What Am I Supposed to be Apologizing for Again?

Me no get:

Just dropped in from QandO to read your apology to Ms. Malkin and the other wingnuts. Expecting integrity from a site that mentions Atrios positively seems a stretch. Sure enough, no apology. Move along, nothing here to see…Yeah, that sure as hell is correct.

Posted by: notherbob2 | April 19, 2006 05:46 PM

Why should we be apologizing to Malkin? I’m seriously baffled.

UPDATE: Ah, now I see. Sebster? Wanna step up to the plate?

Gavin adds: Okay, here’s an apology.

We do not like Sami al-Arian,
We do not like him: not a fan.
We do not like him in Tehran,
We would not, could not, in Kazakhistan.

We do not like him here or there,
We do not like him anywhere,
We do not like him in a boat,
We would not, could not, with a goat.

We do not like him in the rain,
We do not like him on a train,
We do not like him in a box,
We will not like him with a fox.

We do not like him in a house,
We would not, could not, with a mouse.
We do not like Sami al-Arian.
We do not like him,


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Why do they hateses them some Atrios so much, anyways?

I guess they are objectively anti-Pony.


Why do they hateses them some Atrios so much, anyways?

Because he’s a dick. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you…


I’m sorry the government couldn’t put together a case that would secure conviction despite years in which to do so.

How’s that?


And just to clarify what I mean- when I say he’s a dick, I mean he’s a dick in the same ways we are. I.e., we make fun of people and call them names. People who are the objects of derision understandably don’t tend to like it very much. So if Ben Shapiro or Gary Ruppert decided to call me “an asshole,” I’d probably agree with them.


and if ben called you “a dick,” that would be based on second hand knowledge


Looking for quantitative data on how much of a dick is Brad R. Any help?


Awful nice of notherbob2 to come and tap his foot impatiently like that. Because I’m gonna guess that nobody’d ever heard of QandO before…


Leave it at:

“Because he’s a dick”.

That was perfection.


With the exception of Dale Franks’ occasional bloodthirsty rants, QandO is actually a pretty good blog…


I see that notherbob jackoff in the comments at Glenn Greenwald’s blog.

I can’t remember if he’s a cut and paste troll or just a garden-variety Bushbot.

pay him no mind, he’s a wanker.


Hey Gavin. The Dr. Seuss approach is good, but I’m thinking more Broadway is the way to go in this one. Anybody remember “The Music Man”?

Sami al-Arian
What can I do, my dear, to make you fear
I loathe you madly, madly Sami al-Arian…Terrorist
Heaven help us if the Madrassa caught on fire
And the Jihadi Hose Brigademen
Had to whisper the news to al-Arian…Sami al-Arian!
What can I say, my dear, to make it clear
I judged you badly, badly, Sami al-Arian…Terrorist!
If I stumbled and I busted my what-you-may-call-it
I could lie in your mosque
‘Till my body had turned to carrion….Sami al-Arian.
Now in the moonlight, a man could sing it
In the moonlight
And a fellow would know that his Bombers
Had heard ev’ry word of his song
With the Q’uran helping along.
But when I try in here to tell you, dear
Get out of sadly, sadly(no), Sami Al-Arian…Terrorist!
It’s a long lost cause I can never win
For the civilized world accepts as unforgivable sin
Any talking out loud with any Brown Terrorist
Such as al-Arian…..Sami al-Arian.


We’re sorry that Malkin and friends jumped to conclusions about the outcome of a trial, which we mocked when said outcome failed to meet their “expectations.” Is that any good?


Yeah, hmm, the Malkins had no evidence either way, they had a 50% chance of ebing right about the outcome of the trial. I’m sorry that their insane ranting, based on a coin flip, happened to have some bizarre accuracy in this case. Even though I’m still not convinced about anything.


Mikey, that was brill.

Anyways, in what way does a plea bargain mean anything, let alone that one should apologize to a foaming-at-the-mouth wingnut who habitually jumps the gun with calls for vigilante-ism (and sometimes even murder)?


Dude is OK with me. Islamic Jihad is cool.
People are pissed out there. Pissed off enough to think about going on a holy-struggle. And they have the right to be pissed.

And by the way that Oklahoma City fellow, the supposedly “angry one”, and is used to scare away people from being to angry at the status quo. (Aniversary is coming up) He was a false flag operative of Morris Dees and the MossadAIPAC. He worked for Morris Dees, SPLC, the evidence in indesputable.
Klebold and Dylan (Aniversary coming up) again two flase flags working for Israel.

Bush is in leauge with Dees and the Black Ops.


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