Will the vicious slurs never cease?

Calm Down, Senator, It’s Politics
March 30, 2006

It started the first day. The day Ned Lamont announced his run for the Democratic Senate nomination, Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s campaign put out a blistering press release.

“Attacking Senator Lieberman’s character and integrity was a predictable but dishonorable way to begin this campaign,” it started. “Mr. Lamont is clearly going to run a very negative and angry campaign where the truth doesn’t get in the way.”

Can’t you imagine the sparks flying as they typed that bad boy? What could Lamont have done to poor Joe?

He called him “Republican Lite.”

He said he was “George Bush’s favorite Democrat.”

Vicious stuff, huh?



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The fact is that Joe Lieberman is getting smeared because he’s Jewish and in favor of the War on Terror.

The Democrat Party, a party of unabashed anti-semitism, is seeking to get rid of such members.

The fact of the matter is that Joe Lieberman, in general, is too liberal for mainstream America.

And too conservative for the rabid losers who run the Democrat Party.

The Party of Jackson and Roosevelt is now the Party of Cynthia McKinney and Howard Dean.


Wow. Talk about some Grade A USDA sarcasm.

That is what that was, right?


Oh, um, OMG Gary I don’t know what your photoshop skillz be like but you should totally do up Russ Feingold and Chuck Schumer in Nazi drag. Oh, and that Natalie “Kerry Me” Portman (crazy goy!) could be, like, Ilza the She-Wolf of the SS.

It would be, like, totally ROTFLMAO cuz you know, it’s like, totally true.


In fact, tonight, the leftists viciously booed Lieberman at what was supposed to be a civilized dinner


I didn’t hear Ned Lamont call Lieberman the dirtiest name in the book: “incumbent” ooh! That’s gotta hurt… Ah, the even numbered years. Makes me want to wax poetic or something. Spring springs and all the politicians start acting like they actually give a crap about this country and the lowly voters thereof. What a joke. Well, here’s a made up ad lib quote from senator incumbent and all like him: “What was I supposed to do about the debt, or the environment, or the pension funds, or anything else? I wasn’t in power. Waaaaa!!!! It’s all about me, I need a job, where’s my pac money? Where am I going to work if I’m not re-elected?? Waaaaa!!!”


Notice how the condescending troll fuck says “Democrat Party.” Fuck you, asshole. Lieberman is going down.


“..viciously booed Lieberman at what was supposed to be a civilized dinner…”

Absolutely. They really should have “kindly and thoughtfully booed in a non-partisan manner”.


I can’t help but notice that the people who are most aggrieved by Sen. Lieberman’s challenger and his Democratic support are (aside from Joe himself) the wingnuts. Is it possible that they’ll miss his vote should he fail to be re-elected? Hmmm.


“. . . scattered boos greeted Lieberman when he took the podium, and he had to stop three times during his remarks to shush the crowd so he could deliver key points.”

Wow. Shushing. That does sound vicious, Gary.

Hysterical Woman

We’re not anti-semitic. We’re Stealth Jews.


Y’know, as Democrats, I was under the strange impression that it was up to us who we chose to represent us. My bad! I guess we’ll have to do what the wingnuts tell us to do, since they have our “best interests” at heart. From now on, I will only comment on Republicans, since they’re not my party, and thus I can…
What? I can’t? Oh, I see. That’s how this little game is played, eh? In that case…
Gary? EAT IT, COBAG!!1!!!one!


gary, you should be in Iraq, chickenshit george needs you.
silly me, frightwingers masturbate to war not participate in them.


Oh, Gary, Gary, that was not one of your best. Give it a bit more oomph next time. Spelling was good, though.


Okay, though, I sort of get it. I mean, the idea is, just as those who disagree with the direction in which the Republican Party under George W. has taken our country must be traitors who hate America, so too must those who criticize the hard-right Likudniks be anti-semitic Israel haters.

And unfortunately, the treason has spread too far: Now Isreal herself has turned anti-semitic.


teh, you are right. Why, all this time I just thought lieberman was a sanctimonious asshole who would rather suck up to Bush and pimp the Iraq war than listen to his constituents.

But I guess I was just an anti-semite all along.

You know, it’s funny, because a lot of my Republican friends gave Lieberman’s Jewishness as a reason not to vote for Gore.

But I guess my memory must be failing me, because the Democrats are clearly the party of anti-semitism. It’s in an article on a website, so you know it has to be true.


See, wingnuts figure that we liberals will backpedal anytime any accusation of racism is thrown at us; that we live in fear that someone will perceive us as racist. Then, we’ll bend over backwards trying to prove that we’re not.
Leiberman’s a douche, and lots of Jews agree with that statement.

Professor Illuminata

I’m sorry, I’m still trying to deal with the concept of “vicious booing.” Vicious booing? Were they showing their canine teeth? How is booing ever vicious? Ok, I know I’m obsessing, but c’mon…
Oh yeah, and also (and I know I’m preaching to the choir here), is it so impossible to conceive that one might respect Judaism and never even consider disliking someone solely because of their religion and yet at the same time object to the way some people (in this case some Jewish people)dehumanize other humans who happen to be not-Jews? Why is that so hard to understand?

Capt Fartypants

“viciously booed”

Is that like a “drive by fruiting” Gary?

p.s. Gary, your pee pee is showing.


p.s. Gary, your pee pee is showing.

So, would that be “low-hanging fruit”? Or does that just have too many different connotations to consider?

Capt. Fartypants

“So, would that be “low-hanging fruit”? Or does that just have too many different connotations to consider?”

I feel that ‘low-hanging fruit’ should be reserved for describing the testicles…since gary’s whang is only 1.75 inches long.


Gary dear, most American Jews vote for Democrats.


As many as 74% of American Jews identify as Democrats. Estimates of Republican identification range from 11-21%

Stop projecting.


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