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Creature’s Picture Irks Board of Ed Member
The Wichita Eagle

State Board of Education member Connie Morris took exception Wednesday to a picture of a made-up creature that satirizes the state’s new science standards hanging on a Stucky Middle School teacher’s door.

Fellow board member Sue Gamble told The Eagle that Morris asked for the picture to be removed.

The creature, called the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is the creation of Bobby Henderson of Corvallis, Ore. It looks like a clump of spaghetti with two eyes sticking out of the top and two meatballs flanking the eyes.


Henderson created the entity and an accompanying mythology on the origin of mankind to make fun of Kansas’ recent debate over the teaching of criticisms of evolution, including intelligent design.

In November, the board voted 6-4 to allow criticisms of evolution to be taught in Kansas schools.

Where, oh where is the MSM? Is the New York Times simply ignorant of the crisis, or are its editors cringing in cowardly terror? A good question. CNN is not broadcasting the cartoon, and their astounding, reckless trashing of the very principle of free expression is most unsurprising. Over to you, Michelle!

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Good Lord, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a myth?


Wow, now a teacher can’t even have a funny picture in his classroom if it implies criticism of creationism? Where’s the respect for alternative religions? OTOH, maybe she objects because she wishes for the complete separation of church and state and would be just as upset with a picture of Jesus or Moses. That I could understand.


Icess Fernandez.


Look at that. The thing is literally covered with crescents! It’s an Islamofascistmentarianist plot to steal our precious sauces!


This is yet another example of the Intolerant Left’s willingness to mock the sincerely held beliefs of others.

Why do you mock my Pastafarianism? Have you no respect for any belief not in line with your sick gay abortion-homo nups agenda?

I am offended

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

I’m rioting right now.


It’s a riot in here, at least.


Fortunately, one of the non-creationist members of the Kansas Board of Ed was also along on this visit. She informed the teacher (in case he/she didn’t already know) that her fellow board member had no right to make him/her remove the cartoon. I suspect that this sane-as-opposed-to-batshit-crazy-creationist BoE member has been touched by Its Noodly Appendage. She is prolly a member of the Pastafarian Underground. I don’t know how she stands on the cheese/no cheese Sacramental issue though. So she could be a heretic, and should be watched closely.




Which is also why this whole episode will backfire on that KKKristian fucktard that is Connie Morris. Those teachers who resent what the BOE in Kansas has done, will know openly mock her and her ilk with more posters like this in the classroom.


With a wave of his noodly appendage, he created the very myth that is the FSM.

disprove it!


Now I’m hungry.


The subversion of the honorable BOE is not a surprise. Unfortunately for America’s youth, the teachers are some of the most outspoken leftist extremists.

When it comes to the policy regarding Evolution in Kansas, it’s the right policy.

Let’s face it, with the leftist idealogues in the schools, the possibility of using Evolution in a manner to bash Christianity is out there.

The current Kansas policy recognizes that Evolution is not immune from criticism.

It sems like that the desire amongst Muslims to not let people draw pictures of Muhammad is a lot like the desire of Evolutionists to not let people criticize Evolution.

Teaching Evolution but not teaching the flaws in that theory is just purely propaganda.


too bad mr. mousley wasn’t also dressed up as a pirate.

the ID board member might have exploded on the spot.

(although the article doesn’t say that he wasn’t dressed up as a pirate. maybe morris did explode.)


Gary, I agree. We also need to examine the flaws in the Flying Spaghetti Monsterism Theory of Gravity and compare them versus Newton’s Laws of Gravity. After all, all those crazy atheists known as scientists do is come up with new ways to discriminate against christians and disguise it as a theory.

It’s not as if they keep studying the process and if compelling scientific evidence shows something, they change the theory or come up with something new that better explains the evidence (Like General Relativity replacing Newton’s Laws of Gravity).

Seriously, all the time we hear of Religous leaders calmly examining the facts and adapting their theological positions to it, rather than sticking to dogma no matter what.

When will science learn? It’s not like they did anything like cure disease or invent the Internet or fly humanity to the moon or anything CRAZY like that.


one of these days It’s Noodly Appendage will touch gary, and HIS head will explode.



The linguists are all talking about Wrathful Dispersionism these days. Like the Tower of Babel.


Tak, the Hideous New Girl?

I am ZIM!!!!


