Then At 3:42 PM, 9/11 Became An Outside Job

There’s been what you call ‘chatter’ about some kind of big, clever reveal during the 9/12 protests, courtesy of the now-familiar consortium of sneaks and operators organizing the Tea Party movement. An unusual amount of it has mentioned ResistNet, the fake-grassroots arm of the Republican PR firm, Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, which has specialized in inciting and radicalizing people of the basic Freeper disposition with what amounts to a Dirty Harry revenge fantasy of patriotic sabotage and terrorism. ResistNet has been skimming some number of their Internet sign-up members into local activist groups that operate off the Internet grid, talking about their activities only with their team leader, who relays orders from his leader, and so forth.

This was still in the start-up stage last March, when I started mentioning it to people tasked with, or at least abidingly interested in watching the right wing. From the vantage point of early-mid September, if there’s been any serious watching going on, news of it has escaped me. And much is the pity, because it’s been quite apparent that at least ResistNet, and probably more of these new local-activist organizations and training centers have been setting up the kind of ground-level dirty-tricks operation that the Free Republic/Freedom’s Watch effort, The Gathering of Eagles, failed at starting a couple of years ago — not even to get into the failings of their leading competition, the literally brownshirted, comically incompetent fake veteran’s group, Vets for Freedom.

The GoE totaled out at a few crappily planned, steamingly fishy ops, the classic one being when they sent a couple of guys out to walk past the Vietnam Memorial squirting some harmless oily substance on it just before an anti-war rally they were counter-demonstrating, then threw a towering fit about ‘leftists’ threatening to deface the Memorial, and rushed in propelled as though by righteous fury to thwart the coming all-out leftist attack — which they then ‘prevented’ since it never happened. The group folded operations not because their play-acting was too broad, but first, because neo-fascist movements even on this small a scale have to keep moving in order to stay cohesive, to keep from spinning apart, since they have no solid core of normalcy for their members to stand upon when not excited, charged up, angry in the sweep of the hot moment. Second, they need to keep intensifying, to keep topping the emotional payoff they give their jading participants, in order to keep moving. The GoE depended on anti-war demonstrations for their mission of defending US troops against the menace of liberalism, and were otherwise reduced to begging for media coverage with an ostentatious and oddly hostility-charged program of sending care packages to recruiting centers, in order somehow to spite liberals. The fascist animus cannot long survive on charity, or on projects intended to build or preserve things. The exceptions — and they are notable — are projects intended to build or preserve things whose purpose is to destroy.

So now we have these notably less prima facie ridiculous ResistNet teams floating around up to who-knows-what, and shucks, who else do we have in the windup to the big DC 9/12 event but ol’ Brendan Steinhauser, formerly leader of the DC chapter of the false-flag provocateur group, Protest Warrior, and now the ground coordinator at…

George Stephanopoulos, ABC News:
Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation of DC TEA Party Planners

On the eve of what organizers call a ‘Big Ol’ TEA Party’, the Washington, D.C., offices of FreedomWorks were evacuated by DC Metro police on Friday afternoon after the conservative organization reported to authorities at 3:42 pm ET that it had received a bomb threat.

At 4:48 pm ET, the organization put out a Twitter message saying that it turned out to be a false alarm but the organization is not happy about the disruption.

My colleague, ABC News’ Teddy Davis has the story:

Tens of thousands of anti-big government activists are expected in Washington on Saturday as part of a “March on Washington” being organized by FreedomWorks, a conservative group headed by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas.

A FreedomWorks staffer told ABC News that the organization’s offices at 601 Pennsylvania Avenue were evacuated on Friday afternoon by DC Metro Police because of a bomb scare.

DC Metro police has confirmed to ABC News’ Jason Ryan that the DC Metro police had, indeed, evacuated the organization’s offices after being told by the organization that it had received a bomb threat.

The threat came when a man called the FreedomWorks main line and told the organization’s female receptionist: “I put a bomb in your building, bitch.”

We can infer from the fact of Rick James not being alive that, one, it was just ol’ Charlie Murphy cranking up the phone lines, or two, it’s apparently on, whatever ‘it’ is.


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Stop it! I know real Americans are getting up & going about their business now, but some of us want to go to sleep.

Howzit on the childbirth front?


Sheesh, I thought this was a birth announcement.


But where does the REDSTATE Strike Force fit into all this? Are they entirely an email it in, or mail plastic poop or whatever to their enemies, organization?

Other than the 10 frat boys in Youth For Western Civilization, are any of these people in shape for street fighting?


Oh that Ashely Todd, such a naughty minx she is.


the classic one being when they sent a couple of guys out at night to walk past the Vietnam Memorial squirting some harmless oily substance on it just before one of their rallies there

Do you have any links for this, because I couldn’t find anything.


[must get off the computer or a bit, but i’ll collect and post links and update on the so-far-on-schedule birth…]


Not the best possible link on the GoE Vietnam Memorial thingo, but it has lots of context:


Lady Doctor Missus Marita

“I put a bomb in your building, bitch.”

That’s weird. That’s exactly what Gavin said to me when we found out about my pregnancy.


Lady Doctor make me spit out coffee laughing.


Thanks. I’d read that one, I thought maybe there was an arrest report or something, but I couldn’t find anything other than a later statement that they believed it was in fact vandalism, and then nothing. I couldn’t find anything suggesting any motive that wasn’t just speculation.


