Fixing the Internet




[Thanks to Edgar Belsom]


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Awwrk! A haunting glimpse of Pod-porn on the side! Put a disclaimer on that thing!


Wow, Gavin, seems to me you just picked up +3 Glenndaciousness.


Gavin, I wish you would leave the internets the hell alone.




This makes me feel a little better about high school Quiz Bowl.


Alt + PrtScr copies only the active window to the clipboard, instead of the whole display.


awww, but then how could we all appreciate Gavin’s fabulous music vault?


bwahaha, I knew that one was coming.

verplanck colvin

Gary Ruppert has a band?


These would be funnier to me if I could instantly recognize wingnuts on sight. Aside from a select few, (Pastor Swank, Malkins, Coulter, “Grogan”) this just isn’t the case. Most of them are fairly generic-looking doughy white dudes. Bleah, I say.


Well, there is something about the wingnut smile. It’s very distinctive. More of a smirk than a smile, or kind of an expression that screams “I hate you, I’m dumb and I’m loving it!”


Most of them are fairly generic-looking doughy white dudes.

None come more generically white than The Perfesser. He is first among, um, equals.


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