3Bulls uncovers the latest development in the Americablog controversy.

It is impossible to continue living without visiting 3Bulls right now. (When the paramedics have left, also see Tristero, at Digby’s.)


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Thank you! I tried accessing that one from another blog, but the link wasn’t working.

Stuart Frowny: “Repeat after me. ‘I’m the worst. I’m poor. And I suck.'”


I made one of those and had it send mail to an account, but no mail has arrived. So no link. I want to share it with you all! *pout*


Woohoo! A “self-righteous indignation”-fest with Aravosis and his readers.
I’ll bring the popcorn…


Okay, chunkcrumpets, I need some credit for my munchy ad here! Three Bulls is stealing my thunder.


Well, there are three of them (bulls, that is). Makes a thunderstealing operation mighty efficient.


Ah, ya can’t fool me. There’s no way that John picked that music. It woulda been something more NRG-ish, methinks.


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