Jonah ate the sandbox

“BUSH WAS RIGHT” [Jonah Goldberg]

People keep sending me this video. I’ve heard the song before but it’s still enjoyable, though hardly a musical feat of the first order. But even after you discount for the nyah-nyah flavor, and top 40 sound, it does highlight in its own way how rebellious it is in the entertainment industry to be pro-Bush. To hear a rock song proclaim “Bush was right” is so much more shocking than the canned rebelliousness of most “political” rock music.
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Alas, if Reynolds, Hewitt, Powerline, and Jonah only knew that the Right Brothers mini-revival began here on Friday evening… Remember the band’s Myspace page with only three friends? Take a look now. It also says they’re appearing on the Hugh Hewitt show at 5:15 this afternoon (apparently as call-in guests). This is truly a sterling example of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Welp, since we’re picking ’em, how about Freedom Folks?


ugly american
©2005 Brian and Michelle Jacobsen

Go ahead and call me ugly, I promise that I won’t be mad
If bein’ a patriot’s ugly, then I know I look pretty damn bad
So go ahead and call me an Ugly American

You may think it’s tough bein’ an Ugly American
But there’s one thing that gets me through
I see all you unpatriotic bastards
At least I’m not as ugly as you



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I’m just going to have to say it: they got the ugly part right. And that limp dick music….gaawwwwwh!


Ah yes, a Right Brothers appearance. Hugh Hewitt jumps the shark and spontaneously combusts.


To hear a rock song proclaim “Bush was right” is so much more shocking than the canned rebelliousness of most “political” rock music.

Here’s a little test: Compare the staying power of the already-anachronistic Right Brothers Dr. Demento outtake with that of, say, Green Day’s astonishing and fully relevent American Idiot, see which one wins.


Why is it that conservative “artists” have no subtlety?

Not that musicians who write songs about what’s wrong with America are always subtle, but usually it’s not as blatant as “I Love America,” “Love Song (to America),” and “Teabagging America.” Throw us at least a little “Hail to the Theif” wordplay, or a “Born in the USA” irony (which of course sailed over said conservatives’ heads).


Jeezuz, that stuff is truly aweful. Worse than the Right Brothers, even. Conservatives just can’t make music, can they? Seriously, it’s like the creative portion of their brains are filled up with wacky conspiracy theories (Saddam-moved-the-WMDs-to-Syria, Iran-is-building-Nukes, Jill-Carroll-is-a-tarrist.)


So…we have you guys to blame for this?


Sure, you can find musicians writing pro-Bush lyrics if you look hard enough. But it’s never the good musicians.


When it comes to writing pro-Bush songs, there’d be more of them if the music industry wasn’t such a cesspool of extreme leftists.

This is better than the infantile leftist protest “music”.

The fact is that nothing in that song has been refuted by the left, because it’s 100% right.

Strange how the so-called impartial media plays anti-Bush songs all the time, but refuses to play this song, which is clearly better


“The fact is that nothing in that song has been refuted by the left, because it’s 100% right.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure that EVERYTHING in that horrendous fucking song has been refuted countless times by countless people on the left and the right.

In fact, didn’t we just have some recent evidence concerning Afghanistan’s “Freedom?” What was it again? Oh, yeah, that guy who was going to be executed for converting to Christianity! Ah, but he got off on a technicality, so nothing to worry about there.


Supporting authority-figures is the new rebelling against authority-figures.


I think Gary is using Mad-Libs now to construct his rebuttals.


Oh, Gary, you just give and give, but you’ve got to take better care of yourself. You’re clearly running on fumes, and we’re worried for you.


Gary, you’re just too much. Your parody of right-wing trolls is normally spot-on, but I think you might have pushed a little too hard this time. It came across as desparate rather than cocky.


Can’t these sorry fucks just keep their reality to themselves? What the hell happened to them? Buggered by uncle Joe, mother did Lortabs all through pregnancy, the brown guy stole their lunch money in first grade. My god how can so many supposedly nice and intelligent people, be so ammoral, unethical, and uncaring about anybody but themselves!


Ripping off both “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” “Cleveland Rocks” AND every schoolyard nyah nyah chant! And here I thought the Right’s greatest contribution to the arts was going to be Patricia Heaton.


Hey, give Gary a break. He’s got a good point. Nobody’s been able to refute the assertion that wingnuts are ugly.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

If you go to their MySpace site, you aren’t allowed to comment unless you’re one of their friends. Ahem.

Oh, and Dick, “Buggered by uncle Joe, mother did Lortabs all through pregnancy…”: Perfect!


a little rockabilly number about people who think patriotism is ugly

I don’t think “rockabilly” means what you think it means.

I’m confused, though .. in “Never Forget”, the chorus tells us to “forgive … never forget.” Forgive? Is this an anti-war song? Why do they hate America?


The Right Brothers song has been out for quite a while. I’m surprised it has received so much attention lately. Is it for irony or something?


We whacked on them last Friday all like, “Ha-ha, haven’t heard much from these guys lately,” and a couple of small right-blogs picked it up. Next thing, the whole right-blogowhatsis is doing that echo-chamber thing they do so well.

It’s funny that they don’t even know where it came from.

LA Confidential Pantload

Hey, UUitt may have the Reich Brothers in all their putrid glory, but only S,N! has Dr. BLT. Wha? Wha’d I say?


I’m waiting for their cover version of that noble right-wing patriotic classic “Der Horst Wessel Lied”.

I bet it RAWKS.


I wonder if anyone’s bothered to explain to The Right Brothers that “America: Fuck Yeah!” was intended as parody.


Know what this blog needs? A montage!


“…hardly a musical feat of the first order.”

A guy who writes like this get a column in the LA Times!

Hysterical Woman

You should do frisking of the lyrics for “Bush was right!” Refute it, as our new resident troll says.

It’s an odd time to be crowing that Bush is right anyway, what with his low low low approval rate. Better of talking about the “War on Easter”.


Question: When Jonah ate the sandbox, was it full of cat pee?


Wasn’t “The Ugly American” a Toby Keith song? Which should take care of the idea that “the music industry is such a cesspool of extreme leftists.” Country, not so much.


Christ, even the songs in Bob Roberts were better — and they were satire.


Honestly, since when is shamelessly fellating the currently-in-power administration considered “rebellious?” Did I miss a drastic redefinition of the word?


Gary is now into huffing gasoline, then he cracks his knuckles and starts the screed…


At least I’m not as ugly as you

Unfortunately, we have the photographic evidence to contradict this assertion.

Perhaps they were forced into using “you” at that point in the song due to rhyme and scansion restraints.

Im willing to bet that the original lyric was At least Im not as ugly as Dick Vitale’s anus, but they just couldn’t make it work.


On second thought, maybe they were singing to Dick Vitale’s anus when they said “you”…

Are there any shout outs in the liner notes? Cos Im gonna bet Dennis P’s 12$ that Dickie V is in there.


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