Light Posting Ahead

Work is skull-fucking me in the ass right now, so it’ll be a few days before I post again.

In the meantime, I’ll simply note that Arctic Monkeys sound like a shitty Franz Ferdinand, who themselves are just Gang of Four with better pop sensibilities (not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you).

Also, the Flaming Lips’ new album is teh wicked awesome.

[Gavin adds: MB from Wampum says to please stop using the secret mailbombing weapon to send Koufax votes — and adds the crushing detail that more votes seem to have arrived after voting closed, on Sunday, than in the previous 500 million weeks since the finalists were announced.]



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skull-fucking me in the ass

That’s quite a feat.


That’s quite a feat.

You don’t even want to know.


So it’s true: you do talk out of your arse!


How dare you compare Franz Turdinand with Gang of Four.


I thought ABC were “Gang of Four with better pop sensibilities”. At first, anyway.


I like to think Arctic Monkeys are like Franz Ferdinand except not shitty.


I am so over Arctic Monkeys. Of course, I plan on liking them again in July, but in an ironic sort of way.




“Also, the Flaming Lips’ new album is teh wicked awesome.”

Get the DVD-A for extra fucking teh awesomeness. Surround sound was tailor made for Wayne.


The new Secret Machines album is really good too. I’m listening to it right now in fact.


Let’s play Six Degrees of Gang of Four!

“Have you heard the new Shakira record? It’s like Gang of Four with a samba beat and a significntly greater quantity of ass-wiggling.”


you’re just making these band names up, aren’t you?? Just screwing with the boomers again…

damn kids (and stay off my lawn!)


Also, the Flaming Lips’ new album is teh wicked awesome.

No shit. “Turn it On” is one of the top ten songs of ALL FUCKING TIME!! So says me, anyway…



Hey, show some respect, guys. The Franz Ferdinand frontman got shot a couple weeks ago.


Mr. Mordant: I did it.


Drudge is reporting that a cat is terrorizing New England. It looks remarkably similar to the Hitler cat I’ve seen roaming around Sadly, No! Has the hitler cat escaped?


Hey, kind SN! guys. Think you could ask your readers to now stop utilizing that cool little toy which sends in votes to the Koufaxes? I think you’ve received more ballots since the voting ending than while the voting was open ;).


MB, they’re actually doing that on purpose to receive some type of Cobb award


I saw Franz Ferdinand play in LA the other night. Meh. Then Death Cab For Cutie played. Meh. I guess I must be getting old.


[I]skull-fucking me in the ass[/I]

Tried it once – overrated.

Monkey Testicle

Can I guest-blog for you, huh….pleeease? I’m the ultimate whore, and a wingnut.


Wait a minute, whose skull? And would this make you an asshat?


Maybe an assface, assglasses, or an ass-mask?


And speaking of asses, Gavin, a word to the wise(*snicker*): tell folks how cute your ass is BEFORE voting closes next time.


That’s it! With your assglasses, your aromatic ass-mask, polyester-n-tinfoil asshat and leopard-print dolphin shorts from the Kaye, (Grogan.-“Collection)”, you can stop all that anocranial fornicative activity.


Oh dear gods, aromatic ass-mask and Kaye Grogan’ in the same sentence? *erk* I pray your death will be swift but not painless. Bastard. *heave*


A) How did the skull get in your ass? Is this a thing? Are there websites? Please don’t tell me about them.

B) Artic Monkeys suck so fucking bad. What is the deal with that?




For the record, I am not the Andrew Gill who was in Gang of Four.


Oh, geez…now I have guilt. Here, have a tissue.


Brad – did you get the version with the DVD or the regular version? If the former, is it worth the extra dosh?


I want to chop off every single monkey’s head and put them on sticks. So it goes… 🙂


You guy is fucken retarded and you all should all die! that’s right m-o-o-n, die!
Have a nice life jerkoff!!!!ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


You guy is retarded and you all should all die! that’s right m-o-o-n, die!
Have a nice life jerkoff!!!!ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Abraham Lincoln

i feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine, that could assuage the anguish of your bereavment.

A. Lincoln


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