Good morning, wingnuttia

|xXxthe swamp in whom fevers breedxXx|

(An open thread for Satday ante-meridian)


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And yes, I’m totally getting the Cobbs ready for presentation this weekend, and [insert compelling excuse here], because [allude to extenuating circumstances] and [make bid for sympathy].

However, [witty, upbeat comment], and I believe that explains it.


Yay! Meta-comments!


I’m totally getting the Cobbs ready for presentation this weekend

I can’t wait to see the [expletive] results.


We in the pro meridian party have the best interests of the country at heart. Unlike you anti meridian fools. Gary Ruppert and I despise you with your sardonic wit and high-falutin’ education.


We in thew ante-bellum party believe that Cobbs are [hyperbolic exageration] ante-american.


Get those snakes on a plane off my Plame!!!


\”THERES MOTHER-[explitive] SANKES ON THE MOTHER-[explitive] PLANE!\”

As a side note, that picture looks deceptively peaceful, baby wingnuts before they go out and start to attack minorities.

They grow up so fast.


I just want [someplace] to call a nest of my own. [Cobag or cobaglike epithet]


There’s Mother [Explitive] Theresa on the Mother [Explitive] Plane and Penn [Explitive] Gillette is nowhere to be found! Please place Meta Cobags here…



George Bush is FAB-ulous, dear!


I miss Video Friday 🙁


How about Video Cobbs? With celebrity presenters?


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