chicks and you’re all nerdy enough to know how to pronounce Welsh. Now, if any of you can speak Klingon or Elvish, I’ll be frightened…


wow. really having some issues today. I was trying to say “aw, I heart Gary.” I mean, Cheney/Bolton ’08? that is genius. Keep America Rolling? comedy gold.


Croeso, celticgirl!

(I hope I’m using that right–I’m still a learner.)


wow. really having some issues today. I was trying to say “aw, I heart Gary.” I mean, Cheney/Bolton ’08? that is genius. Keep America Rolling? comedy gold.

I have Gary’s e-mail address if you want it. I was thinking of e-mailing him and asking him how he got to be such a brilliant satirist of the right, but he’d probably insist that he was genuine.


And he would accuse you of Malkinizing him.


Mary, I’ve been a part-time learner for the better part of three years and I still have days where I struggle *sigh*. It’s not the pronunciation that’ll kill ya – it’s the grammar and the mutations.

Better not go there…


BTW, here is a really cool Welsh language site: http://www.red4.co.uk/language.htm

I love listening to this guy speak.



I still find a Welsh a hell of lot easier to spell than Irish.

I love that “ll.” It’s like how Ann Landers pronounced her “s’s” A speech impediment as a legimitimate phoneme.

In case anyone’s scanning for intercultural insult, I’m just kidding. I love all languages (especially Welsh; it’s beautiful)…except West Country English. That’s hideous!


Thanks, Kathleen–I’ll have to give that tutorial a shot. 🙂

And Mal, I have to agree–Welsh is easier for me to comprehend than Irish, even though I know where the similarities are. It’s all those Irish “h”s–I find it incredibly confusing for some reason.


Welsh still isn’t as bad as Arabic, though. There’s a glottal stop in Arabic which I got taught to make by being told “remember the last time you got too friendly with a bottle of Jaegermeister, and try to replicate the sounds you made the next morning”.


A friend of mine from Egypt told me that really giving the glottal stop a lot of force and pronouncing way in the back of the throat is sign of masculinity. So only sissy-boys and girls pronounce the glotal with less “deep throat” (!)

I can only do the German glottal stop. Very wimpy, if you ask me.


Mal: I run with a group of Celtic scholars, and our running joke is that the Welsh got all consonants and the Irish got all the vowels.

My husband speaks fluent Cornish and is learning Scots Gallic, which has me completely flummoxed. I’ve decided my brain is too old to take on any more languages. Welsh broke it!


There are tricks to spelling in Irish that make it easier.

Consonants at the beginning of feminine nouns in certain cases are lenited, which means you just add an “h” behind them.

Consonants are either broad or narrow – a narrow consonant is basically just an aspirated consonant. To make a consonant broad, it must be flanked on both sides by broad vowels – a or o. To make it narrow, it must be flanked by narrow vowels – i, e, or u. As long as you remember never to have a broad vowel on one side of a consonant and a narrow vowel on the other, you’ll be okay.

See how simple that was?


I run with a group of Celtic scholars, and our running joke is that the Welsh got all consonants and the Irish got all the vowels.

And we know who to blame for that…dreaded Sassenach.

My last attempt at language was Malay. I decided that’s it…English is man’s natural tongue, and everyone should speak it. 😉

In reality, I just got lazy and old. Malay isn’t even that hard.


Well, divide and conquer, the motto of the Saesneg.


Someone posted a link with a photo of ab Hugh at TBogg… Why, I bet he’s as afraid of pwca as Michael Gaynor is of leprechauns!


Dià, that’s a sorry picture. That looks like someone who could easily win the war on chimichangas all by himself.

It cries out to be photoshopped!


Hugh at TBogg

That’s a good Welsh name too, isn’t it?


I think the double ‘g’ is pronounced “Throatwarbler Mangrove.”


tigrismus- why does he look EXACTLY LIKE I IMAGINED HE’D LOOK?

Again, the parody or reality question rears its ugly head again…


But it’s spelled “Luxury Yacht”!!


For the love of God people! Hide your chimichangas!


Welsh still isn’t as bad as Arabic, though.Ah, Arabic isn’t that bad. Sure, I had a sore throat for the entire first month of language school, but the beer helped fix that.


I don’t know, Brad, but I’d take the fact that he does as better proof for intelligent design than the mouth-feel of bananas.

And Jillian, I got your number, duckie!


Welsh has the spitting.

Arabic has the loogey-ing.

Hebrew gets both.

Makes me think about re-converting!


Man, and all I can speak apart from English is Spanish, Italian, Latin and German! (and the occasional word in Russian)


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