It’s All Over Now, Benny Blue

“You must leave now, take what you need you think will last,
But whatever you wish to keep you better grab it fast…”


It’s too bad, really. If he weren’t a plagiarist, I’d have no problem with WaPo hiring a wealthy, politically-connected 24-year-old to blog on behalf of blue-collar heartlanders. In fact, the entire concept is so hilariously weird that I’m kind of sad we won’t get to see it play out.

Gavin and I will give our suggestions for potential replacements later today…

UPDATE: 3Bulls! steps down as well. It’s a sad day for Internets journalism.


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Hmm… White heterosexual male, politically connected, young and hip and savvy, and of course, socially conservative…

Why not what’s’isface? James Dobson Junior?


Pastor Swank is the frontrunner, IMHO. but JD Jr. isn’t a bad idea either…


Career change for Ben, how about the new head of the Federal Department of Journalistic Integrity?


Breaking news at 3Bulls!


“kaye” “grogan”–because! When she “quotes” “somebody else”;–she at least “knows” to use “quotation (marks!)”


Poor Ben. Not only kicked out of WaPo but his old home Red State has just gone up in flames as well. All that’s left is an “Internal Server Error” Page where the site used to be. Shucks.


“kaye” “grogan”–because! When she “quotes” “somebody else”;–she at least “knows” to use “quotation (marks!)”

And… uses, “them” even — when she’s, “not.”


My vote is for Hans Zeiger to take Ben’s job. He’s equally crazy but too stupid to figure out how to plagiarize something.


and why is joe biden the only biden in a thousand generations not to be included among these nominees?


This is Teh Phatness. I’m just feasting on the Schadenfreude over here.


Awww, poor thing. Do you think someone should go over there to make him “feel better”? I’ve heard those Latino boys are hot lovers.


Yeah, it’s always funny to watch the shit splatter, but I gotta say the timing kinda sucks.

I mean, he didn’t even get to do an online chat! And I was SOOOOO looking forward to that.

Oh well. Boo hoo.


Plagiarism I can live with. But anyone who admits to writing this ought to be strung up and hung. Motherfucker listed a Creed album among the things he wanted for Christmas. What a chumpnugget.


Is it just me, or does that “chumpnugget” (I like that one Vladi — I may have to plagarize it) remind anyone else of Andrew MacCarthy circa the “Weekend At Bernie’s” era???


In his defense, he either stole or originally wrote, “Never trust a male cheerleader”.
And he was right. Or the one he stole it from was right.


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