Fixing the Internet

Seems like as soon as you’ve fixed it all, some new crazy mistake pops up. Sheez. I tellya.






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Goats, eh? Zowie, now THAT’S what I call news!


Rude Pundit had that and he alluded to the f***ing photo editor, and now I know why. What a complete ****. Three B declares fatwa on that douche.


This is why you’re my favorite, Gavin. Brad would never be able to fix the internet.

Hysterical Woman

Angry? What the heck should we be? If you were in a car where the driver is speeding and weaving about, hitting pedestrans and houses, while smoking a huge smelly cigar and farting, would you be angry? That’s our car is our country right now.


Why is that cat driving a car? You’re blowing my mind!


It’s not surprising that you all have ignored this article, but that’s probably because it’s so true that you can’t refute it.

Here’s my favorite part of that article:

“Christiane Amanpour, Cindy Sheehan, CNN, The New York Times, Michael Moore, Newsweek, CBS et. al. are now, in huge measure, directly responsible for the ongoing death toll of Americans in Iraq. Everyone here in Iraq, the Islamic world at large, and most especially the Jihadist Movement’s leadership, follow the American media closely, in order to monitor the American people’s headspace, primarily with regard to whether or not we will continue the fight on to the establishment of a successful democratic, capitalistic, and modernized society here, or whether we will run in self-imposed defeat. The morale of the International Jihad Movement is almost entirely dependent on the posture of the American media. Their strategies, indeed, are primarily determined by it as well.

Christiane and company give Al Qaeda and the Sunni insurgents hope, they stoke the financial and recruitment fires of the international Jihad Machine.

The American Media are Democratic Party operatives who make W.R. Hearst look like E.R. Murrow. They are killing our young, they are killing my friends, wounding my friends. They have ripped my flesh, spilled my blood, physically impaired me for life, and are doing the same to the Iraqi people. And they are going to cause more terrorist attacks at home. That is the ultimate problem.”


Shorter WaPost: “What’s a freeper?”


Why haven’t you enlisted yet, Gary? Your country needs you!


Gary, I know it’s tough, but you’re not going to impress annieangel into going to go out with you. I mean, she’s a first class troll. You’re… well, not.

Sorry, but there it is.


Oooh, that’s sick. Annieangel’s only 9, and Gary’s what, 55, 56?


Q.E.D., Mal.


[…]but that’s probably because it’s so true that you can’t refute it.

We can, however, call “bullshit” on, well, bullshit. “Nice” try, Ruppee, but considering that the validity of you argument has its usual value–nil–I remain unimpressed. You’re so full o’ crap that your snots are brown.


Gary, Dude, you need to learn to recognise satire.

(Pssst: the onion is a parody news source.)


Gary, Dude, you need to learn to recognise satire.

Ha! Good one. Sorry, Conservatism and satire awareness are mutually exclusive. Even the brightest, deepest thinking, most insightful conservative is genetically incapable of recognising satire.

melior (in Austin)

Try to show a little understanding for Gary, please.
Cindy Sheehan ripped his flesh, Michael Moore wounded his friends, and Christiane Amanpour physically impaired him for life… no wonder he’s taking a little pharmaceutical vacation. Wooden u?


Gav, thanks for keeping the cat driving the car pic handy, that is hands down the cutest kitty pic I\’ve ever seen.


One never knows when a driving cat might come in handy.


Remeber to add putt putt noises to the cat=driving-car pic.


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