That’s weird. That’s exactly what Gavin said to me when we found out about my pregnancy.



Also, what’s up with the Freeper march on Washington that was kicked around in the long ago times? The one where the one guy was all rescinding entire articles of the Constitution by fiat?


“I put a bomb in your building, bitch.”

False Flag Operations Rule #1: Don’t pad the part.

Sheesh, what drama queens. I’m surprised Armey didn’t report it as “And then the guy said menancingly, ‘Iz done be putting a bombizzle in yo buildizzle, you cracka-ass cracka'”.


In the Washington Independent yesterday, a report on a teabagging pre-rally, described as having “several hundred” attendees.

And now, ABC apparently says there are “Tens of thousands” expected at the main event. So here’s my question – logistically speaking, shouldn’t their have been more teabaggers in town for the big name teabagging pre-rally, also organized by Freedomworks, if there are going to be tens of thousands teabagging away on the Mall later today? Sure, republicans like to say they don’t go to protests cause they gots jobs and such, and that since this pre-rally was during the week they couldn’t go, but since most teabaggers are grayhaired pensioners anyway, I would imagine it would be less of an issue.

I will be very surprised if their actual baggy numbers today break ten of thousand, let alone tens.


most teabaggers are grayhaired pensioners anyway

Naturally. When your scrotum hangs down to your knees it makes the process that much easier.


Sheesh, I thought this was a birth announcement.

That’s what Steinhauser was hoping. Birth of a nation!


By the way, a PROTIP for would-be bomb threateners. The more info you give, the more likely they are to take you seriously.

Calling & saying “There’s a bomb in the broom closet in the southeast part of the third floor & it’s going off in ten minutes” is pretty much a guaranteed bldg. clearer.

“I put a bomb in your building, bitch,” just isn’t going to work as well. Of course, who knows what was really said. (And the DC Police may be working on a different standard these days.) It doesn’t clearly state that the DC Police said that’s what was said, anyway, & we know how far FW should be trusted.


Dick Armey? Is that seriously his name? I think I’m in love.


What–go be surprised–pussies. A (supposed) phone call, and they go running to the socialist shock troops. Did they need help leaving the building? Did the nice officers hold the door open for them? Oh good.


Smells like major Ratfuck Fail.

I’m rather surprised that the call wasn’t instantly traced via call-display to some local ACORN office … & “fortuitously” videotaped in-progress for good measure.

(insert “they’re just phoning it in” joke here)

They’re long-since shrivelled down to a shadow of their original (even then pretty damn lame) strength, & I’m supposed to believe they’re getting bomb-threats NOW?

They better watch their asses. Calling in a fake assault can get you a bad reputation & psychotherapy; calling in fake terrorism can get you a very interesting set of bunkmates for a long, long time.


False Flag Operations Rule #1: Don’t pad the part.

It would have been better if ‘the caller’ had said:

‘I done been had been put a bizzomb in yo’ bizzuildin’ bee-yatch! Gaia forever! Remember the Chicago Seven! Allahu Akbar!’


Uh, remind me to read the rest of your comment, Little Pig, before pretty much copying you exactly. -shame-


I suggest everybody read (or reread) this:

It was written by an Italian member of the Situationist International (ultra-left 1960s grouping that was on the cutting edge of critiquing the marriage of media, capitalism and political power). He published it anonymously under the name ‘Censor,’ and circulated it to heads of industry in Italy. Most of those he sent it to agreed with his theses, which basically called for Italian Capital to fund false flag terror attacks to undermine the Italian Left and far left.

It makes for sobering but incisive reading.


Results 1 – 10 of about 129,000 for false flag “operation gladio”


is that ResistNet or, you know, RacistNet? Not quite clear…


Aw-reet!! Situationists!!

Big Bad Bald Bastard

LDMM wins the Internets for EVAR!

Debord r00lz! Situationists 4evah.


I had an email correspondence with a right-winger and we got into the whole “grass-roots” vs “astroturf” dispute. I have to admit that United for Peace & Justice organized 11 demonstrations in 11 cities all on the same day in October 2007, so yeah okay, the left engages in some level of astroturfing. It’s not a entirely black & white kind of thing.
Still, as a participant in the planning for one of those 11 cities, I can attest that UFPJ didn’t provide us with any funds, nor with any serious amount of national or regional publicity or even extensive staff help (We coordinated our message and all 11 cities made use of a common website, split up into 11 sections). So saying that the left engages in astroturf “just like” the right wing does is like saying that the occasional murmuring and muttering and low-level “No” that comes from Democrats when a Republican President speaks is “just like” Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst at Obama a few days back.


I have to admit that United for Peace & Justice organized 11 demonstrations in 11 cities all on the same day in October 2007, so yeah okay, the left engages in some level of astroturfing.

I think the standard definition of “astroturfing” is that you have some powerful interest, like, say, the oil industry, that wants to create the appearance of a groundswell of public support for their position, so they hire a PR firm to gin up some fake “grassroots” events.

It’s disturbing to see at least some liberals responding to the tea-party and town-hall protests by claiming that any level of organization is de-legitimizing, e.g., that these protests were “astroturfed” because right-wing talk radio told people to go, or provided talking points to the protesters. Organization, by itself, isn’t “astroturf.”


The neologism you want to look up with Mr. Gazoogle is Bureaucrash.


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