That’s not what my conservative manual says!

Via World O’Crap, the true nature of The Corner is revealed:

From a reader who had joined the fray over Operation Barbarossa: “Only on the Corner can penguins falling over share space with whether it was the Luftwaffe or wet roads held that up the German invasion of Russia. It’s kind of like being on a long car trip with some heavily stoned Rhodes Scholars.” [Emphasis added]

Rhodes Scholars… Rhodes Scholars… Didn’t someone warn us about them recently? Ah yes, our man Andrew Sullivan:

Rhodes scholars are among the most irritating mediocrities on earth


they are mega-losers, curriculum-vitae fetishists, with huge ambition and no concept of what to do with it.

So there you go boys and girls: Reading The Corner is kind of like a long car trip with a bunch of mega-losers, curriculum-vitae fetishists, who are also the most irritating mediocrities on the planet.

Alert the media: We agree with Andrew Sullivan!


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Further proof of Rhodes Scholars? mediocrity (at best): Bill Clinton, one of only two Presidents ever to be impeached, was a Rhodes Scholar, whereas George W. Bush, who as every sentient being knows should be on Mount Rushmore, emphatically was not.


I’m thinking about that picture of a typical Western Hemisphere school that you posted yesterday. And I’m also thinking about the NRO Bermuda Triangle Cruise that World O’ Crap posted about earlier in the week.

If we invite (A) to go on (B)’s cruise provided they bring along a big enough bag of ganja to keep the speaker list supplied for the whole weekend, would it make it worth going?


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