The Oyster Bunny has come!

Did you get your oyster basket*?


* Kosher for Passover


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After an hour in the sun the smell makes the Oyster hunt less challenging.


Gavin. THANK you for the new thread. Just in time. The Oyster Bunny was here, but I gotta recommend against the Oyster Peeps. Nasty. But the ‘Vomit’ jelly bellies kick ass…



My job (which I have recently quit, and will only be at until the end of the month) requires me to spend a great deal of time in a grocery store that’s in one of the ritzier areas in Miami.

Naturally, this means they’ve had a really big display of Passover foods up for the last couple of weeks.

They also have their “try this lovely, appetizing meal that we made” display up right next to the “Kosher for Passover” display.

So, I have spent the last few weeks watching as the grocery store has pulled off clever moves like making bacon-wrapped shrimp, and pimping them out to all passersby.

Including the ones that just spent twenty minutes picking up matzohs and macaroons in the Kosher section.

Cultural inclusiveness and trying to turn a buck don’t always mix well.


I got Jelly Bones. And, it’s damned inconvenient.


You can see the OU symbol right there on the side of the basket.


Jews are so shellfish.


“Every time this blog posts a picture of an oyster basket, it causes the terrorists to blow up another kitten.”

-Gary “in a stupor” Ruppert


Dick is objectively pro-crawfish.


A little something for our friends keeping kosher. (eat, eat, you’re so thin)

L’Chiam! Matzo Man


Jesus Christ on the half shell! And echoing Mikey, THANK GOD for the end of the previous thread (not that I didn’t do my small part in boringing it up to Drumesque levels).


Not likely on the oysters, my friend.

However, I have addressed the Talmud and bacon wrapped scallops are OK. The two non-kosher items cancel each other out in a purifying ritual.


Alas, I only like my bacon-wrapped shellfish with cheese.

That’s a triple unkosher assault.


Yes, gavin, we know you have lovely oysters in your lovely basket. What, should I get on my knees now and show you how much I love your “oyster basket”???

Okay. If you insist.


That’s an oyster bonnet.


I got a rock.


Meanwhile in Iran, brigades of suicide bombers are being formed to attack America.

Clearly we just need to give them nuclear weapons.


No, no, that’s not good enough, Scary. We must give the Muslim Murderers Globalâ„¢ a weapon so powerful that it can destroy the entire universe!
[the sound of a million wingnuts, yes, including Malkins and mAnn, getting their first stiffies evah! ]


That stoopid previous thread Just. Won’t. Die.
[it is pointed out to me that I posted to it 10 times-yes, I, er, they counted]
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!

ok, i feel calmer now.


*sniff, sniff* Is that an attempt at sarcasm I smell coming from Gary?

Wow, that’s almost as good as Ann Coulter. That is to say, not very good at all.


Don’t sniff Gary. It gets him excited.


Oh, annie came back. The fuckin’ thing wil go on for evah! she can’t help but talk about herself.


The goyim are restless. Quick, break out the gin!




I’m boycotting the Ruppert/angel thread directly below this one, because I don’t want it surpassing the sacred Long Threadâ„¢ (which it just might). They’re both mighty honkin’ big by local standards. However, annie sez:

I understand it’s a big thing, you know, since it’s the biggest thread ever.

WTF? Didn’t she used to troll over at Atrios’ crib? I’ve seen open threads over there garner 600+ comments. OPEN THREADS!!1!


And in those six hundred plus comments you would be hard pressed to find even ONE arguing who can smoke the most pot!!



I’ve made threads go over 1500 at Atrios.

It’s not hard, they’re a bunch of yippee little grandma dogs.


“I’ve made threads go over 1500 at Atrios.”

Somebody has waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands…


Actually, it doesn’t take long.

Atrios is more of a chat board. The first time I posted there I think I broke it.

So celtic girl, what are you going to do with all your extra time? 😉


Okay folks. Stop taking the bait. The comments end up chopped, like having commercials during a great movie. I need the amusment.


you can actually “hunt” for oyster eggs every easter (and on a few other special occasions) at


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