I Second Max’s Nomination

We’re still putting together our list of potential Ben Domenech replacements, but in the meantime let me endorse Max’s nomination of Tom Maguire. You’ll notice that we never go after Maguire on this blog, and that’s because refuting him actually requires doing work, and we just like the low-hanging fruit ’round these parts.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better candidate: he’s intelligent, relentlessly partisan, and just wingnutty enough to keep things interesting. If WaPo wants someone who can make effective conservative arguments, Tom’s their guy. If, on the other hand, they just want a non-plagiarist version of Ben Domenech… well, we’ve got a few suggestions of our own for them…

Also: GO BC!!!! Eat it, Villanova cobagz!!!


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I honestly… cant! (think) of anyone – else, who could; do “as” good a job? And “that’s” just… my: opinion.


So if not the “Just a Gol’durn Minute” guy, then definitely James Dobson, Jr.

Maybe we can get posts about showering with daddy…




…who Ben would like to see replace him.
My personal choice would be Jon Hinderaker of Powerlineblog, but I kinda doubt that he’d want to.


PS: From the ho Max wants to pimp: “Dare I ask for cites? I’m curious to see if any A-list names appear; Coulter, Limbaugh, and Hannity are not who I am looking for.”

Yeah, not the small fry with their multi-million dollar book deals, heavily shilled blogs, talk shows and slots on every cable news channel. No, he wants the absolute top of the conservatarian food chain.

What a dork.


Wah wah, you lose the showcase.

I was root-tooting for BC, not like I care anymore. My heart is dead to basketball.


Ugh! I think I just coughed up a hairball!!

I want to be the first to suggest dear ms. Marie Jon’


I nominate Bruce Carroll over at GayPatriot.net. He’s a complete whackjob — a gay man who loves Bush (er, the President) so much that he’s opposed to gay marriage. He does have his own little problem with plagiarism but its only on his own site rather than at the school newspaper, so he might fly.


what about Floyd Avis Cooper? They could call it Schizophrenic America or Troll or no Troll?


I can’t believe you french bastards apparently overlooked jesus’ general for this one.


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