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I just went through nine pages of supposedly “religious” clocks (several of which had pictures of Ben D., or at least his namesake), but there were NONE of Pastor Swank–or even Hillary Swank (either now or the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hillary).
Posted by: Ken Houghton | March 30, 2006 06:17 PM

(Prototype — development still under)


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Keyboard death by Dr Pepper splash.




Whatever happened to Wingnut Death-match?


My god… it’s glorious


And those clock hands…so slender and firm.


Is the Hitler ‘stache deliberate, or just an accidental happy?


It’s deliberate in that the hands had to go somewhere in relation to the Swankface, and the Hitler moustache just felt right, like a warm bath with a ducky.


That’s gonna be a real hot seller- let’s just hope the Acme Law Firm never hears of it!


Ack! Everyone take cover, Atrios people incoming…


No Gavin!! Why?

Attention New York Law Firm:

Please have all posts directed at me by the Atrios trolls copied and kept on file to be used in the rule 11 sanctions hearings.


Anonymous was me, I blame haloscan.


Oh my God (in the Swankian sense)! You made me laugh so hard. The caption on the clock is priceless. And a valuable reminder that Swank’s prose is itself “timeless.”


Not that it relly matters but I believe the actress who played buffy in the ’92 movie was kristy swanson not hillary swank.


True, but Hilary (sorry, my misspelling) Swank was in it, playing one of Buffy’s cheerleader friends (as memorable in its way as Jessica Alba in Never Been Kissed).

It’s a marvelous clock, and I trust it can be ours for only $14.99 when Gavin finishes.


This better not be a cruel joke. I want me a Pastor Swank clock so I know when it’s time for his Story Hour.


Will it chime Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” at 6 and 9?


Hmmm… Nice, but can I get mine in “Islamofascist AIDS Splash”? Or perhaps in a warm shade of “Womb-Baby Murders Global”?


Christ, can you imagine waking up and having that stare at you every morning?


No, I cannot.


I think I like the university jersey number font best. Somehow it adds the extra flavor we all love.

Plus the crazy face should keep this thread Escadonian and Kossack free.


Glorious! Oh, what a day blessed this is!


Does it come with its own wing-nut for wall mounting? (Assuming it isn’t a homo wall.)


I’ll put it on my roof, so homo nups are the last thing I see before I go to sleep…


Can we please have the quote be an actual Swank “sentence”? It just wouldn’t be right to paraphrase or excerpt the good pastor, after all the good material he himself writes.


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