I Want Peter Daou to be a Fixture on Cable News

Woof. This is a beat down. Can somebody please make sure that Mr. Daou is invited back to future debates? Instead of, say, Sean Penn? Thank you.


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melior (in Austin)

Joe starts out already backpedalling, with the startling claim that things aren’t really as simple as Good vs. Evil, after all.

“I think the bigger picture is that it’s a really complex and complicated situation in Iraq.”

Joe insists it is possible, if you are a Congressman, to visit Iraq and not manage to see any icky stuff like bodies in the streets, and come away feeling really good about the whole thing. He calls that “fair and balanced”.

melior (in Austin)

Eh that was John McIntyre not Joe. What a wiener.


that was awesome – thanks for the link. Daou made that guy look like a fool.


I want Walter Cronkite to be my psychotherapist, and hold my hand when things are bad. I’m not bwave enough to face how scary the world is unless stories about this fact are periodically interspersed with clips from “America’s Funniest Pets”.

Conservatives really are cowards anymore.


“glass half full”? What a joke.

Daou was excellent. Cool, collected, quick on his feet. The RCP guy was just flailing around like a windsock. I think we need more Peter Daou on TV news, and more peter Daous in general.


I am going to erect an altar to Peter Daou, at which I will sacrifice Republican virgins.


Exclusively men, no doubt.


McIntyre is a walking, breathing display of American Narcissism. Things are not so bad over there. Sure, there are bombings and slaughters in the streets every single day, but come on, is that really so bad? Some people even have electricity sometimes.

Wingnuts are such fucking bedwetters over terrorism, yet they think it’s not so bad in Iraq, where the people suffer terrorist attacks every single day. Terrorist attacks that the United States caused. There is a price to pay for such narcissism.


Wow… McIntyre had to backpedal really fast when he all but accused Daou of being a Saddam supporter. “Are you really glad he’s gone?” What kind of a ridiculous comment is that? If I were Daou, I would have climbed through the satellite link and ripped McIntyre’s head off for that.


Want more upbeat reporting about your war? RUN A SMARTER WAR, ASSHOLES.


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