We couldn’t write anything this interesting even if we tried

And God knows we don’t. For your reading pleasure today:

  • Roy Edroso at alicublog reports on Peggy “Crazy Jesus Lady” Noonan’s foray into Charles “Dr. Hugo Hackenbush” Krauthammer territory here.
  • Christopher Allbriton reports that the Iraqi List of CPA Miracles doesn’t pass the laugh test. [Link via SullyWatch.]
  • Elton at busybusybusy finds conclusive proof that William Safire is little more than Ed Gillespie with a better vocabulary.
  • Steve at No More Mister Nice Blog compares the comedy of Dennis Miller and Everybody Loves Raymond. Advantage: Raymond.
  • I have a theory the earth is round department: Tim Lambert finds evidence that InstaPundit is a major asshat, here and there.
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