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Been going through sound files today, and…well okay, there’s an evil plan involved. It’s a secret of the Stanton Carlisle variety, if that’s not giving too much away yet. …And there’s also that little thing with the Sy Hersh article this weekend that’s just a trifle disturbing.

But here’s a demo track that someone did a few years ago, working as sort of the guy who played whatever instruments nobody else was playing from session to session. I think (but am not positive) that it’s just drums and the more distorted guitar on this one (there might be drop-ins on some of the bass parts)…


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What we really need right now is a betting pool on when exactly the war with Iran will start. My brain says sometime in October, to tweak the midterm elections, but my gut says this summer for some reason I can’t put my finger on.

In a moment of homage to all the Adult Swim I’ve been watching of late, I’m going to go with my gut and put my marker on August 14. Any takers?

And thanks for that track, Gavin. There was something about it that I don’t have the words for, really, but it made me happy.


Um, about that Hersh thing…

I got these clothes moths currently in my walk-in closet, don’t ask, it involves more bitching about the housemates.
Anyway, apparently to get rid of them, I have to move everything out of there, wash it all in extra hot water or have it dry cleaned if that’s not possible, vacuum the whole thing down, steam clean the carpet, apply pesticide spray and then convince the pets not to lick the baseboards, and then wait a couple days and move everything back in. (This is, I guess, because the moths in question are impervious to the three types of pheromone traps I can get for moth control, which I suppose is a good thing, I mean, I’d hate to see Focus on the Family get all up in arms about attempted moth miscegenation or something.)

Anyway, this all seems like a huge job. And not just because I’m lazy. It just seems like a total pain in the ass, and a time-consuming one at that.

So I guess what I’m asking is, should I go ahead and get started, or just wait for the “Raid”ioactive Pest Fogger Of Imperialism to solve my moth problem for me?
What d’y’all think?


I’d like to tell you what I think, but I don’t want to end up on any “no fly lists.” My CSIS shadow (hi, operative 453!) is looking a little harried these days.


IP Logged


What really sucks is those ‘dirty bombs.’ You’re sitting there in a nice, fresh white linen suit, and whammo.


I think the moths have gone through any linen.

So, in general, what I am hearing at the moment is “Screw the spring cleaning and the diet!”
Man, no wonder Americans are not bothering to save for retirement. I’m not even sure there’s any point in cancelling my movie channel once the free introduction month is done.


Yeah, and Netflix can go sit and spin…


I have something to take your mind off the impending immolation….

Just type the URL “” into your browser and see what you get. It’s totally worksafe, I promise.

And if you’ve seen it before, you may not know that it’s new and improved.

It is, however, an insult to hot lesbian sheep everywhere.


Yes, we know how much Gavin loves his “whites”. And his lawn jockey.


And D., I’d suggest cedar, but I’m objectively pro-Lebanon, and as such, not worth listening to.


So I guess what I’m asking is, should I go ahead and get started, or just wait for the “Raid”ioactive Pest Fogger Of Imperialism to solve my moth problem for me?
What d’y’all think?

Oh, cripes, you don’t want to do that! If bad 50s Sci-Fi movies have taught us anything, it’s that bugs + radiation = giant bugs. So, unless you want your situation to end up like “The Beginning of the End” or “Them,” you’d best use more traditional methods.


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