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Can’t get enough from The Rant, can’t get enough Shorters…. go!

Shorter JB Williams — Two Birds…One Stone!

Dont’ know much about economics. Don’t know much about mathematics.

Shorter Mark Silverberg — Lessons Not Learned

The problem with Israelis is that they don’t appreciate the dangers posed by terrorists.

Shorter Joe Stener — Hillary for Senate

I understand even less about polls than Sarah from Trying to Grok.

Think that can’t be? Watch out:

Being a razor-sharp politician, Hillary is aware of the fact that the name Clinton is popular only in newspaper polls[.]

Shorter Jane Jimenez — How’s It Working for You?

Dr. Phil is fat.

Bonus — Actual Kerry “L” Marsala quote:

Welcome To Right 2 Think~ Article Archive Site for Kerry L Marsala *No article may be reprinted with permission from the staff publisher of Right 2 Think.

And that’s just our opinion!


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Even shorter JB Williams: Don’t know much.

Cuz that was some powerful dumb.


I’m offended.


And now, a medley of all articles:

Hillary is losing votes by distancing herself from feminazi-hypnoslave Dr. Phil (who only received 63.2% of Israeli votes despite the feminist socially engineered Clinton missile fired by US contractors). She should hire Mexicans.


Shorter Frank Salvato: “Uppity negress Cynthia McKinney is a klanswoman, and should be censured (no credit to Feingold for introducing me to the concept of ‘censure’).”


“his bloody lifeless body showed no signs of life.” – from Marsala’s archive.

No comment necessary.


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