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We’re a little busy this morning, what with doing all the normal things lefties do (getting abortions, cleaning the resin out of our bongs, cashing welfare checks, etc.) as well as with picking up limbs out of our yard, so we thought we’d point you to people who are actually working this morning (or recently) — working on the machine of America, grinding and clanking and smoking and broken as it is from the presence of so many wingnut monkey-wrenches:

Just when Sully says something intelligent, such is his wingnut recidivism that he immediately follows it with something stupid. Roy Edroso parses Sully’s bullshit form of even-handedness.

Steve Gilliard smacks around the Macho Men of the Right. Bonus points for the Robert Conquest reference.

Dennis Perrin forces himself to deal again with Christopher Hitchens’ self-revisionism. Via Hitchens Watch.

What was it that were we hearing from wingnuts, including Swastika Girls Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, about defending Enlightenment Values? Well what about this? And this?

ParrotLine is on fire. Well, was on fire.

If you’ve gone to the point that you’ve banned Zizka, there’s a good chance you’ve gone too far.

Outside The Tent disputes La Loonan’s grasp of American History.

digamma nails Instayokel, and if you click through, Eugene Volokh.

No one’s wrong all the time. The latest blind squirrel to find a nut is Captain Ed.

And finally — because he could find himself kicked back to the gutter at any time — this Sadly, No! contributor wishes to tell you that he considers James R. MacLean and the afore-mentioned John Emerson (Zizka) the two smartest people on the seven internets, and he encourages you to read them frequently.


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And finally — because he could find himself kicked back to the gutter at any time…

No way. The synergy you guys are developing here is electrifying — second only to PowerLine. Although they do have an unfair advantage in that we all know what they look like, and are thus drawn to them on the strength of all that superfine man-meat concentrated in one location.

Especially that Mirengoff…


Any news of survivors from the Pandagon catastrophe? I’m been worried sick about Amanda’s Ipod.


Dude, you can totally smoke the resin! He he. Resin.

I think I’ll go have a homosexual abortion now.


So, what you’re saying is that you were clearing brush, just like a certain president of ours? Those were tree limbs you were talking about, right?


well, it would have been cooler if i had been talking about fetus parts in my yard, but yeah it was tree limbs.

hardee har on the bush reference, shredder!


I don’t bother cleaning the resin from my bong, that would involve far more personal responsibility than I, a liberal, can muster. Instead, I just steal a new one every three weeks and leave the old one at the playground where a kid can find it.


Parrotline is back on fire. Or at least smoldering. Thanks, RETARDO.


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