Can’t…resist…mocking…Right Brothers….

This is just too good. It’s their industry-type promotional video, with clips from a bunch of different songs.


Oh, and here’s something else that Jonah might appreciate as “so much more shocking than the canned rebelliousness of most ‘political’ rock music.”

Ian Stewart and the Klansmen – ‘White Power’ (2:14)

Really kinda puts Phish and Peter Gabriel to shame, como no?


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But … dude … it’s … so … sparkly!

Must … buy … teh … lame … propaganda.


After listening to their song I can’t resist the urge to buy some little American flags, fireworks, and a tin of Copenhagen.

Troy of Needles

I have a sudden urge to hang-out at Wal-Mart.


Wow, Old Navy. These guys are cutting edge.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, you latte-sipping, Old Eurotrash traitor! Remember those Danish cartoon riots, you…you…erm…uh, I forgot which side we supposed to be outraged about on that one. Anyway, Denmark is still somewhere in Europe I think, so my original point speaks for itself.


They could learn a thing or two from Tenacious D.


Finally, some country music with conservative values.


Dem boys sure is purty. ‘specially the fat one.


Boy, I sure hope some group starts reading E. J. Dionne columns over 80s Billy Joel tunes! That would be really kick-ass! Oh wait…


I will personally email you a punch in the neck when those bastards thank you in their Grammy speech. You sent them out there a scared target of leftie ridicule and they’re coming back SUPERSTARS.

If they can just keep Billy Joel too drunk to dial his lawyer…


I can’t wait to see their cover of “Free Love on the Free Love Freeway.” Dude #1 there looks an awful lot like David Brent.

Though I suppose they’d have to modify the lyrics and overall message of the tune. Maybe “Free Love [Within the Blessed Confines of Heterosexual Union] on the Free Love [Within the Blessed Confines of Heterosexual Union] Freeway.”


Jesus, I am already shamed enough by my mid-90’s Phish-listening, now I’m shamed even more by the fact that Jonah Fucking Goldberg listens to them.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be out in the garage hunting through old boxes of cd’s with a can of lighter fluid.


O. M. G.

Are those guys — gasp — trapped in the closet?


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