Let’s face it, with the leftist idealogues in the schools, the possibility of using Evolution in a manner to bash Christianity is out there.

No. It’s the age-old natural tendency, probably the most ingrained of all human traits, to criticise, mock, ridicule and dismiss the stupid.

Nothing to do with politics.


Excuse me, Gary, but ‘blah blah Evolutionists blah blah Muslims blah blah Leftists blah blah blah Christians…’ You are missing the POINT. Which is the FSM! And the PLOT to suppress the FSM and not allow kids to learn about the FSM in school! And stuff. And it’s just WRONG! But you don’t say anything about THAT, do you? NO, just change the subject and blither on about a lot of other religions and leftists and evolution, which have NOTHING to do with the FSM. *raises hand* Oh, Moderator! Gary is infringing upon my right to practice my religion! You need to declare sides in this War on Pastafarianism! Or the terrorists will WIN.



PS You will notice that I showed restraint and did not drag in the Cheese Heresy


Gary, criticize evolution all you want. But unless you have the chops and the testable hypotheses and the empirical evidence and the sound reasoning to back it up, don’t call your criticism “science” and don’t call it an “alternative theory” and don’t try to teach it to schoolkids as either of those things.* For crying out loud, our students are rock-stupid enough without wingnuts destroying their capacity for critical thinking.

*And if you do have those things, the scientific community will welcome you with open arms and minds. Nobody likes to be proven wrong, but at least the scientists allow for the possibility, unlike your wingnutty IDiots.


Cheese Heresy? That’s so last month. The real question is, are you a Marinarist, a Pestonite, an Alfredic Brother or an adherent of the Aglia e Olio Creed?


When you can cogently delineate the tenants of Evolutionary Theory and its mechanisms, then we can get back to discussing scientific “flaws”.
I taught evolution for years and never once made any reference to any religion, nor am I aware of any of my collegues doing it either…props to your strawman.
We don’t need ignorant fucktards like you and Connie defining what is and isn’t science, or deciding what should or should not be taught in science class. Trying to weseal in creationism by altering definitions of science is indictive of the lack of ethics so pervasive with the conservative right. A commitment to truth and integrity may be one of the main reasons most scientist lean toward liberal ideology….that and an aversion to being associated with people so blantantly ignorant as you and Connie.


I think we should teach the scientific evidence of reincarnation in schools as well.


Masterfully done, King Spirula.


Dan: You will find out how LAST MONTH the Cheese Heresy is when the Inquisitors knock on your door. And the Marinarists had better watch their steps too. Just sayin…




Can evolution account for the startling trends in global warming and pirates?

I think not!


Death to all anti-bolognese infidels!



Tangentially ontopic, my pharmacist (no, this is not an euphemism) was utterly delighted with my I Want To Believe t-shirt, so I told her where to get one.

Do I get points for converts?


Converts get you a better spot standing next to the beer volcano.


The linguists are all talking about Wrathful Dispersionism these days.

Don’t you mean linguinists?


“Don’t you mean linguinists?”


Seriously, can you teach me how to do italics?


The Inquisitors are keeping a watchful eye on the Linguinists, too. Don’t ask me how I know this.


Forget the FSM! Wait ’til all those Irish terrorists feast their eyes on this!


The FSM will merge with Islam and become tortellini of great power.


Looks positively Lovecraftian.

(Does that make it cthulioli?)


Cheesy Covenant?



…what I meant to say is, I am here to defend the Cheese and all that believe in it…


And here I thought my ex-governor dancing like a monkey in front of the state textbook commission ( was as ridiculous as it got. Lord have mercy. Or Pasta have mercy, if you will…


Well, honey, you were wrong; however, pastafarians believe that you will be saved nonetheless, due to your love of dairy products, specifically CHEESE.

[Hey, kids! I just heard the secret word! You know what that means…]

[Everybody SCREAM!!!111ONE!!!ELEVEN!!!!]


“one of these days It’s Noodly Appendage will touch gary, and HIS head will explode.”




Seriously, can you teach me how to do italics?

Possibly. Check out the comment thread from this World O’ Crap post. I post several comments, but toward the bottom, I take a couple of shots at explaining HTML for use in comments. Most of it applies here, though ignore the instructions for “strikethru” text, ‘cos that doesn’t work here. Hope my dubious instructional skillz come thru for ya!
That comment thread also contains the dreaded “How old is Marq?” info :::shudder:::


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