We won!


…um, the sandbox. Now someone is supposed to say, “I two the sandbox,” and we’ll be like, “Uh, we three the sandbox.” And I’m not going to tell you how it all turns out in the end, except somebody ends up saying, “I eight the sandbox,” and someone else is like, “Ha ha! How did it taste?” and the other person is all like, “Curses, you tricked me.”

That person is actually Glenn Reynolds, because what’s up with this?

It seems kinda familiar, doesn’t it?

Glenn, we totally just sevened that particular sandbox, man. You don’t want to be getting in on the sandbox-numbering action at such a late stage in the proceedings. Like, really. And besides, did you hear? We won Hugh Hewitt’s penis.

[Update: Woop! We hit the trifecta — Powerline picked it up too.]

Congratulations to Jesus’s General, and Cobb Awards are on the way! Yay!


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OT, but holy effing shit, I totally didn’t see that coming! Wow. Just, wow.


Delay should get an honorary Cobb, just for being a good* sport. The bogs won’t have him to kick around anymore.



Good grief,

Glenn Reynolds & Hugh Hewitt’s shilling extends to musik?


I saw this video elsewhere months ago. MUST CREDIT ME! EXCLUSIVE….

Or, whatever. I still think you rule and Glenn drools.


P.S. for all I know, you drool, but that does not infer that Glenn rules.



In a sandboxy vein, I’d like to remind you that “First is the worst, second is the best, third is the nerd in the polka-dot dress.”



Check out the _next_ posting on Hewitt’s blog, after the cited link, about the trailer for that hot-hot terrorporn flick “United 93”:

> My wife and I saw the
> trailer for United 93 on
> Saturday night, and it
> causes a chill and a
> shudder.


They really like this shit.

Soon enough, he’ll be patting himself on the back for not going apeshit over the trailer the way folks actually from NY are — and should be.

By the end of the week, this will be a testament to his front-lines, terror-fightin’ manliness.


Wow — I liked that song a lot more when it was called “We didn’t start the fire.”


Nice to see Hugh and Glenn shilling a song you guys released a mock video to like 5 mmonths ago, real up on the current treds thsoe wingnuts are.


yeah, well, I didn’t like that song, even when it was called ‘We didn’t start the fire.’


“First is the worst, second is the best, third is the nerd in the polka-dot dress.”

Curiously, circa 1991 or so, that was changed to “third is the man with the pirate’s chest”.


Hey, PowerTools, you might think that song’s groovy with a “beat you can dance to”…*guffaw*….but, DeLay resigned.

So, nyah

God, it’s great to argue like a righty. We should all do it for a whole month.


If we do that, Mal, can we call the big righty bloggers “objectively pro-desaparecidos”?


When you argue like a righty, you can say whatever you damn well please.


Sadly, No!

First in war, first in peace, last in the Left Blogosphere League …

Well, not last, but second! And really, congratulations are in order.


Oh, Jesus Christ….where the fuck are my manners?..Yes, congratulations.


“Bush Was Right! …By the Right Brothers. Heading up the charts.”

This sentence only makes sense if the chart in question is hanging off the end of a bed in the ICU. I mean, really…


Gavin, that update was just mean, low-down, vile, and most of all not funny.

For making me listen to The Right Brothers (gag) you now owe me ten seconds of my life and one ego stroke. You bastard.

P.S. – Congrats on runners-up in the Koufaxes.


Holy mother of suck. The lead singer looks like he ate Billy Joel.

I’d rather listen to Attila.


“Bush Was Right”? Jesus, I did a post on that last September. Why are Cracker Boy and the Tools only now getting around to it? Did it take this long for the checks to clear?

(BTW, sorry about your loss. And really sorry about my loss.)


(Whoops — sorry, didn’t mean for that to sound so narcissistic. I mean, it wasa totally, unabashedly narcissistic, but I hoped it wouldn’t be so obvious.)


Maybe you guys are just the Cristobal Torrienti of the Koufax awards? Or the Lefty Williams, considering the auto-mailer.

I spent way too much time on this joke for it to be as lame-o as it is.


“”BUSH WAS RIGHT” [Jonah Goldberg ]

People keep sending me this video. I’ve heard the song before but it’s still enjoyable, though hardly a musical feat of the first order. But even after you discount for the nyah-nyah flavor, and top 40 sound, it does highlight in its own way how rebellious it is in the entertainment industry to be pro-Bush. To hear a rock song proclaim “Bush was right” is so much more shocking than the canned rebelliousness of most “political” rock music.


To hear a rock song proclaim “Bush was right” is so much more shocking than the canned rebelliousness of most “political” rock music.

“Shocking?” Geez, Pantload, get a life. “Shocking” is watching Marilyn Manson fellate a fan in the audience at one of his concerts. This is just dumb. Besides, as the only public figure I can think of whose mother’s vagina is mentionned regularly in normal discourse, I should think you are no longer able to be shocked, n’est-ce pas?


Oh, come on — when it comes to the rockin’-ness of the Right Brothers, are you going to believe your own ears, or are you going to believe this woman?


I am in love with the Yellow Rose of TExasthat is RIGHTWINGSPARKLE. Three Bulls! has a MAJOR crush.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

You won Hugh’s penis? Don’t forget the tweezers and the lab slides for convenient storage!


I like powerline’s Condi in ’08 banner. It makes me laugh every time.

But back on topic, what was Zell Miller right about? And what was France wrong about? Do the Right Brothers even pass for sentient beings?


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