Monday Pie Blogging

And They Cook, Too, the new blogger cookbook to benefit Doctors Without Borders, featuring Majikthise, Elayne Riggs, Julia of Sisyphus Shrugged, Sadly, No! and many others, is now on sale. There are also Blogads graphics available for posting on one’s own site. And, well, as everyone knows, we love to help, so we took it upon ourselves to, as the great chefs say, ‘kick it up a notch.’

Figure 1:

Ad with picture of pie on computer screen.

This has a lot of compositional ‘pull.’ See how the design draws the eye slowly but strongly toward the upper-right corner? This seems to come from a reliance on bold shapes (the rectangle, the acute triangle) whose negative space perhaps leaves questions unanswered. Here’s how we approached this design problem.

Figure 2:

Ad with picture of pie hitting
William Kristol, on computer screen.

As you can see, with the freer lines of movement expressed against a dark background…


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Giblets is gonna be PISSED.


This is cool – any plans for a 2nd edition? I’ve got lots of recipes. 😀


I am so bitter at having been left out, I’m going to join the dark side. That’s right: we’re going to put out a right-wing version, the cover of which will feature Amber Pawlik posing a la American Beauty. Only instead of rose petals, she’ll be covered by strategically placed dollops of ranch dressing.


Mmmm… ranch dressing.


The Wing-Nut Cookbook: How would Jesus bake a cake?

Michelle Malkin says: “These are the recipes MSM isn’t telling you about.”


I keep picturing a recipe for “hot wingnuts,” which would be comprised of chicken wings, some walnuts, and a can of Ro-tel, with ranch dressing on the side for dipping. Yummy!


I’d give my left arm for some of Amber’s “pizza,” if only because that arm, after I’d eaten, would be gangrenous and would need to be taken off anyway…


Is there an animated gif ad with matrix-moves Mann Coulter and the flying pie?

Ick of the East

That Kristol pic looks disturbingly like the Zapruder film.

Was it a magic pie?


Like the improvement!

And I can guarantee there are no recipes calling for Miracle Whip, which might have violated Amber’s copyright. And our good taste.


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