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Since the “News for Iraqis” is obviously too negative for wingnuts, we present: News for Parrots Wingnuts:

BAGHDAD, Iraq Mar 29, 2006 (AP) — Gunmen lined up 14 employees of an electronics trading company in Baghdad on Wednesday and shot them all, killing eight and wounding six, police said. […]

No wingnuts were involved.

The assault Wednesday was the second to target a trading company in Mansour this week. On Monday, gunmen wearing military uniforms and masks kidnapped 16 employees from the headquarters of the Saeed Import and Export Co. Police said the assailants went through papers and computer files before leaving with their captives.

None of them were indigenous to Wingnutia, cut their own hair, or ate pieces of shit for breakfast… Yum Yum.


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Electronics are of Shaitan, and therefore must be purged from the new Iraq.



Oooooh, Brad R. is in a bad mood. Too much wingnutia, Brad, take a break man.


Wow. That’s a real story. I thought it was, somehow, a joke, because, how the hell do you line up 14 people, shoot them all, and only kill six?

I’m serious. It’s barbaric and lothesome — and terrible marksmanship.


My guess is the wingnuts would consider this proof positive that free enterprise works. Too bad Laura ‘Skank’ Ingraham wasn’t on the scene to cover this.


Ooops, I cut out part of that last post and it makes no sense. I really need to get off the pipe, man.


‘Ello! ‘Ello! ‘o’se a Pretty boy? 8squawk* ‘Ello!!!


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